Double Down


Doyle slid his hand over the flat belly of his date, enjoying her soft skin, the tiny involuntary flutter of muscle as she reacted. She relaxed further against him and he took advantage, pulling her into a full-length embrace. Already his body tingled in anticipation of the pleasures to come.

Up to now the night had been a success. From the minute he and Bodie had arrived on Sally's doorstoop the excitement had been high. From Bodie's bird, Sally, on to pick up Ales, then to an excellent dinner, a show that had something for everyone, and back to Sally's for drinks and...whatever.

Whatever for Bodie and Sally consisted of a gentle clinch that had worked its way into a rapidly heating tangle on the piled cushions strategically tossed on the floor by the fire.

This was only Ray's second date with Ales, he took a little longer, still learning what pleased her most. Now he pressed her back against the couch, one hand guiding her pliant body, the other sliding under her sweater to rub the hardening softness of her breast. As he followed her down, a movement on the floor caught his attention and he glanced at the entwined couple, eyes widening with real appreciation at the picture they made. Bodie had stripped off his jacket and shirt and his skin shone gold in the firelight. His hair was dark against the pale relief of Sally's naked body and, as Doyle watched, he left the breast he had been sucking, planting small kisses up her neck and buried his face in her long blonde hair. It was a sensual glide, well practiced and executed with assurance. Doyle watched, mentally applauding the seductive abilities of his partner--not to mention the assets of his partner's date.

A soft murmur returned his attention to Ales, who had quite a few assets of her own to concentrate on.

A lovely evening--with the best yet to come....

The high pitched bleep sounded loud over the crackle of flames. Doyle groaned as he straightened, automatically reaching for his jacket with the R/T nestling malevolently in the pocket. "Not now for Chrissake!"

"Ignore it," Bodie advised--but he too had lifted away from temptation, putting himself on a tight leash at the rude sound of summons.

Doyle fumbled, one handed, for the R/T. "4.5."

"Base, 4.5. Do you know where 3.7 is?"

He ignored Bodie's vigorous denial. "He's with me."

"Good. Alpha wants you both to meet him at Number Nine, Whitley Mews, SW1 for ID of suspect apprehended."

"When? Now?"

"Right. Out."

The channel cut dead. He glared at the offending device. "Bloody hell!"

"Ray." Ales slid a hand across his bared chest and he groaned as he leaned into the touch.

"We'll have to go, luv."


"Yeah. Sorry. Believe me--I'm sorry. But only for an hour. Will you wait?" He read anger and frustration on her face and bent to coax her into acquiescence. "It's early, luv. One hour. Please?"

It took him five minutes, Bodie a bit longer, but eventually they edged out of the garden apartment, through the gate in the surrounding wall, and headed for Bodie's car, parked in the street close by.

Bodie waited until they were carefully enclosed, then slammed his hand against the steering wheel. "Damn! Damn Cowley!! Damn CI5!! Damn being off damned duty!!"

"My sentiments exactly," Doyle shifted to ease the ache in his still heated groin. "Drive, Bodie. The sooner we get there, the sooner we get back."

"Sally said if we're not back in an hour, they'll start without us," Bodie told him and smiled broadly. "Now that's something I'd like to see!"

"Drive, Bodie," Ray commanded again and braced himself as Bodie ripped the car into gear.

"One hour, fifteen minutes exactly." Bodie peered at his watch in the darkness, reading the luminescent hands. "Think they started without us?"

Doyle motioned to the gate. "Let's go see."

They entered the small garden silently, more out of habit than desire for secrecy. The curtain had been drawn shut over the sliding glass door, but a wavering light shone from a long crack between the folds. Bodie reached the door first and automatically peered through the chink before knocking.

Coming up behind him, Doyle was startled to feel a steely fingered grasp on his arm.

"Sssh!" Bodie whispered urgently. "Look."

Ray peered over his partner's shoulder. "Bloody 'ell!"

They stood motionless, caught by the firelit scene enacted in front of them.

Both girls were nude and stood, barely touching, in front of the fire. Ales reached to pull the band confining her hair free and let it drop to the floor, then tilted her head back as Sally ran long fingers through the strands.

The men could see lips moving but the glass was thick and there was no sound. Doyle thought vaguely that they should move, knock, break the spell, but he stayed as quiet as Bodie in front of him.

Ales smiled and stroked Sally's body from shoulder to hip then spread her fingers and pressed the woman closer. Their breasts touched and flattened between them and they began to kiss.

Bodie sucked a breath, suddenly aware that his whole body was responding to the sensual picture. His groin felt constricted, held prisoner by too-tight cords and he shifted, bending one knee to relieve the increasing pressure.

Sally's mouth opened and tongues played, fought, and were accepted invaders. Ales cupped the slimly rounded buttocks of her lover and pushed, thrusting herself forward. They began to sink toward the cushions and spread out, Ales on her back, her red hair loose around her, her arms open to accept her partner.

"Christ!" Doyle whispered, and leaned closer, fitting his body along Bodie's back, trying to get nearer to the glass.

"They started without us." Bodie grinned over his shoulder.

"We should knock, or go away or something." Doyle bit his lip.

"Are you crazy?! I could use the education." Bodie turned back to the clear pane.

Sally was kissing, caressing her way down Ales's body, lingering over fully aroused breasts, crossing ribs and belly, lightly stroking the wiry triangle of hair between relaxed legs. She moved lower, running her hands in long strokes up and down the slender limbs, smiling as Ales lifted her hips in open invitation. One hand slid into the thatch of pubic hair and teased before a finger slipped into the glistening wet opening.

Doyle groaned. "I can't watch any more. I'll come in my pants."

