A Game of Chance


Bodie, Doyle and Murphy were having one of their regularly scheduled `boys night in' nights. They each took it in turns to hold them and this week was Doyle's turn to host it.

Well on their way to becoming extremely merry, Murphy had a bright idea, and suggested a game of Truth or Dare to liven the party up.

Groans echoed around the room as Bodie and Doyle protested. Loudly.

"No way, Murph. Not a chance."

"Never in a million! Anyway, you already know most of my secrets."

Bodie turned to look at the curly haired man. "Secrets? You have secrets I don't know about? That puts a completely different perspective on it. Yeah, let's do it. Let's play. I want to discover your secrets, give me some blackmai...er...background about you."

Doyle gave Bodie his open-mouth, chipped-tooth grin. "And why do you wanna know me better, huh? What are you up to, you sly sod?"

Bodie felt the heat on his cheeks and his eyes widened with a mock- innocent look. "Nothing! It's just, shouldn't partners know each other's secrets? I mean, I know we've only been partnered a short time...oh, for fuck's sake, shut up Doyle. Let's just play. Murph?"

The tall, dark haired man had watched the by-play with interest. He knew some of Doyle's secrets, but only because he'd worked with Ray several times before Bodie had joined CI5. However, he'd also picked up on some of Bodie's interests, though only through trained observation and not due to Bodie's closely guarded tongue. He beamed at the two men. Picking up a discarded beer bottle, he waved it in the air. "We'll use this. Who wants to start?"

Bodie answered. "You can start, you wanted to play first."

"Great! Let's get into position." he said, as he slumped off the armchair onto the floor and watched the other two men do the same. Placing the bottle at arms length, he spun it around on the floor.

As it drew to a halt, Bodie rolled his eyes. "Typical, I just knew it would end up pointed at me!"

"Right, what do you want, Bodie? Truth or dare?"

Bodie mused for a few seconds, not knowing which was worse. "Truth, I think."

Murphy pretended to consider for a moment, aware of two pairs of eyes gazing intensely at him. He ignored Bodie's "I bloody know I'm going to regret this. You two are trouble. I should've known..."

"Bodie, shut up!" Murphy interrupted his friend before he continued his rant. "Truth. When did you lose your virginity?"

Doyle snickered as Bodie gaped in disbelief. "You can't ask me that!" he squeaked. Coughing, he lowered his voice. "No, sorry. I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it's personal. Very, very, extremely, tremendously personal."

"No! Really? That's why this game is called Truth or Dare! Anyway, you have to, that's part of the rules. You know it is. So, c'mon."

Bodie nervously jumped to his feet and began pacing. "No, I can't answer that. It's...it's a stupid question anyway. I'm CI-bloody-5, I shouldn't have to answer ridiculous questions."

Doyle had heard enough - as Bodie passed by him for a third time, he grabbed at the tight, cord-clad leg and yanked hard. Bodie practically fell into his friend's arms, which resulted in him becoming even more flustered. Doyle tried to move Bodie off him so he'd be more comfortable, but something unexpected occurred.

"What the hell do you think...get your hands off me...hey, don't touch... stop it...now!" A giggle escaped Bodie's lips before he could contain it. "Stop," snicker "it," titter "now!"

"What the hell?" Murphy was confused, and shook his head, eyebrows raised in disbelief.

Ignoring the other agent, Doyle whooped his delight and quickly moved his hands up and down Bodie's side, wiggling his fingers. He watched as Bodie dissolved into a puddle of manly giggles and writhing body. "Bodie's ticklish! Hah. That's something I didn't know before. Tickle-ikkle-ikkle," he sing-songed at the stricken man.

Bodie tried to defend himself by curling up into a ball, but Doyle's agile slim digits found their way into every nook and cranny, unerringly finding all Bodie's most ticklish spots, and then some.

They heard Murphy mutter his goodbye, but didn't acknowledge his exit so involved were they in their tickling contest, but Murphy wasn't upset or distraught. Far from it. He was delighted that the two of them seemed to be headed in one direction and one direction only. About bloody time too, he thought. I've been harangued, first by one of them, then the other, wanting to know the other's secrets, including a casually thrown in "Is he bi?" With a broad smile on his handsome face, he gently closed the door, strolled down the stairs and out of the block of flats, heading for his own flat.

Meanwhile, the tickling had subsided and two exhausted, giggled-out men were lying flat out on the floor. Bodie was clutching his stomach and still softly chuckling to himself. Doyle was at his side closely observing his friend, an affectionate gaze directed towards him.

"You okay, Bodie?"

"I...I think so. Damn, that's one of my secrets out." Bodie turned his head so he could look at Doyle, slightly shocked to find him nearer than he'd expected. "I warn you here and now, Doyle," Bodie emphasised, "if that snippet of information finds its way around CI5 via whatever means you feel you want to make use of, then make certain you have a completely Bodie-proof hiding place. Because I will kill you. Very, very slowly. And I will hide the body. No one will ever know where you disappeared to, or who did it."

