Written for Nakeisha, who wanted either established or first time fic, romantic with a happy ending. I was only too happy to oblige.

Sitting in his darkened living room, the only light coming from the streetlamps, and slowly getting drunk on malt whisky wasn't, mused Bodie, the best way of dragging himself out of the loneliness he was feeling.

He hadn't realised he was lonely, not until he'd left CI5 for his well earned long weekend off. Cowley had thought he'd been doing him a favour - rarely did they get a long weekend off - but that was all well and good if Doyle had been with him.

But Doyle wasn't with him. Doyle had been sent up to Scotland, Edinburgh in point of fact, on an undercover assignment. He'd been up there for several weeks now, and Bodie was about ready to scream.

Although he'd worked solo on several occasions, and even at the CI5 offices in conjunction with Cowley once, he had usually been paired up with Murphy. Which was fine as he was good friends with Murphy, and worked well with him. He just wasn't Doyle.

And Bodie missed Ray. He missed the sarcastic asides. He missed their early morning runs. He missed the humour, the dirty laugh, even the nights out. But mostly he missed the touching. And watching Doyle flaunt himself in those tight jeans.

More than once Bodie had dreamed about peeling those jeans off of his partner and making love to him long into the night. More than once Bodie had longed to kiss those gorgeous pouting lips. More than once Bodie had... Growling, Bodie stopped himself. It was, after all, just a fantasy - one that he'd long since realised would never come true. Doyle was a straight as an arrow.

"What the hell am I gonna do with myself?" he muttered to himself, dark clouds of depression resting on his shoulders. "If only Cowley hadn't given me the weekend off. Hang on..."

Reaching for the phone, he rang headquarters.

"George? It's Bodie. The old man in?"

"Oh it's you, is it? Well, Mr. Bodie, Mr. Cowley told me to tell you if I saw you hanging around here I was to inform him immediately and he'd ensure you and that wayward partner of yours wouldn't get another free weekend off for the rest of the year. All right?"

"Yeah, yeah, fine. See you."


Bodie slammed the phone down, scowling to himself. So he couldn't even volunteer to work. Ray would kill him for sure if Bodie lost what precious little free weekends they had. He reached for the whisky bottle and refilled his glass. As he did, the intercom buzzed.

"Oh for...leave me bloody alone, will ya?" he grumbled as he pressed the button. "Yes, what is it?"

"Nice way to talk to your partner, I must say."


"No, it's Cowley. Of course it's me, you dumb crud. You gonna let me in or what?"

"Er, yeah, sure. It's open." Bodie pressed the enter button, and hurried to open his front door. Suddenly, all was right with his world. The dark clouds were swiftly dissolving and his depression was lifting.

As the curly locks of his partner appeared on the stairs, Bodie grinned. Just how much he'd missed him, he couldn't have said, but it had been a hell of a lot.

"'lo Ray. Finished your assignment then?"

Ray scowled at him. "Noooo, I'm still in Edinburgh. Why the fuck would I be here if I hadn't finished it?" And with that, his partner elbowed his way past a dismayed Bodie and into the flat.

Bodie shut the door and set the locks. Wandering after his friend, his heart sank somewhat. He hoped Ray would come out of his mood easily. Ray had made himself at home, sprawling over Bodie's sofa, one leg on the floor, the other stretched out. He glanced up as Bodie reentered.

"So, whatcha been up to, then?"

"Worked with the smurph a lot, and with the cow once."

Ray's eyebrows raised in surprise, but he didn't comment. "I had a hell of a time up in the frozen north. Bloody hell, I didn't think I'd ever get warm again. And they all speak funny."

Bodie grinned as Ray grumbled. "Ray, that's what is commonly known as Scottish. You should be used to it, with the cow. Anyway, how did you get on?"

"Fine. Got the scumbag, anyway. I've just dropped him off at HQ." He grinned slyly. "At least I've spoiled Cowley's night. He's there now, interrogating him. Did you miss me?"

Bodie's heart skipped a beat as those perceptive green eyes seemed to see straight into his thoughts.

