To Be Frank


Unbeta'd so all mistakes mine. This fic is especially for Debs, who asked for Bodie, a motorbike, and red stilleto heels.

"Bye Bodie, enjoy yourself."

"I will, and thanks Ray. Sure you don't want to hop on the back? Gonna take her for a run down to the coast."

Ray appeared to consider it for a few seconds. "Naa, you go on mate, you deserve it."

Without further ado, Bodie raised his left arm in farewell, put the motorbike into gear and shot off into the traffic.

Rubbing his hands together gleefully, Ray sauntered over to the gold Capri he favoured. He had plans. Plans that hadn't included his partner, which is why he had loaned Bodie the use of his new motorbike. The same motorbike Bodie had been lusting over ever since Ray bought it.

"Kill two birds with one stone, and he never suspects." Ray grinned wickedly to himself as he open the car door and lowered his body into the seat. "Now lets see if I can find something, anything out about my mysterious bloody partner."

Driving off in the direction on Bodie's flat, Ray pondered on his partner and his secrets. They'd been partnered a fair while now, and other than Bodie actually mentioning his time in Belfast, Angola and various other places, Ray still hadn't managed to find anything remotely interesting about the dark haired man.

So Ray had hatched this plan. A completely brilliant plan, if he said it himself. On the pretence that partners should have the keys to each other flats in case of emergency, he had hold of Bodie's door keys, and today was the day he was going to go and have a look around, see what he could find.

Arriving at the flat, he swiftly cast his eyes over the road. Feeling slightly guilty, he assuaged his guilt with the thought that at least he'd know and understand his partner better. Unlocking the door, he quickly killed the alarms, shutting the door behind him.

He decided that the best place to start looking would be the bedroom, so he pushed the door opened and entered. Bright and airy, the room was neat and tidy as befitted an ex-soldier. In fact, Ray thought, it was bordering on spartan. There was little clutter or decorative adornments around, apart from a painting on the wall.

Frowning, Ray moved closer to examine it. It looked somewhat familiar, but why he wasn't yet sure. The painting featured a naked male figure, with curls and sparkling emerald eyes.

Dismissing it as trivial, Ray moved past it towards the bedside cabinet. Opening the top drawer, he saw nothing much of significance. There was a book of English poetry, along with a couple of watches, and a diary. Shamelessly, Ray purloined the diary, but found nothing but codes.

"Hmmm, `DR at RL. DDG. Fun.' Wonder what the hell THAT means?" Ray mused out loud. Reading more, he still couldn't work out what all the letters meant, but there was lots of DR at RL.

Putting it back carefully, he closed the top drawer, and opened the middle one. And found, in very neat rows, pants and socks. Sniggering his hand fell upon a pair of black silky pants. With lace. "Lace? What the fuck?"

As Ray opened them out, he realised they were actually lacy knickers. Probably a girlfriend's, he deliberated. Once again he was careful to fold them and put them back exactly as he found them. No need to make Bodie suspicious!

Closing the middle drawer, he reached for the larger than usual bottom drawer. And discovered it was locked. But he wasn't Ray Doyle, CI5 agent extraordinaire, for nothing. He pulled out his set of skeleton keys, and smoothly opened the drawer.

He was completely unprepared for the sight that awaited him. Pair of bright red, sequinned high heels were lovingly placed onto a foam pad. At first, Ray thought there were yet another gift left by a girlfriend of Bodie's. Until he looked at the size of them.

He plucked one of them out for a closer look and realised they were larger than the norm for ladies shoes. Turning them over in his hand, he noted the size was the same as Bodie.

"Bloody hell mate..." Doyle's jaw dropped as he pondered his partner wearing these shoes. And a dress. And a lacy thong. Shuddering, he made to put the shoe back into its place, when he noticed something shoved under the foam pad.

Dropping the shoe onto the floor, he reached underneath and pulled out several pictures. He was startled to find that a good many of them were of Doyle himself. On various day trips. There was also, in among the Doyle photos, a picture of an unusual looking woman. Could almost have been Bodie's sister. Doyle gasped in disbelief. No, he thought, this was no sister. Judging by the clothes he had on, or rather a lack of them, this had to be Bodie himself.

Doyle found himself getting rather excited at the sight of Bodie in a Basque, with black fishnet stockings, red high heels and make up. Doyle's cock was trying to escape the unremitting tightness of his jeans, and he pushed the heel of his hand down onto it in an attempt to squash it. Only it didn't work, it just made his cock more determined to be let loose.

Groaning with pleasure, he realised there was only one thing to do about his arousal, and without a second thought, he lay back on the bed, unzipped his jeans and released his throbbing erection.

His hand closed around the hard heat, smoothly rubbing up and down his cock, his thumb rubbing the precum into the uncut head. Eyes closed and moaning, he was deep into fantasy world and never heard the door opened. Never heard the sudden intake of breath, and it wasn't until he felt the bed creaked that his eyes flew open to meet the lust filled blue orbs of his partner.

