Wanna shag him. He's gorgeous. I want to hold him, please him.

Want his cock in my mouth.

Jeez, why is my mouth watering? I'm not gay.

I am NOT gay! So why do I want him so much?

Why does my cock say yes, and my heart says yes, yet my head says no?

He wants me; I know he does.

It's in the way he looks at me, smiles at me.

Touches me.

Not that he does that, often.


I'm straight, dammit! I like women.

Never had a man before. Am I scared?

Damn right I am.

He's scared. A man can tell.

He isn't sure whether to stay or run.

Should have known. Should have known about his indecision.

But, I want him. I want him so badly, it hurts.

And I'm positive he's aware of this fact.

It's in the way I look at him, smile at him.

Touch him.

I don't do that often, but when I do...

...It's memorable.

He thinks he's the only one who hasn't been with a man before.

I know he's sure I have...but I haven't

And I'm just as scared as he is.

C'mon. Make your move, love.

-- THE END --


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