Twin Set


Written for vulcanlolita

I hope this is okay for you - I'm not absolutely up on WDW, but I did manage to get Skellen in there for you :-D

Doyle was dumbstruck. Completely flabbergasted. His mouth fell open and words failed him as he looked at the two other people in the room.

Bodie smirked. He knew this would happen. Had been so certain, he'd opened a betting pool with the rest of the CI5 mob.

"Well?" Bodie asked, impatience getting the better of him.

"I...what?" Ray muttered without taking his eyes of the third figure.

"Well, what do you think?"

"Think? I'm just very confused, Bodie." Ray finally glanced at his partner.

"Okay. Hang on then. Raymond Doyle, meet Peter Skellen. My twin."

"Twin? Since when?"

"Since birth!"

Ray grinned sheepishly. "I should have known! Nice to meet you, Peter." He held out his hand.

Peter shook it and replied "Likewise, Ray. Bodie's told me a lot about you. In fact, it seems he never stops talking about you."

Doyle's eyebrow lifted in surprise. "Really? Funny, he's never mentioned you to me. Wonder why." He glanced once more at his partner. "Bodie?"

A frown on his face, Bodie shrugged, reluctant to say any more.

His twin knew exactly what Bodie was thinking, and had no qualms about dropping his brother right in the shit. "He's worried you'll fancy me rather than him, I think."

Bodie glared daggers at his brother, then sent a worried gaze to Ray. Who was looking at him speculatively.

"Do you fancy me, Bodie?"

Bodie blushed but remained silent.

"Well? If you can't answer a simple question like that..."

"A simple question? Not very simple is it. If I say yes, you'll be off to see Cowley for a new partner, won't you?" Bodie's insecurity came to the forefront. "You'll leave CI5, and I'll be left on my own, won't I?"

Ray moved towards his partner. "Ahh, but are you so sure about that? What if I say I've fancied you for years? What if I say I've wanted to tell you how much I love you, but daren't for the same reason?"

A thread of hope pulled at Bodie's heart. "Really?" he whispered, unable to believe he could get the man of his dreams.

Before he answered Bodie's question, Ray turned around. "Peter?"

The man in black leather grinned at the events unfolding. "Yeah?"

"Do you think you could leave us now? I mean, it's lovely to meet you and I'm sure we'll meet again, but I have some unattended business I really need to see to." Ray winked.

"Certainly. Catch you later Ray, and Bodie? Go for it, bro!" With that, Peter left the two men alone.

Turning back towards Bodie, Ray took the beloved face in his hands. "Really. I love you, Bodie. Have for ages."

Bodie looked for the entire world like a child given everything he'd wanted on Christmas Day. His beaming smile could have powered the National Grid for weeks.

A first, tentative kiss ended up with both men breathless with anticipation.

"Bed, Bodie."


"Now. Unless you can think of something better to do?" Ray sauntered away from his partner, showing his best asset off to full advantage.

"You little devil." Before Ray could protest, Bodie had leapt off the sofa, yanked Ray into his arms and carried him into the bedroom.

Ray simpered. "Oh sweetheart - carrying me over the threshold?"

Bodie grinned and lowered his voice. "Yes, dear. I hope you know what my requirements are from you?"

Ray smirked at Bodie's rendition of a caveman. "No, what do you want from me?"

Bodie threw the curly haired man onto the bed. Laughing, he continued.

"I want a cook in the kitchen, a wife in the house and a whore in the bedroom..."

As Ray's socks hit him full in the face, he roared with laughter, then proceeded to show him just how much he was loved.

Several hours later, Ray muttered sleepily "And next time, you can be the wife."

Curled around one another, the only reply he got was a gentle snore.

-- THE END --

June 2005

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