Snow Joke


Bodie yawned and stretched his sleep-cramped body, careful not to disturb his still snoring partner and lover. He couldn't put his finger on it at first, but something was wrong. Different. He frowned as he glanced about the room.

Nope, his clothes were still folded neatly on his chair, just as Ray's clothes were scattered about. Bodie grinned ruefully; his lover was such an untidy sod, but no matter how many times Bodie asked, yelled or pleaded, it was all to no avail. The clothes remained persistently scattered, and Bodie had washed his hands of it, once and for all.

Still the midnight blue eyes searched the room. Everything appeared to be as it had been last night when they'd gone to bed. Bodie was puzzled. There was something out of place, he was certain. Casting a brief look at the curtains, he swiftly realised what it was, and gleefully jumped out of bed.

As he peeked through the curtains, his smile broadened. Snow! It had snowed overnight and now their small garden was white over. The sunlight bouncing off the shimmering whiteness had made their bedroom appear much lighter, Bodie realised, hence the reason for his confusion.

"Ray? Ray! It's snowed!"

"Grmphed" came back the sleepy response.

Bodie quirked an eyebrow, and jumped on the bed. Poking the curly-haired lump over and over, Bodie shouted in his ear. "Ray! Come on! We can make a snowman!"

"Fuck off and stop poking me, Bodie!" Replied the much more awake man. As Ray rolled over to shove Bodie off him, he caught the hurt unguarded expression before Bodie's shutters came clanging down.

Biting his lip, Ray reached out towards his lover. "Bodie. Bodie, I'm sorry. Was just waking up, wasn't I?" Ray couldn't help notice how Bodie was edging away from him; all joy vanished from his face.

Moving in with Bodie was the best thing Ray had ever done. He'd seen so many more different facets to Bodie's personality, and his little boy excited was one of his favourite. Bodie, he'd observed, loved Christmas, birthdays, and any holiday where someone (preferably himself) was gifted with pressies. And, Ray thought ruefully, he now needed to add snow to that list.

Bodie had disappeared into the bathroom while Ray had been deep in thought. Ray climbed out of the dishevelled bed and went after him - damage control in mind. As he entered the small room, he silently watched his lover shave, eyelids lowered.

"Bodie? I am sorry, really I am. We'll go out and build the best snowman ever, all right? But not until we've dressed - it's cold enough to freeze the bollocks off George Cowley."

"You'd have to sew `em back on first." Bodie's reply was enough that Ray knew he'd been forgiven, and he hugged Bodie from behind, feeling the heat from his body seeping though. Bodie turned in the strong arms and touched his lips gently to Ray's.

At Ray's leer, Bodie smiled sheepishly. "I...I want to get out there and start on that snowman. Snow Agent?"

"Snow Cowley?"

"Complete with bollocks?" As they chuckled at that thought, Ray grudgingly released his partner. "Come on then, young Bodie. Let's get out there. Race you!" And he ran into the bedroom, Bodie hot on his heels and so the contest began.

Minutes later they were collecting snow into a large mound, moulding it into a spherical shape. While Ray balanced the smaller sphere on top of the large one, he watched Bodie, who was busy doing something Ray couldn't see.

"Bodie? What're you doing?"

Bodie twisted his face towards his lover, reddened cheeks glowing against the cold white. Smiling brightly, he said "Ahh you'll see in a minute!"

Curiosity aroused, Ray left what he was doing and wandered over towards Bodie. Bodie, in small boy mode, squealed and shoved his hands behind his back. Backing slowly away from his predatory lover, he giggled.

"Oh no, Ray, no you don't."

"Yes, oh yes, Bodie. Come on," he tried a wheedling tone, "show me. After all, I am your lover."

"You don't want to see this yet, though. `It's not ready, yet."

Not content with using his whining voice, he widened his jade eyes and gave Bodie his patented puppy-dog gaze. "Please, Bodie? Lemme see, please? I...I'll do anything you want..." he rashly promised.

Bodie grinned slyly. "Anything?"


"Hmm. How about...a blow job?"


Too easy, thought Bodie, his mind racing. "No. I know." Bodie paused and looked away from his mate, unsure how to proceed. Ever since Ray and he had moved in together, they'd been exclusive. But Bodie was hankering after something else. The problem was, he wasn't certain how Ray would take it. He cast a fleeting look at his golly, who was scrutinising him warily.

"Bodie? C'mon mate. I'm getting cold and I can think of better things to do than..."

"I wanna ring." The words just erupted from Bodie's lips and shocked him into silence.

"What?" Ray was stunned. Of all the things he expected to hear, that was the last one. Bodie, self-sufficient Bodie, ex-merc, ex-SAS, Mr Never let anyone near him wanted a ring? "You...want a ring?"

The dark haired man refused to raise his eyes; he kept them fixed on a small pebble at his toes. Ray's incredulity he'd taken for refusal and now he wasn't sure whether he was going to vomit or just turn tail and run.

Bodie completely missed the jubilant expression that lit up Ray's face, and was shocked when a ball of hard muscle seemed to insinuate itself all around him.

"Oh Bodie. Bloody hell, mate." And Ray lowered his lips to touch them to Bodie's, his tongue gently teasing at the pout until they opened to his stroke. The two men lost themselves in the hot, sensual kiss - a kiss that promised everything.

As it ended, Bodie opened his eyes. Tentatively, he asked, "Um. Does that mean...?"

"That means yes, you berk! YES!" he yelled at the top of his voice. "YES I WILL MARRY YOU!"

An elated Bodie beamed. And then brought his arms from behind his back and pushed two melting mini-snowballs into Ray's face.

Spluttering and coughing, Ray managed to mutter "What that hell was that?"

And collapsed laughing as a chuckling Bodie exclaimed loudly,

"Cowley's bollocks!"

-- THE END --

February 2005

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