Off to the Gents


Post-Stakeout interlude

Bodie waggled the disabled detonater at his partner. His eyes were bright and his face flush. Doyle looked glazed.

"You just saved London from nuclear extinction, my son."

Bodie was beaming. He tossed the detonator onto the table and threw an arm around Doyle's waist. Laughter cut through the tension that was left. Bodie hoisted Doyle into the air and swung him in a large circle. He dropped his partner with a hoot and several pats on the cheek. Doyle swiped at him half heartedly and chuckled.

"Yeah I did, didn't I?"

They stood for a few moments, just staring at one another. Both men vibrated with adrenaline and relief. Doyle gave Bodie a feral grin. Bodie took a chance.


"Gents," Doyle agreed and raced away.

A hand on Bodie's arm distracted him from following.

"Bodie...." Cowley's burr snapped him to attention. "Where has Doyle got to?"

"Sir?" Bodie blinked stupidly. He hated doing that in front of Cowley, but he had thought they were more or less alone and his mind was no longer on CI5 business.

"Are you deaf man? Where's Doyle?"

"Gone to the loo."

Bodie tried to look innocent and ended up smirking. Cowley was speechless for a moment. Bodie wished Doyle had been there to see it.

"Oh...." Cowley glossed over his embarrassment. "Well go and find him. And get back to HQ. I want the paperwork for this done tonight." He stalked out of the alley towards the knot of military men still milling about on the front steps.

Bodie snorted. His smirk grew into eye crinkling smile. He pelted across the alley and barrelled through the door marked "gentlemen".

"Oi Doyle, where are you?"

Bodie was summarily grabbed and dragged into a stall. He was shoved into the corner as Doyle's eager hands yanked at his cardigan.

"Christ Bodie, why d'you wear so many clothes?"

Any reply was cut off by Doyle's mouth. The kiss was hard and desperate. Bodie gathered Doyle close, his fingers tangled in auburns curls. In their haste, noses were squashed and Bodie felt the drag of a chipped tooth over tender skin. He pulled away.

"Easy mate, you'll split me lip."

Doyle was too tightly wound to pay any attention. He clawed at Bodie's rollneck and dragged it down. The little purple marks dotting Bodie's white throat glowed into view.

"Who did the other ones?"

"Other what?"

"I didn't leave all those."

Doyle smiled, his sharp teeth pulled at Bodie's pale skin.

"So who was it?"

"Pamela probably."

"What you mean probably? Can't you keep track?"

"Does it matter?" Bodie's voice was a harsh whisper.

"Might want her number...."

Doyle's tongue swiped eagerly over each nip. He nibbled at whatever portion of exposed skin he could reach until formless pleas echoed in his ears. Doyle pushed himself away from Bodie, eyeing him with mounting hunger. He swiped his tongue over dry lips and slid to his knees. Bodie gasped in surprise. He tried to steady himself as Doyle's strong fingers pulled cardigan, shirt and rollneck hems out of his trousers. Impatient hands yanked his zip open and forcibly pulled his clothing out of the way. Bodie's cock bounced happily in its freedom. Doyle caressed it with his cheek. His stubble sent shocks of delight through Bodie's overextended nerves. They were both panting.

"Mine," Doyle growled.

"Dear God...." Bodie's voice cracked.

Hot hands kneaded his bum, as Doyle's mouth worked its magic on his cock. The adrenaline, the situation and Doyle's amazing tongue was making short work of Bodie. His fingers wound tightly into Doyle's hair as his pleasure mounted. Soft moans were squeezed out of him with each caress. He squirmed with the now too slow rhythm.

"More Ray, please...."

"Bodie! Doyle!"

The shouts of an irate Cowley burned through their lust crazed minds. Doyle's chuckle vibrated throughout Bodie's entire body.

"Och, where are they?" Cowley bellowed. "Benny, look out back."

The gent's door slammed open. Bodie tried holding his breath to stop himself from moaning. Doyle sucked harder.

"Bodie! Doyle!"

Oxygen deprivation and the thought of getting caught by Cowley sent Bodie over the edge. His head flew back as he stifled his cries and came down Doyle's constricting throat. He was inordinately grateful that the stall doors went floor to ceiling. He slumped against the wall and slid down. Stars danced in front of his eyes.


Doyle's voice rang loudly in the enclosed space.

"Ah, Doyle. Now where's Bodie got to?"

Doyle planted a quick kiss on Bodie's slack lips. He gently unwound the fingers locked in his hair. He placed Bodie's hands tenderly against his still heaving chest.

"Um, sir?"

Doyle stood quickly and moved to the door. He leaned against it to make sure Cowley didn't enter.

"Can you give me a minute, sir?"

Bodie roused from his stupor when a large foot kicked at his ankle. He glared at Doyle for a moment, then realized his partner was mouthing something at him. He blinked a few times to clear his head and focused on Doyle's glistening lips.

'My place. Now.'

Bodie made a wiping motion and gave the thumbs up. Doyle smiled naughtily, and licked away the evidence. He winked, then opened the door and ambled out.

"I haven't seen Bodie, Sir...."

The door gently clicked shut and Bodie relaxed for a moment. He waited to hear Cowley and Doyle leave before exhaling in a gleeful chuckle. He scrambled up and quickly set himself to rights. He eased out of the stall and then out of the gents.

-- THE END --


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