Blown Away


Sunlight streamed through the small gap in the curtains. The rays danced across the room and Bodie blinked as the light hit his eyes. As he attempted to raise his head, a sudden but not entirely unexpected throbbing started and he gently lowered it again.

"Bloody hell, what did I drink last night?" he whispered to himself. His arm stretched out and suddenly he froze, as it came into contact with another person.

Hardly daring to look, he turned his head to the left, cautiously, quietly. A tangle of auburn curls was all he could see. Oh shit, oh bloody shit...what the hell had they done?

As he lay there, the events of the previous night came flooding back.

Laughing wildly, they climbed the stairs to Bodie's flat, stumbling as the alcohol they'd imbibed reached their feet.

"C'mon mate, lettus in...s'cold out here!" Doyle had slurred.

"Hang about, gotta find me keys first."

"Well, hurry up!"

Eventually, they'd managed to open the door. Doyle had tripped over the mat, ending up stumbling and falling. They'd had a good giggle about that! Finally, they ended up sitting close together on the sofa, a couple of whiskeys in front of them.

Doyle had glanced up, through a curly fringe, at Bodie. Almost flirtatious in a way, Bodie had thought. Those big green eyes were looking at him in such a...a...sensual way. He'd had to restrain himself from pulling him into his arms and kissing him senseless.

Not that he hadn't had those thoughts about his partner before, just never had the nerve to act on them, unsure how Doyle would take it.

"Bodie?" The husky voice sent shivers down Bodie's spine.

"Wassup, mate?" He'd responded, not daring to look at him.

"Look at me, Bodie."

When eventually Bodie had managed to look at his friend, what he'd seen there had sent shivers of lust rippling through his body, and he could hardly believe his eyes. Not until Doyle had grabbed his head, pulled him towards him, and planted those luscious lips on his own.

They'd stayed plastered together on the sofa for a while, exchanging hot, sweet kisses, and each exploring their partners' bodies with tentative touches. Until Doyle had stood up, and held out his hand for his friend.

"C'mon mate, bed."

Bodie could scarcely believe his ears. Hesitantly, he got to his feet, grabbed the outstretched hand and followed him through to the darkened bedroom; whereabouts Doyle had reached for his polo shirt and torn it off him. His trousers had soon followed and before he'd known where he was, he was lying on the bed, naked and sporting a huge erection.

Doyle's eyes shone with barely concealed lust, and, being fully dressed himself, he had taken his slow time to remove his clothing. The burning desire in those emerald eyes had made Bodie even harder, and he'd had to struggle not to jump off the bed and grab the slim, sexy body that was temptation itself.

The lovemaking that followed had been searingly sexy, scorchingly passionate, ardent and loving, and was beyond anything Bodie had ever encountered, even with his history of loving and leaving 'em. Ray had whispered such loving yet sensual words, he'd just melted into a pool of mush.

Barely able to move, in the aftermath of his third orgasm, Bodie had fallen asleep, his arse wonderfully sore, his cock marvelously used, and his heart floating way up high.

That was last night. When wrong was right, when black was white; when everything had come together in a tumultuous climax. Several times.

Today was a different matter. Bodie knew they'd been drunk last night, both of them. They'd visited several pubs and drank heavily before getting onto the whiskey when they'd returned. So obviously, last night couldn't have meant anything. Could it? Bodie frowned. After being given the gift of Doyle, how on earth could he be expected to settle for anyone else? He'd gladly give up women, whiskey, even CI5 for Doyle. But, unsure as to how his partner felt despite all the affectionate words spoken, there was no way he could believe half of what he'd said. Alcohol could make him say anything, couldn't it?

So deep in thought was he that he hadn't realised Doyle had actually awoken and turned to observe him. He'd completely missed the softened look as Ray had taken in the uncertain attitude he'd adopted.


Startled, Bodie jumped and almost leapt out of their bed; would have done so had Doyle not gently laid his hand on his arm.

Struggling with his feelings, Bodie found it hard to speak, even harder to look at his friend.


"You okay?"


"Are you sure? You don't look okay to me. What's wrong? Do you regret last night?"

At last Bodie cast his brooding eyes over Ray, but all he could see was concern and anxiety filling the big green eyes.

"Do you?" Bodie gave nothing away, was unwilling to reveal his feelings. Not until Doyle had, anyway.

Head lowered, Doyle himself appeared to be deep in thought. He moved suddenly, and Bodie found himself trapped against a hard, muscled body.

"No, I don't regret it. Let me show you just how much I don't regret it."

And, slowly, surely yet steadily, Doyle slithered down Bodie's tingling body until his head reached the groin.

Bodie had been cursing his traitorous body, his disloyal cock hardening, glistening with his pre-cum. Until Doyle's full lips had reached and enfolded it in molten heat.

Gasping, he struggled to hold onto his control.

"Doyle...Ray." he managed.

Taking his hot lips off Bodie's cock required a controlled mind, and this was one thing Doyle hadn't got, so he mumbled something supposed to be a querying yes?

Bodie couldn't speak anymore, his throbbing cock was taking him to somewhere else, someplace far more wonderful than dreary, drizzling London.

The pouting mouth was sending him into ecstasy, licking, sucking, nibbling and just generally teasing him, sending him closer and closer to climax. Finally, just as he'd decided he could speak, Doyle started to hum. No particular tune, just hum. This was more than he could take and he went with the sensations, not even trying to hold back anymore.

His balls tightened, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he shot his load. As this was something they'd not tried the previous evening, he attempted to warn Doyle by tugging on his head.

Doyle wouldn't have any of it, he grabbed hold of Bodie's slim hips, ran his hands down his buttocks and took Bodie deep into his throat, humming all the while.

It was no use, Bodie couldn't stand it.his juice spurted out into the warm, welcoming place that was Doyle's mouth, and Doyle joyfully swallowed every drop of hot, salty Bodie he could.

As Bodie's climax ended, Doyle licked him clean, then moved up to hold him close.

Bodie, still post orgasmic, was unaware for several minutes, basking as he was in a dream-like state.

"Bodie? Bodie!"

That husky voice, once again, urging him to speak.

"Uh um?" came his intelligent reply.

"Bodie...look at me!"

Bodie, aware of the urgency of the speech, turned his fuzzy head towards the noise.


"Bodie." small pause while Doyle grasped his courage in both hands, "Bodie? I...I love you." his voice tailed off.

Bodie lay silently for a moment, hardly daring to believe his ears. Then, taking one deep breath, leapt into the fray.

"I love you, Ray. Always have, always will. Be mine?"

Sharp intake of breath.

"Yes! Oh dear God, yes. Oh Bodie!"

"Oh Ray!"

And no more words were necessary!

-- THE END --

November 2004

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