Kiss and Swell


Bodie was hiding something, Doyle was positive.

"Bodie, tell me!"

"Tell you what?" Bodie queried.

"What're you hiding?"

"Me?" Very innocent look.

"Yes, you. If you don't tell me..." threatened Doyle, "I'll...I'll...strip you naked and push you out into the corridor."

They were encased in their chilly Whitehall office, so the prospect of being naked sent shivers down Bodie's spine.

"No way."

"Right, you asked for it."

And with that, Doyle grabbed Bodie's cords and yanked them down.

To be confronted by tight mistletoe-printed pants and an impressive erection.

Doyle grinned wickedly.

"Always wanted to kiss you under the mistletoe!"

-- THE END --

December 2004

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