(Written for the Drabble Day "line" challenge on the_safehouse livejournal community: use the line ""Why you arrived on the scene, why you why you picked me, I still don't understand." (Bill Parish, Meet Joe Black))

Cowley gazed at the young man standing to attention before him for a long while before finally speaking. "Congratulations, Bodie. Welcome to CI5. Any questions?"

The dark haired man thought for a minute before replying. "No sir. Only," he paused, a frown on his handsome face, "only given my previous record, I was wondering..."

"Go on, man."

"Why you arrived on the scene, why you picked me, I still don't understand."

Sitting back in his chair, fingers steepled together, Cowley gave the new agent a steely look. "You don't? Well then, perhaps you'd better have the weekend off to think about why I chose you, hmm?"

At Bodie's nod, Cowley continued. "Report back here on Monday morning, 0800 hours sharp. You'll be meeting your new partner then. Dismissed."

"Partner? But..."

"I said dismissed. Don't push your luck, laddie."

Bodie left, unsure whether to celebrate getting in the Squad or commiserate at being lumbered with a partner. Still, he mused, he could do both at the Red Lion - and maybe even find a pretty face to chat up.

Grinning, he whistled as he exited the building.

-- THE END --

June 2005

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