God, I feel bad. It wasn't the amount of booze I put away -- I'm still sentient, even after that session at the pub. Actually, I'm surprised that I can still stand, let alone think...

Needed it, though -- we both did. Ray and me --

Poor sod. The world's fallen down round his ears. That bloody Holly...'S the first time I've seen him go overboard for a woman -- you know, REALLY make an effort. She was special, you could tell, worth the extra bit of time and trouble...

Not that it would've worked -- she's much too classy for him...

I won't lie -- I'm glad she's gone. Okay, I'm selfish -- Ray's my partner, and I've got an important place in his life, same as he has in mine. I didn't realise it until I almost lost it...Suppose I should really thank her father for causing all the aggro.

Won't solve our problem though...

A small matter of a breech in trust.

I can still hear him laying those charges -- 'did you bug my bedroom?'

Yes, Ray, I bugged the entire bloody flat -- I was acting under orders, and I'm sorry. More sorry than you could know...

I listened to the tapes -- you and Ann. What d'you expect me to say? I heard you making love...

I heard every bloody word -- every movement, every sigh. I could tell when you were getting close -- you sounded...

Christ, I didn't want to listen, but someone had to. You should thank God it WAS me, not one of the others, or you'd be in deep trouble: I heard it all -- even the nights SHE wasn't there -- my hearing, son, is spot-on...

So, who's this Will...Someone you've been seeing on the side while you were dating Ann? Was she just protective camoflage?

I've got a right to know, Ray. You're my partner -- if you're going with another man, I want to know why.

I mean -- hell, what can he give you that I can't?


Oh, you're well out of it aren't you? Flat on your back on the mattress -- d'you know that your eyes look greener than ever tonight. It might be because they're bloodshot -- complementry colours, and all that...

Do you even know I'm here...?

"Come on, let's get your boots off -- and your jeans - -"

They stink of smoke from the bar.

"Yeah, I'm here, mate. What d'you want? Going to be sick?"

Don't start crying again, Ray -- I know you're hurting , sunshine. Let me --

"Got you now...shush, it's okay, hold on to me..."

I know he's not here with you...

I like this -- s nice, just holding you in my arms...

"What are babbling about now, Doyle?"


"Course I will. I've had a skinful, too. Cowley'd bloody lynch me if I get done for drink driving. Move over a bit then -- I am NOT sleeping on your sofa again..." "I'm glad, too -- nearly wrecked my back last time -- Stop that! I'm perfectly capable of undressing myself."

"Alright, I didn't mean to shout."

"NO -- I'm not angry. Just get under the cov-"

A kiss to show that I'm not angry? Why not? One kiss won't matter, and he's too drunk to know what he's doi-

"Oh, God, Ray --"

If he kisses this well when he's drunk -- I'm going buy shares in a distillery first thing tomorrow morning!

That bloke of his is going to be disappointed -- Ray won't be his for very much longer.

"What, love?"

Yes, I'll put my arms around you. Hold you for ever...

"Shush, go to sleep -- what?"

Did I hear that right. The cheeky sod --

"No I actually prefer Andrew..."

What the hell, we'll discuss it in the morning...

-- THE END -

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