The Year 793


Written (belatedly) for a challenge at SinpOZium 2005, arising from thoughts of Bodie's furry bedcover & discussion about hysterical historicals. Just for fun! I do not own Bodie, Doyle etc.

The longship rode in to the beachhead. Warriors clasped shields, linden made, hard-rimmed. They dropped from planked sides, waded ashore, forming for attack.

Doyle arose to screaming. "Vikings! They'll rob all the women ... and rape all the men!".

He leapt, grasping spear-bright and opened the door. A stocky warrior pushed through, knocking his spear aside. Struggling, he was thrust onto sheepskin. A lance of fire penetrated him.

The sheepskin was soft, yielding, suffocating him. Pain, pleasure, hardness, softness... bed, Bodie?


"Yes, sunshine?"

"We have to get rid of this bloody fleecy rug of yours before it kills me!"

-- THE END --

June 2005

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