A Waiting Game


(Written for the Drabble Day "line" challenge on the_safehouse livejournal community: use the line "I'm not what you're looking for" (Frank Castle, The Punisher))

The song ends and Ray's bird drags him off the dance floor, laughing and protesting.

"Four songs in a row, Ray. I want a break," Callie insists, flinging herself onto her seat and grabbing her beer.

Ray slits his eyes sideways at me. "Women these days. No stamina, Bodie."

I beam at him, enjoying his little joke at our dates' expense. Ray's gyrating -- can't properly call it dancing, more like an open invitation to sex -- has messed up his collar. Without thinking, I reach out to adjust it. Ray smiles and tilts his head to the side. The feel of sweat-slick, heated skin makes me want to wrap my hand around the back of his neck and pull him nearer, but I'm not that stupid.

"Just can't take you out in public, Ray," I sternly inform him.

Ray responds with a cheerful grimace.

Chuckling, I turn back to my date and freeze. Alice sits there, looking at me steadily, and I know she's twigged. There'll be no invitation up to her place tonight. Pity that. But so long as she keeps her mouth shut, I don't care what she thinks she knows.

Giving her a warning look, I announce, "This round's on me," and escape to the bar. While I wait for the drinks, I keep an eye on our happy little group. Alice is behaving herself, staring blankly out over the dance floor. Ray's got an arm around Callie, whispering in her ear. He looks a tad bored. These girls are all right for a bit of fun, but this isn't what Ray needs in the long run.

It's hard being patient, but there's no way I'm moving too soon. I know I'm not what you're looking for, sunshine. But I'm what you're gonna get just the same.

-- THE END --

June 2005

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