"Sh...oh...bollocks. Bodie! What...what the fuck are you doing here?"

"Shush, shush, sweetheart. Carry on with what you were doing."


Shocked and frustrated, he felt his erection droop as he attempted to roll over. A muscled arm kept him in place and his heart pounded like thunder as he felt Bodie's hot mouth engulf him.

Running his fingers through the short dark hair, he groaned his pleasure.

"Oh...Bodie...Bodie. Suck me, harder...harder...oh...fuck...Bodie! I'm going to..."

He couldn't speak as Bodie applied himself harder and deeper to his task, and Doyle's sweet spicy liquid filled his mouth as he sucked him dry.

Coming around several minutes later, he found an amused Bodie lying at the side of him.

"Want to talk, Ray?"

"Um. Sorry. I cannot tell a lie...well, I can. But not just after I've had the best blow job of my life!"

Bodie just grinned, and settled down to patiently wait until Doyle had had his short nap.

A few minutes passed, a few deep breaths later, and a drowsy Doyle opened his bleary green eyes. And almost fainted in shock at the sight of Bodie laying next to him, amused blue eyes sparkling at him. He suddenly remembered what he'd been doing before he fell into a post-coital snooze, and blushed.

"Um. Oh God, Bodie. I'm so sorry. So very sorry."

"Are you? Why?"

"Because..." Ray halted, a sudden thought flashed into his head. Frowning, he turned towards Bodie. "Why are you back here anyway? Thought you were going away on my bike for the day? You weren't supposed to be back until later."

Bodie raised one quirky eyebrow and chuckled. "And you, you randy old toad, weren't supposed to be here. Looking through my drawers, messing with my fancy dress costume, or wanking on my bed. Were you?"

Ray groaned. It was worse than he'd imagined. He threw one arm across his face before asking the question that needed to be asked. "Fancy dress costume? What the bloody hell for?"

"Oh come on Doyle. You must have heard of the Rocky Horror Show, surely?"

"The Rocky Horr...oh bloody hell. I thought you'd turned into a transvestite or something. What a relief!" Doyle giggled as he made what he thought was the correct answer.

Bodie disagreed. "Yeah, some relief Ray. So why exactly were you wanking on my bed?"

Rolling over, Ray buried his head deep into one of the pillows and moaned several times.

Bodie waited. And waited. Until his patience got the better of him, and he grabbed hold of Ray to turn him over. As he did so, he noticed the downcast eyes, the blush still on his friend's face. With sympathy, he pulled Ray towards him and held him gently.

"Ray, love? It's okay. I knew what you were after, you know? You've been pushing that bike on me for ages now. Knew exactly where you'd be. Hence the reason I returned. And you know what?"

Doyle managed to raise his head to look at Bodie. Stumbling over his words, he managed to splutter, "You knew? Oh God. Bodie, I'm sorry...I"

He got no further as Bodie, tiring of hearing his apologies, reached for the quirky face of his partner and thoroughly kissed him.

Little shockwaves tingled through Doyle's body as the kiss deepened. Bodie's tongue suckled on Doyle's bottom lip before swishing across the wonderfully provocative lips; asking for and gaining entry to the hot sweet cavern with the chipped tooth that Bodie had been longing to kiss for weeks.

Breaking apart, they both gasped as they inhaled much needed air, arms clinging to one another like drowning men.

"So. You aren't mad then?" Doyle managed eventually.

"Mad? Never. Although I must admit, I never expected quite that welcome." Bodie hugged Doyle close as he spoke as the curly haired man wriggled in an attempt to free himself. "No, stay there love. I just have one question though."

Here it comes, thought Doyle. Tremulously Doyle said, "One question?"


"Why. Um. Because...because I saw the photos of you dressed like that. And liked it." Doyle admitted, unable to look at the dark haired man who was holding him.

"And you thought you'd have a little wank on my bed eh? Good job I love you too, isn't it?"

Doyle quickly looked at Bodie, disbelieving. "Did you say what I thought you said?"

"What? That I love you? Yes, Raymond Doyle, golliwog, sunshine, sexy arse, I did. And I do. Love you. Despite your strange tastes." Bodie grinned in delight at the glare he got as he spoke.

"Me? Strange tastes? Huh...look at yourself, mate. Dressing up in women's clothes. Funny bone-y things, with sussys and black lacy knicks." Doyle felt the heat creep into his groin and his lax cock once again hardened. He knew Bodie'd felt it because he felt the rumble of laughter in his partner.

"Want me to put them on for you, Ray?" Bodie chuckled; an aroused Doyle was a soft-touch Doyle. He sat up on the edge of the bed in anticipation of Doyle's response.

A soft voice answered. "You'd do that? For me?"

Unreservedly, Bodie replied. "Yes. For you. Only for you. Because I love you, sweetheart."

Doyle melted, a sweet smile plastered on his face. "In that case, don't bother with the panties...shame to ruin them. Just get back down here. Frank!"

And with that, the two men performed their own private performance of Sweet Transsexual.

-- THE END --

December 2004

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