"Naa mate, had enough birds for company, didn't I?" he blustered, eyes firmly glued to the patterned carpet. He traced the pattern with his foot, not realising Ray was observing him closely.

When Ray didn't comment, he cast a swift glance his way, alarmed to see those green eyes still watching him. "What?"

"You did miss me, didn't you?"

"I just told you..."

Ray interrupted. "I heard what you said, I just didn't believe it. Nor do you, if I guess correctly. I missed you, you know."

"Oh. Well, I suppose I did, a bit. Murphy got on my nerves, really, with his chattering."

"I wasn't talking about work either." Ray hauled his body upright, and patted the sofa next to him. "Come and sit down, mate. I want to talk to you."

Bodie swallowed. What the hell was wrong with him? Ray only wanted to talk to him, not pounce on him and snog him senseless, even if that was what he wanted. He slowly crossed the room, and sat at the furthest point of the sofa.

Unfortunately, Ray moved closer. Softly he asked, "What's wrong, Bodie? You're as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof."

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I'm fine." Defensively, he crossed his arms, then uncrossed them. Oh yeah, Bodie, that's really gonna convince him you're fine.

Ray patted his leg gently. Then left his hand there, caressing. "Only - it's been hell for me. Me up there, you down here. I couldn't even ring you or my cover would've been blown. And I got to thinking - about us, about our partnership. Our relationship."

Bodie couldn't speak - his mouth had dried up. Anxious blue eyes met soft green eyes - eyes that were looking at him in such a way Bodie hadn't thought possible. He gulped again and looked away.

Hoarsely he whispered, "Er, what?"

A slight smile appeared on Ray's face, sending Bodie's hitherto unknown bodily collection of butterflies into a frenzy of activity.

"I've come to a decision, one I should have made a long time ago. I don't want us to be partners anymore."

Shocked, Bodie felt his jaw drop. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, but no words would come. He could only look as his partner continued.

"Sorry, what I meant was, I don't want us to be just partners anymore. I would like us to be lovers too."

Bodie was astonished. Had he heard correctly? He glanced down at the hand, still caressing his thigh. Placing his own on top of it, he entwined his fingers with Ray's. Finally, his voice returned, and, looking once more at the man before him, asked, "Do you...do you mean that?"

Amused, Ray's smile widened. "You don't think I'd be sitting here like this if I didn't mean it, do you?"

"I might have thumped you into next week, did you think about that?"

"I had a good idea you wouldn't." Before Bodie could interrupt, Ray continued, "I've seen the way you've looked at me, when you thought I couldn't see you. Not to mention how often you touch me."

Bodie grinned sheepishly, "Didn't realise it was so obvious."

"It wasn't - only to me. Don't forget I know you, partner. Now, do I get a kiss?"

The two men moved closer for their first tentative kiss. Which was supposed to only be a soft exploratory kiss, but ended several passionate minutes later with both of them gasping for breath.

"Wow. I think we're compatible, Raymond."

"Think? I know we are."

They continued with their hot, sweet kisses until eventually Ray was supine on the sofa, Bodie lying atop him.

Nuzzling at Ray's neck, Bodie could hardly believe what was happening. His fantasy of earlier was coming true. Starting to whisper in Ray's ear, he gasped as Ray slipped his hands under his poloneck.

"This is no good, Bodie..."

Bodie jumped in before Ray could finish his sentence, "Oh don't say that, Ray. This is, well, it's a fantasy come true for me. Shit, don't go."

Ray shook his head in exasperation. "If you'd let me finish? Right. What I was going to say was - bed, Bodie."

Bodie leapt up and yanked Ray off the sofa, almost dragging him into the bedroom. Letting his partner go, Bodie pulled his poloneck over his head, his hands straying to the button on his trousers. Ray stopped him.

"No, let me do that for you. Lay down first, though."

Bodie obeyed, trusting his partner implicitly. He openly leered as Ray made the most of undressing, then groaned as he realised Ray wasn't about to remove the article covering the parts he really really wanted to ogle.

Ray hid his grin - he knew exactly what he was doing. Crawling on the bed between Bodie's legs, he manoevered himself into a comfortable position.

