Isn't Technology Wonderful?


<bodie>: can you believe this
<ray>: what
<bodie>: that the old man finally got computers
<ray>: hmm someone else must be paying for them
<bodie>: yeah the cows too tight to fork out for all these
<ray>: this is fun actually you are only across the room but we can chat without talking
<bodie>: you saying I talk too much lover
<ray>: bodie none of that talk here we are working
<bodie>: yeah but the cow wont see any of it will he
<bossman>: dont be too sure about that bodie
<bossman>: im watching you two closely

<bossman>: since when were you two lovers
<bodie>: sorry sir was just joking
<bossman>: dont play games with me bodie I know you are what you are
<bodie>: you do how long sir
<bossman>: you tell me bodie
<ray>: dont I get a word in here
<bodie>: sorry ray
<ray>: mr cowley bodie and I have been lovers for six months
<bossman>: aye I know you have I do have eyes you know
<ray>: oh sorry
<bodie>: if I had known you were gonna drop us in it ray would have not given you permission to speak
<ray>: oh sorry sir didnt realise you had taken over ci5
<bodie>: no need for sarcasm ray
<bossman>: och bodie dont you think I didnt know
<bodie>: I was hoping actually sir
<bossman>: why
<bodie>: well quite like having a job sir
<ray>: me too sir
<bossman>: and you thought me knowing would get you the sack
<bodie>: we did think that yes sir
<bossman>: and exactly why did you think you got to share a flat
<bodie>: budget cuts
<ray>: budget cuts
<bodie>: hey snap
<bossman>: come on even you two are not that stupid although I may change my mind after this conversation
<bodie>: where are you anyway sir
<bossman>: where do you think
<ray>: your office
<bossman>: exactly right where you two clowns should have been ten minutes ago
<ray>: oops
<bodie>: we will be right there sir
<bossman>: damn right you will I have three empty glasses waiting
<bodie>: for what
<ray>: come on bodie do you really need to guess
<bossman>: aye and dont forget to bring the glenfiddich with you
<bossman>: you have ten more minutes
<bossman>: otherwise

<ray>: signout
<bodie>: signout

<bossman>: ahh wonderful this new technology
<bossman>: wonder if I dare try it oh go on george there is no one watching
<bossman>: roflmao

<smurph>: sir do you know what you are saying

<bossman>: signout

-- THE END --

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