The Rejection Drabble Series



He was terrified at just how bad it could be if Doyle rejected him.

Rejection wasn't good. Rejection was, in fact, very bad. Although he'd rarely had to face it, this time it was a distinct possibility.

It was his first foray into gay love. He wasn't sure when his respect and admiration for Doyle had changed. He couldn't have said for sure when he'd fallen deeply in love with him. He'd fought against it for long enough.

Now he only needed to pluck up his courage and actually tell Doyle. And that terrified him more than anything, even Cowley!

Rejection Part Two

Doyle was wary. Bodie was acting extremely suspiciously. Almost as if he were afraid.

But why on earth would Bodie be afraid? Doyle couldn't understand it. If Bodie only realised just how little he had to be afraid of him. If Bodie only realised how much Doyle loved him.

And how much Doyle was terrified of letting it slip to his super-macho, highly sexed womaniser of a partner; his beautiful, dark haired panther, with those wonderfully changeable midnight blue eyes, surrounded by gorgeously lush lashes.

Oh yeah, Doyle mused. Bodie had nothing to be scared of. But Doyle did.

Far from the Madded Cow

Cowley was exasperated. Bodie loved Doyle. Doyle loved Bodie. How much simpler could it get? He wasn't a man to let convention get in the way of how he thought.

If Bodie loved Doyle, and he certainly did - and if Doyle loved Bodie, and he most definitely did - what was the problem?

Cowley was puzzled. His men weren't usually this obtuse. They were his top team. So why the hell were they being this...well, stupid was his only description.

If they didn't do something about it soon, he would rectify the problem. In fact... He called Murphy into his office.

Murphy Beaucoup

Murphy strolled in, a questioning look on his face.

"What do you know of Bodie and Doyle?"

"How d'you mean, sir?"

"Don't be stupid, man. You know what I mean."

Cowley glared at the still foxed man before him.

"Their relationship then - need I spell it out?"

As the penny finally dropped, Murphy grinned sheepishly. "No sir, you don't. What about their... relationship?"

"They don't know the other man's feelings, do they?"

"No. It's driving the rest of the squad barmy."

"You have to do something about it."

"I thought you might say something like that. I'm on the case."

A Mission of Murphy

Murphy was deep in thought. Should Bodie wear white lace and a veil, he mused, and Doyle top hat and tails? Or maybe the other way round, being as Ray was the more - Murphy hated to think this, but it was true - feminine looking of the two.

The scream could be heard for miles around as Bodie suddenly sat up in bed, heart pounding, sweat dripping off him. "Fucking hell, what a nightmare!" he groaned.

"Wassup?" His lover muttered.

"A nightmare...a horrible nightmare."

"I figured that. What about?"

"Me in white lace. Doyle in top hat and tails. Getting married!"

The other person sat up beside Bodie, shocked. "Bloody hell, you and Ray?"

"Yeah. I mean who'd wanna marry that obnoxious spitfire? See enough of him at work, I do. Don't need to see him beside me in," he shuddered, "bed."

"I'd kill him." Came the simple reply. "He touches you - he's dead. I mean it, Bodie."

Bodie touched his mouth in a gentle and soothing kiss to the now pouting lips. "Calm down, it won't ever happen."

Murphy pushed Bodie down onto the bed, straddled his body and staked his claim on his lover in no uncertain terms.

-- THE END --

March 2005

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