His long elegant fingers gently caressed the now large bulge in Bodie's cords, loving it with each and every touch. Loving hearing Bodie's sighs and moans.

He carefully undid the button, then drew the zip down, careful not to trap anything in the teeth.

"Lift your hips for me, love, will you?"

Bodie did as he was told, heart pounding as Ray casually dropped the endearment into the mix. As he lowered his hips, he was surprised to still feel the trousers bunched under his thighs. As he lifted his head to look, he was just in time to see Ray open his mouth and breathe over his still brief-covered cock.

"Ohhh, bloody hell, Ray." His head thumped back onto the pillow.

Ray nuzzled and mouthed his way along Bodie's erection, still not wanting to uncover his prize just yet. He could feel the damp area where his lover's precome had overflowed, he could smell the heady, musky smell and unbelievably, his own arousal hardened.

As Bodie clutched the sheets, and the white briefs became even more soddened, Ray realised just how close Bodie was to coming, and decided to move things along.

Lowering the briefs, Ray licked his lips at the sight before him. The rosy hued cock was glistening in the light, and looked entirely delicious. Waiting no longer, he lowered his head and engulfed it, his tongue swirling around the shaft.

Bodie's moaning increased in volume, and when Ray ran a teasing finger in the dark crease, Bodie exploded into Ray's welcoming mouth, cursing out his orgasm.

"Oh fuck, Ray, fuckfuckfuck,fuuuuuck!"

Ray swallowed the precious fluid, not allowing a drop to be spilled, before allowing the softened organ to slip out.

Before he could get his breath back, Bodie had turned him on his back and was gazing at Ray's arousal with rapture. "You know, for a little 'un, you've certainly got a big 'un."

Ray groaned. "For fuck's sake, mate, are you just going to...oohhhhhh."

Bodie stopped Ray's rant by simply pulling the briefs down, swirling his tongue around the head of the cock, then swiping it across the top. Loving the taste, he softly kissed the shaft before taking the cock into his mouth.

Remembering something a girlfriend had once done on himself, something that had almost blown the top of his head off, he hummed low in his mouth, all while smoothly moving his mouth over the shaft.

Involuntary, Ray's jolted his hips up as the sensation sent shivers through his body. One hand clutched at his hair, the other fisted in the sheets, he moaned his pleasure loudly.

"Jeez, sorry Bodie, sorry sorry."

Bodie, who'd almost choked at Ray's inadvertent thrust, moved one arm across Ray's hips to hold him down. Continuing his humming, he caressed the furry balls, feeling them tighten in his hands as Ray's moved closer to orgasm. One finger slipped just behind, to the sensitive area.

Just as Ray was lost in a world of sensation, Bodie pressed inwards, and Ray was coming and coming, his hot liquid flooding his lover's mouth.

"Oh Bodie, Bodie. Don't stop, don't fucking stop."

Bodie drank hungrily, memorising the taste. Not wanting to let it slip from his mouth, but knowing how sensitive it would be, Bodie reluctantly raised his lips, scooted up the bed, and kissed a still panting Ray thoroughly.

Curling up together, Ray's back to Bodie's chest, the two men snuggled.



"You do know I have a long weekend?"

"Yeah, the cow gave me the same. It's strange actually."

"Whu?" Bodie was nearing sleep, and his words slurred.

"When I left, he told me to 'go look after that partner o' yours'" Ray did a fair imitation of Cowley's Scottish burr.

Bodie's eyes sprang open in surprise. "He did? The crafty, sneaky old devil."


"Well, when I left, he told me to get rid of my mood over the weekend otherwise... He must have known you were coming home."

"Um, Bodie? He knew I was coming home yesterday."

Ray felt Bodie stiffen behind him, and quickly turned his head to kiss him. "I told him not to tell you. Wanted it to be a surprise."

Relaxing again, Bodie chuckled. "I was certainly surprised. Would you like to surprise me again sometime?"

"How about forever?" Ray held his breath.

"Forever works for me. Now shut up and go to sleep."

The two men closed their eyes, blissfully unaware of Cowley's triple think on their relationship.

-- THE END --

June 2005

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