Just Following Orders


"That was fun," Bodie said, "if unexpected."

"Old Man's orders," Doyle responded irritably. "A bit out of my usual line, sunshine."

"The Cow said to do it?" Bodie stared in astonishment.

"Got a note from that new secretary of his."

"Let's have a look."

Doyle extricated crumpled paper from his pocket.

"Ah," Bodie murmured. "You know, he's getting rid of her. Says her handwriting's atrocious. Forgets to cross her 't's."

"What?" Doyle grabbed the note. "You mean this reads 'Mr Cowley says *fetch* 3.7 on your way in'?"

"Better get to work."

"Not so bloody fast, mate. Got any mouthwash?"

-- THE END --

26 March 2004

NOTE: felch: to suck semen from the anus, and return it to the mouth of the person being screwed.

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