Aware of his own heated condition, Bodie was sympathetic. He ran one hand behind himself and felt the hard bulge in his partner's jeans. "Bad, is it?"

Doyle thrust against him instinctively. "Yeah...."

"Me too," Bodie whispered. His fingers spread over Ray's erection and traced its length. "Unzip your pants."


"Shh. Come on." He molded the hardness with his hand and felt the involuntary twitch. "Undo your jeans. Can't get to you with your bloody pants on, can I? Undo 'em."

"Christ." Doyle was breathing harder. He looked back into the firelit room. Sally was fingering Ales with long strokes, the moisture glinting clear in the dim light as the digit moved in and out of her lover's thrusting body. With her other hand she squeezed Ales's breast, sucked its tip with a hungry mouth and moved to lick its rounded softness. Ales's face was an erotic combination of lust and ecstasy. A shudder went through his body. Why not? He'd imagined Bodie doing just that, more than once, wondered what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of those capable hands. He had another fantasy as well....

No longer uncertain, Ray unzipped his pants, pressed closer to his partner's hand and groaned as he felt cool fingers discover, free, and wrap around his prick. He reached one arm to encircle his partner and fumbled at the belt. A minute later, Bodie too was free, and the unfamiliar hardness of an engorged cock pressed intimately into his hand.

A gasping cry seeped through the glass and Ales lifted her hips as climax shuddered through her.

Their awkward position wasn't enough. Doyle tugged at Bodie's cords, too turned on by the erotic act he watched and the feel of the strong fingers moving on him to care any more. "Bodie!" he hissed between clenched teeth, "I want to fuck you...come on...."

Bodie made no protest, but released Ray to tug at his cords, letting them fall about his ankles as he bent further over. Immediately a warm hand slid between his buttocks, touching the tight circle of muscle, then away in a teasing movement.

"D'you like that?" Doyle whispered.

Bodie nodded, feeling Ray's other hand still working his hard length.

"I want to put my finger in you...feel you...." Doyle suited his action to his words and Bodie gasped at the pleasure/pain, then thrust back for more.

The illicit dark pleasure was better than any fantasy. Doyle opened his eyes, saw movement in the house, and focused briefly on it. Now Sally's turn, it seemed. She lay on her back as Ales explored her lithe body with hands and mouth until Sally dug her fingers into her red hair and indicated her need. It was a pagan unconscious scene, lit by hair, unashamedly enacted.

Bodie watched the women as well, and felt Ray's hand on him contract, the finger inside him move steadily in and out, relaxing him, preparing him.

" it! Now, I need you now!"

He felt a hasty kiss on his back through his sweat damp shirt, then the finger was gone, replaced by a saliva wet cock, slowly penetrating his ass, stretching the tight ring, barely entering before retreating again, only to return to go a little further.

The sensation was an incredible mixture of discomfort and pleasure, growing with every stroke into nothing but pleasure. His cock throbbed hot in Doyle's hand and fingers moved to cup his heavy genitals.

"God, you're tight," Doyle whispered in his ear. "'S fantastic. You're incredible...."

In answer, Bodie braced his hands on the doorframe and bent further, wanting Doyle as deep inside him as he could go.

Bodie lifted his head, sucking air desperately to slow his pounding heart. Inside the house, Sally's legs were hooked over her lover's shoulders, her feet braced on the carpet as she lifted herself in erratic thrusts against Ales's flickering tongue.

Doyle said softly, "What's it feel like, lover? How do I feel inside you?"

"Hard." Bodie turned his head to meet Doyle's mouth in a fleeting kiss. "Hard and big and fantastic...oh, yeah...."

"I want to come in you," Doyle moaned. "Fill you Bodie...."


"You too," Ray ground. "Come with me. God, I can feel's so hot...."

The steady thrusts of Ray's hips became ragged, harder, and with one final answering burst of warm fluid over his fingers as Bodie ejaculated.

On the other side of the door, Sally cried out, and Ales eagerly lapped at the tangy moisture, then relaxed, her face serene as she lay with Sally's belly for a cushion.

Doyle relaxed, letting Bodie take his weight for a long moment. He felt drained, satisfied, and hungry to start all over again at once.

"Christ." He slid free of his partner and traced a line down his back then rubbed the soft skin of Bodie's ass. Bodie shivered and straightened, pulling his cords into place.

There was silence, then the street noises intruded and Doyle leaned against the house. "Bodie, I...." He stopped, half embarrassed now that the moment was over, scarcely able to believe he'd really just fucked his partner.

Bodie's smile was lopsided in the half-light. "Yeah. I know."

Ray decided to be honest. "You're fantastic. Even better than I thought."

Bodie looked surprised for an instant, then covered it quickly. "You're not so bad yourself, lover."

They smiled at each other, saying nothing because nothing further needed to be said. Bodie zipped his cords. "What now? The girls, I mean."

Doyle glanced in through the chink. "They would appear to be sleeping."

Ales and Sally were coiled together like cats--Bodie could almost hear them purr. He wondered if he looked as self-satisfied. "We can't just leave. Can we?"

"I doubt they're expectin' us back, mate." Doyle edged closer to his partner. "We could go back to my flat. Call 'em--say we're stuck or something."

Bodie thought it over. "Yeah...."

"I could use a shower," Ray continued. He rubbed a hand over the front of Bodie's cords. "There's lots of hot water...."

"Is there?"

"Enough for two."

Bodie looked back at the women, then at his partner. "You're a flirt."

"But not," Doyle smiled happily, "a tease. Come on."

They departed from the garden as silently as they had entered. Inside the flat Ales snuggled closer to Sally and the fire died into glowing embers.

It had been a good night after all.

-- THE END --

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