Doyle yawned and poked his partner's arm. "What's happening?"

"Take a look," Bodie handed over the binoculars and Doyle trained them on the appropriate house. "Christ!"


"How long they been at it?"

"Long enough for my trousers to be getting bloody tight," Bodie shifted in the dark car. "I'll be glad when the back-up team gets here."

Doyle continued to watch the window. "You'd think they'd turn out the light, wouldn't you?"

"Not with her, mate."

"I feel like a bloody voyeur."

Bodie took the glasses back and indicated his partner's lap. "Perks of the job."

"Damn uncomfortable."

"Think of the birds waiting for us at Louie's."

"I am."

A car pulled up behind them, its light out, and a torch flashed twice.

"Relief at last." Bodie pulled out his R/T. "3.7 to 6.5."

"6.5. What's happening?"

"Our man from Istanbul is getting his rocks off."

"Yeh?" There were a couple of seconds silence while 6.5 trained his binoculars on the house in question. "Jesus!"

"You have fun now," Bodie instructed mildly. "3.7 out."

Doyle moved impatiently. "Will you get a move on. The girls are waiting."

"They'd better be."

They were halfway to Louie's restaurant when the car phone sounded. "Alpha Base to 4.5 and 3.7."

"Doyle here."

"Come back to the hotel," Cowley commanded.

"We're off duty!"

"Not any more. I want you fresh for the morning meet with Valdex. It's been upgraded to 5 am. So get back here. Alpha Base out."

Bodie growled, but obediently turned the car around.


"How the hell does he expect us to sleep?"

"On our backs."

"Very amusing, Doyle."

The bad news wasn't over. Murphy met them in the hotel foyer where CI5 had a temporary out-of-London base. "Hot water heater's on the blink. Only enough for a shower per room."

Doyle groaned. "We've been out for two days."

"I can tell." Murphy shrugged. "Flip a coin."

Bodie grunted and led the way to the lift. Once inside he eyed his partner. "Want to toss for it?"

"No," said Doyle. "A cold shower'll do you good."

"Getting soft, Doyle?"

Doyle glanced down. "No. Cold showers might do us both good."

"Come on." Bodie waited for the door to open and held up the door key. "You phone the girls and then we'll share the bloody shower."

Bodie was already stripped and adjusting the water tap when Doyle came into the bathroom. "What'd they say?"

"Nothing complimentary." Doyle threw his shirt onto the floor and unzipped his jeans. "Cross two names off in your little black book."

Bodie swore and stepped under the water. He was liberally using the soap by the time Doyle joined him. "Move over, mate."

"Where? They make these things for midgets. Here, have some soap." Bodie turned his face under the water then emerged. "You say something?"

"You missed a spot." Doyle rubbed the bar over his partner's back. "There."

"Ta. Turn round, I'll do yours."

The water was warm and Doyle's tense shoulders relaxed under Bodie's soap slicked hands. Unconsciously he leant back and got a jolt as he felt his partner's still hard erection against his buttocks. "Sorry."

"You any better?"


"Here, finish up. The water's getting cold." Bodie stepped out, grabbed a towel then looked around. "Hot water's not the only thing they're short on."

Doyle turned off the water. "Yeh? What else?"

"Towels. This is the only one."

"Oh, great." He felt Bodie mop at his wet back and shivered slightly. The unsatisfied ache in his groin was becoming distinctly uncomfortable. "I could kill Cowley. Cheerfully."


"Never fancied myself much."

Bodie tossed him the wet towel. "Why not? You're not bad."

"'s not the same, is it?"

Bodie leaned over to pick up his clothes and brushed against Doyle. "Christ! You jumped a foot. What's with you, mate?" He straightened and their eyes locked. "Bad, is it?"

"Been worse."

He reached out and touched his partner's swollen cock, watching as Doyle bit his lip. "C'mon."

"What?" Doyle followed him into the darkened bedroom.

"If you want me stop," Bodie commanded, "just say so," and pulled Doyle against him. His hands rested lightly along the line of Doyle's hips and his lips met his partner's in a searing kiss. Doyle stood still, surprised into immobility. Bodie pressed his mouth harder onto Doyle's parting his lips and flicking his tongue along his teeth. Doyle felt the ache in his loins spread insistently and he arched forward.