"You talk too much, Bodie." Doyle rolled onto his side, flush against Bodie. At Bodie's startled look, the curly haired man slowly raised his hand and brushed a finger across Bodie's eyebrow, tracing the quirky line of hair. His own raised eyebrow was asking a silent question. It was answered when Bodie rolled towards him, bringing their body into total contact with each other.

Their mouths met in a gentle, tentative kiss, which swiftly turned into a deep, soul-searching, tonsil-finding mission - one that left them both breathless with anticipation. Doyle pushed Bodie onto his back, raining velvety kisses and licks upon his soon-to-be lover's face and neck, delighting in the whimpers and moans Bodie was making.

He pushed up on his arms, and stared at Bodie. Just gazed into those desire-filled shimmering midnight blue eyes of his. Remaining silent, he looked his fill until Bodie frowned. "Doyle? What's wrong?"

"Oh. Nothing. Just wanted to look at you. You're so gorgeous."

Amazingly, Bodie blushed, deeply. Then tried to argue the point. "No I'm not. You're the one who's gor..." A finger across his mouth shut him up.

Doyle shook his head in disbelief. "Don't. Now, just get your clothes off. Before I rip `em off."

Doyle started removing his own clothes and a thrill of joy rippled through him as he watched Bodie do the same, revealing an unexpectedly toned, hair-free chest, and pink semi-erect nipples.

An overwhelming flash of lust overcame him and he clutched at Bodie's waist, drawing him nearer before lowering his head to taste the tempting buds. As he suckled and gently nipped on them, his hands were busy lowering Bodie's remaining clothing. Blindly feeling his way, his lips followed the path of his hands, trailing a blaze of hot, fiery kisses across Bodie's abdomen, muscles contracting with pleasure

A surprisingly copious amount of dark curls surrounded the satisfyingly large, erect organ and Doyle inhaled the musky smell enthusiastically. A translucent drop lingered temptingly at the tip, and Doyle eagerly lapped it up, loving Bodie, adoring him, worshipping at the temple of William Andrew Phillip.

"Oh god, shit...Ray...fuck...ah...ah..." Bodie grasped the curly auburn head in his big, loving hands and caressed the luxuriant locks he'd lusted after ever since he'd met Raymond Doyle in Cowley's office that bright sunny morning. Falling in love had happened wonderfully quickly, even though Bodie was jealous of Doyle whenever he was paired up with someone else from CI5. Luckily, that happened very rarely, and it appeared as though Doyle enjoyed Bodie's company just as much, even when they were chasing girls (although that was a different matter entirely), and Bodie hadn't had much cause to unleash the green-eyed monster held within him.

As Doyle's meltingly soft, yet hot and strong mouth engulfed him, all thoughts fled and Bodie made tiny thrusting movements. He didn't want to choke his lover, but yet he wanted some sort of release. He got a sort of release moments later, just not the one he so desired as Doyle removed his mouth.

A husky voice whispered to him "Oh god, Bodie. What you do to me, lover. Can I...will you...?" He fumbled with his words.

Bodie understood as he knelt down before the quivering man. "I can, and I will. For you. Only for you." In a significant show of trust, Bodie lay on his back and lifted his legs. He reiterated, "Only for you, love."

Doyle gulped at the faith entrusted to him, and he kissed the swollen lips passionately. "Are you sure? I won't hurt you, I promise you that...but are you sure?"

As Bodie nodded, Doyle asked, "Do you have something we can use?"

"Lube. In the table drawer, over there."

Reluctant to leave his love for any length of time, Doyle quickly purloined the tube and knelt back down. He removed the cap and squeezed a good amount onto his fingers. Gently, he smoothed it on and around the tender opening, then delicately slipped one finger inside the patient man.

Bodie's pleasure filled groans continued as he inserted a second finger, then a third, stretching and making sure the dark haired man was relaxed enough to accept Doyle's Bodie-Divining-Cock.

"Fuck, Ray. Get your cock into gear and get it in here." Bodie panted breathlessly.

"Fine, are you sure you're ready?" Doyle was hesitating, but only because he didn't want to cause trauma to his friend and now lover.

"I'm...ohhhh God, I'm ready. Now, Doyle, please?"

Taking a deep breath, Doyle entered Bodie slowly, carefully and smoothly. And almost came at the hot tightness that surrounded him. When his balls were tight against Bodie's arse, he lowered himself onto the smooth body and began the dance of love.

The thrust and counter thrust movements were building. Bodie clamped his legs around Doyle's waist, and hauled Doyle in for another sensual passionate love-filled kiss. Tongues dancing against one another, hands searching for something, anything, as the two men made love.

Silk on satin, rough on smooth, hot skin melted against hot skin as they both flew high into their orgasms, hot fluid aflame with passion as each of their bodies left their territorial mark on one another.

"Mine, Bodie. You're mine." Burning with adoration, Doyle's almost black jade eyes burned into Bodie's navy blue orbs before he fervently embraced his lover.

"Yours, Ray. Always yours." Bodie replied, his face glowing with contentment, peace and adoration.

Legs still entwined, Doyle still captured by Bodie's body, the two men were swallowed whole by the emotion of the monumentous event and they slept where they lay, as they would forever be.


-- THE END --

February 2005

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