Losing It


(Written for the_safehouse livejournal community "title" challenge (title: "Losing It," by Jane Asher))

Raymond Doyle was feeling rather down, if he was completely honest with himself. Lying on his sofa brooding over his past failed romances wasn't, he knew, the best way to deal with this latest one.

Donna - ah, Donna. She of the long blonde hair, big brown eyes and huge potential. They'd met that evening, on one of his and Bodie's infamous nights out. Shamefully, the moment he'd spied her across the dance floor, he'd scurried across, chatted her up and whisked her out of there. No second thought for his partner, no brief chat to say where he was headed. Nope, just a swift exit stage right.

They'd walked the few streets back to his flat, chatting and holding hands, and Ray had really felt she was interested in him. When she asked him about his work, his reply of civil servant seemed to satisfy her. She didn't even hound him for more details like most of them did, and he was impressed. Up to that point, the evening had been going swimmingly.

Unfortunately for him, once back at his flat, she hadn't even given him anything more than a kiss before asking for a taxi. Her excuse was she was saving that for marriage, and no one - not even God himself - could have persuaded her otherwise. Despite his erection threatening to break free, he'd been the complete gentleman - ordering her taxi and paying her fare. He'd even waved her off, before re-entering his home.

Which is where he now was, slumped on his sofa, feeling lonely and frustrated. Lonely, frustrated and, what was probably the worse thing of all, Bodie-less. No way was he about to phone him up, though - he'd probably get a flea in his ear for such dreadful behaviour. His cock was showing no signs of abating either. Heaving a sigh, Ray glanced down at his still over tight jeans.

"Fine, fine, come on then, lets be having you." He unbuttoned his jeans, pulled them completely off and, having gone commando, took himself in hand. As he gently stroked himself back to full hardness, his thoughts returned to his partner. A thrill ran through him as the handsome visage appeared in his mind, and he pulled harder. The more he thought of that muscled body, covered in silky soft skin, yet surprisingly hair free, the more his arousal increased.

Panting heavily, he stopped his stroking for the moment. Sucking one finger into his mouth, he shuffled his body so he was almost supine on the sofa. Opening his thighs, he teased at his own opening, pushing enough to get his finger inside. Using his other hand, he pushed and pulled, caressed, teased and tormented himself until finally he came, hot spurts of creamy liquid shooting up onto his chest and abdomen, his partner's name echoing around the room.

As he came down from his high, he felt terribly, awfully lonely. "Fuck Ray, you're losing it mate. What would Bodie say if he could see you now, eh? He'd say that you were..."

"What he'd say would be - why the hell didn't you say something before?" The hoarse voice of his partner cut into the room like a knife, and Ray was on his feet before he could think about what he was doing.

"What...what the hell are you doin' here? How the fuck did you get in?" Ray glared at him, before he realised what he must look like with come streaked over his body. Defensively, he turned his back, "And how fucking long have you been there?"

He could hear footsteps as Bodie walked into the room. Slight tremors ran through his body - he'd never been as terrified as he was at this moment. Not even when Bodie had been stabbed, although it came a very close second. His shoulders stiffened as he felt a hot, sticky hand land there.

"Turn around, Ray." Bodie whispered huskily in his ear.

Ray jumped, not having realised Bodie had managed to get that close. "No. No, Bodie. Please...just leave. Leave," he whispered, "leave, before this ruins our friendship. Forget...whatever you saw. Please?" The last note held too much pleading for his liking, but he couldn't take it back now. Still with his back to Bodie, he waited, heart in his mouth.

Bodie's hand slid down his arm, his other hand already ruffling his curls. He felt the coldness of the other man as he moved even closer and placed a soft kiss to his cheek.

"Please, Ray. Don't make me leave. Not now." Another kiss, and yet another - all soft, all tentative. "Please?"

That last word had Ray spinning around, a confused expression on his face. "You...don't want to leave? Why? Surely you heard - you saw..." Ray flushed, heart pounding as embarrassment flooded his body.

Two hands came up and took his face in a gentle hold. "I'm afraid I saw and heard it all, Ray." A genuine smile lit his face. "And you aren't losing it. You - this - has been all I've wanted for years."

"Oh." Ray couldn't quite believe his ears, but his friend was no actor. He smiled softly back. "In that case, would you...will you...ahh...?"

That infamous almost psychic ability came into place and as Ray's lips met Bodie's, Ray couldn't help thinking, "Not losing it? Oh bloody hell, mate, I think tonight's the night I'm definitely gonna lose it!"

-- THE END --

July 2005

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