Bodie lifted his mouth away. "You want to stop, say so now, cause in a minute...."

"No," Doyle's voice cracked and he heaved a breath, his heart pounding, "I don't...."

"Me neither." Bodie gave a husky laugh and pulled his partner onto the bed.

"The exception that proves the rule?" He ran his hands up Doyle's flanks and down again, felt a hesitant hand reach to stroke his chest.

By mutual unspoken consent they rolled onto their sides to face each other, breathing heavily. Bodie slid one leg between Doyle's and lifted gently, rubbing the heavy sac. Doyle groaned and leant forward, wanting the feel of Bodie's mouth on his own again. It was hot, open, willing to be explored and Doyle pressed closer. He felt Bodie's hard length press against his abdomen and reached to touch it. Bodie made a sound low in his throat and pulled his mouth away to tongue along Doyle's cheek to his ear.

"Bodie.... D'you know what you are doin' because I've never...."

Bodie slid his hands down to cup Doyle's buttocks, bringing them closer. "You're doing fine, mate, and I'm not exactly an expert, you know." He traced his tongue down Doyle's neck and felt the rapid pulse, then lifted his head to look at his partner. "If you feel like doing something," he whispered, "then just do it."

Doyle blinked, then pushed Bodie onto his back and took the initiative. He began to kiss and nip lightly over his shoulders, then against the muscled chest. He felt Bodie's nipples pucker with his tongue's touch and his hands moved to capture the straining shaft. Bodie groaned. There were hands in his hair, pushing his head lower and he went eagerly, guiding the head of the shaft into his mouth.

"Ray...." Bodie's voice was urgent and he lifted his hips, rocking further into his partner's mouth.

It was a new taste, a tangy salty mixture, and a feel of softness and hardness together. Doyle licked to the base and spiralled up again, riding his bucking partner's body with surprising ease. Bodie's finger knotted in his hair and suddenly he was pulled back to slide his sweat covered body against Bodie's.

Bodie's mouth hungrily found his, his powerful arms encircling Doyle. Their erections were trapped between them and Doyle moved until he felt Bodie's shaft slide between his thighs.

He vaguely heard Bodie's voice in his ear, "I can't wait...." Then he was grasped tightly and Bodie was thrusting upward in uneven rhythm. He stiffened, hot seminal fluid spurting against Doyle's thighs. Bodie gasped and fell back, breathing heavily. "God, Ray...."

Doyle was beyond the point of reason, the urgent need in his groin commanding his body. He pressed his tongue inside Bodie's ear. "Bodie," he whispered, "turn over."

Bode stilled, turning his head to meet Doyle's hungry gaze. "Ray, mate...."

Doyle shook his head slightly, soft curls brushing against Bodie's face.

"Trust," he commanded and Bodie's body moved of its own accord.

Strong hands with long fingers kneaded across his shoulders and a tongue traced the line of the old wound on his back, then Doyle's body settled heavily on his and he felt the burning rigid length between his buttocks.

There was no attempt to enter him, no burning pain, only the feel of Doyle's length rubbing along the sensitive nerves in an angry rising pace. Hands clasped and lifted his arms towards the top of the bed and Doyle buried his face into the curve of Bodie's shoulder as he came in hot waves. He rolled away, gasping, slowly regaining control as his sweat soaked body cooled in the night air. Bodie turned slightly. "You okay?"

"Yeh." Doyle's slanted eyes widened suddenly. "D'you realise...?"

Bodie grinned. "Don't get in an uproar, mate. This was strictly a one-off."

"Well put. It was...good."

"Yeh," Bodie grunted and swung up into a sitting position, "but now we've got to clean up all over again and the water's cold."

The showers were quick and Doyle followed Bodie back to the bed shivering.

Bodie pulled the blanket over them and lay back. "Hey, Ray?"


"You sorry?"

"'bout what? Oh, that. No. You?"


"Then for God's sake shut up and go to sleep. We're supposed to be up in a couple of hours."

Several minutes passed, then Doyle said softly. "Hey, mate."

Bodie grunted, already three-quarters asleep.


"Don't mention it. Please."

Doyle chuckled and snuggled against his partner's warm back to drift into an easy sleep.

-- THE END --
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