A Romantic Interlude


When the flowers arrived, Raymond Doyle was puzzled. He'd finished with Claire well over a month ago and since then, there hadn't been anyone else. That in itself was relatively strange--he and Bodie rarely went more than two or three days without a date.

There was a card with the bouquet, and Ray opened it. Only three words were written on it. "Fancy a date?"

There was nothing else, no phone number, no identifying clue--the card had obviously been written by the florist.

"How the hell can I answer that question without any phone number?" he muttered out loud. Sighing, he found a vase to put them in and, once arranged to his satisfaction, he placed them on his mantelpiece.

As he gazed at them, the intercom buzzed.


"This is your friendly, local takeaway, complete with wine!"

Ray grinned as the voice of his partner and friend came through the com.

"It's open." Ray pressed the other button that allowed Bodie to enter, then opened his own door and waited. As the dark haired man came into view, Ray couldn't believe his eyes.

"Bodie?" he spluttered, laughing. "Where are you off to then?"

Bodie's face fell. "I thought I was coming in to eat dinner with you, but if you don't want me there...."

Ray grimaced internally--it was so easy to joke around with his partner, he'd almost forgotten how easy it was to hurt him.

"Sorry. I apologise--I didn't mean anything. It's just...you're all dressed up, like you are trying to impress someone."

Bodie felt the start of a flush on his cheeks, and turned away from the perceptive eyes of his friend. "Raymond, old chap, I like to dress for dinner."

There was something about his partner that Ray couldn't pin down. Something different, something strange. Shrugging, he followed the dark haired man into the small kitchen. Before Ray could say or do anything, Bodie had him by the arm and was pulling him into the living room.

"Stay there, Raymond. Leave the dinner to me."

"What are you up to Bodie?" but he received no answer.

Thinking about Bodie once more, Ray couldn't find an answer to his question--not that he actually knew what the question was. He only knew there was something a little weird about Bodie tonight.

He heard the door opening and realised he'd been standing there, deep in thought, for about five minutes.

"It's ready now, Ray," Bodie said, looking darkly handsome in his suit.

"Lovely, I'm starving. What did the Cow have you doing today?" Ray asked, all too aware of his sudden nervousness.

He followed Bodie into the kitchen. As Bodie stood aside to let Ray enter, the curly haired man paused, mouth falling in surprise.

The kitchen had been transformed. A crisp white tablecloth covered the wooden table, and in the centre stood a small vase with a single red rose. The room itself was darkened; only two candles flickered, setting the scene.

Ray was amazed. "Wow, Bodie. What did I do to deserve this?"

An expression of shy pleasure lit up Bodie's face. "Nothing. I just wanted to treat you. You...I hope you don't mind?"

"Mind? I love it. Thank you."

Ray sat at the table and allowed Bodie to serve them both dinner--Italian, if Ray was correct. After pouring the wine, Bodie too sat down.

Lifting the glass, Ray said, "Cheers."


The two men ate their meal, chatting about work and other inconsequential things. As Ray watched the other man, he was aware of an undercurrent of anxiety in him. As the blue eyes flicked over his own face, he saw an expression of...he wasn't entirely certain, but he thought he saw love. A sudden thought occurred to Ray. Softly, he said, "I had some flowers delivered today. Just before you arrived, actually." He paused to observe Bodie's reaction. A flicker of guilt crossed his face but was gone in a split second. "Bodie, you don't happen to know anything about them, do you?"

Bodie shrugged, but remained silent. As if speaking would spoil the atmosphere he had created for them both. If he spoke and Ray expressed disgust, Bodie didn't think he could survive it. So silent he stayed, willing Ray not to continue.

Ray misread the signals. "Oh." Glancing around the room and taking in the romantic setting, he remembered the brief expression in Bodie's eyes. Taking the bull by the horns, he continued. "Only--only I was sort of hoping it had been you. From flowers to a romantic meal for two--my dream come true."

Bodie dared to risk a glance across--to find Ray's huge jade eyes gazing back, and a gentle smile on his lips. Swallowing, he knew he had to ask the pertinent question. "Really? Or are you taking the piss?"

"Oh Bodie--would I really do that to you? After all this?" Ray's hand encompassed the room. He stood up then moved to where Bodie sat and ran a finger softly down Bodie's cheek.

Before he could do anything else, Bodie erupted from his seat and hugged Ray to him, his lips searching for and finding Ray's. The sensual kiss soon turned into a life affirming joyful celebration of love.

Before Ray knew what was happening, his shirt was unbuttoned and Bodie was kissing his chest, gently biting at his nipples, sending his blood rushing towards his groin. If he got any harder, he'd explode, he thought. Just as Bodie mouthed his erection through his jeans.

Ray exploded, coming harder than he had for years, a long groan accompanying his orgasm. Bodie held onto him tightly, his cheek resting on the soaked denim. Bringing the now shaking Ray onto the floor with him, Bodie kissed him gently, while Ray grimaced.


"Damn, I didn't mean to come like that Bodie. I wanted...more. I'm so sorry, so sorry."

Bodie glanced at his lover. "Don't apologise, there's nothing to apologise for. Was it...was it all right?"

Ray was amazed Bodie could ask such a question. "Bodie, you made me come harder and faster than anyone before--it was bloody wonderful. Thank you."

Relieved, Bodie grinned. "Good."

Glancing down his body, Ray stroked his hand across the still tented trousers. "May I take care of that for you?"

"Be my guest." Bodie lay on his back, letting Ray have free with his body.

Ray unbuttoned Bodie's shirt and gained access to his chest. Tasting that unique Bodie taste, he explored every part he could see, leaving the trousers till last. Finally, he opened his prize. The dark blue briefs hid little, and Ray was careful as he pulled them over the sizable erection. Precome was already leaking from the tip, and Ray had his first taste of Bodie's musky all-male aroma. Swiping his tongue across the head, he was almost knocked out as Bodie's knee inadvertently came up.

"Bo-day!" he protested, pushing the unruly limb back down. Taking another look at Bodie's cock, he could see that, although Bodie had precious little hair on his chest and arms, a rich thatch of dark curls surrounded his cock. Running his fingers through the thick hair, he quickly swallowed Bodie.

Bodie was too far gone to hold back and the moment the hot wet mouth surrounded him, he came, spurting his hot salty seed into the warm welcoming mouth.

Swallowing as much as he could--he didn't want to waste any of the prized fluid--Ray held Bodie in his mouth until he softened. Letting the limp organ slip from his mouth, he moved up Bodie's body until he could capture that pout with his own lips.

Cuddling up close, they lay together on the cold floor.

"Um, Ray? D'you think we could, I dunno, find somewhere cosier to lay?"

Ray opened one eye and gazed at him. "Getting old, love?"

"Never," protested Bodie, "I'm just cold." He shivered to prove his point.

Sighing deeply, Ray reluctantly moved away from Bodie's arms and warmth. Clambering to their feet, they made for the bedroom, dropping clothes as they went.

Once nicely ensconced in the double bed, they snuggled up once more.



"Was it...was I okay for you?"

"More than okay. Fantastic."

"We'll get better."

Ray raised his head from Bodie's shoulder. "Does that mean you want to do it again?"

Bodie leered lecherously. "As often as we possibly can. How does that sound?"

Ray lowered his head and smiled. "Perfect. Just perfect."

-- THE END --

June 2005

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