A Helping Hand


Strolling along casually, the two men were deep in conversation. Had anyone passed them and overheard their discussion , they would have seriously wondered at the sanity of the two.

“No, Raymond, old son. No way. Not a chance,” said the dark haired, taller man emphatically to his companion.

The second man scoffed at this remark. “You’re just chicken, Bodie. I can almost see that yellow streak down your back. Chicken.” With that, the one called Raymond broke out into an incongruous chicken impersonation, complete with flapping arms masquerading as wings. “Chicken. Bwok, bwok,” he called out loudly.

Embarrassed, Bodie looked up and down the area. Thankfully, there appeared to be no one around and he heaved a sigh of relief before hissing, “Shut up, Ray. Otherwise I’m heading off home.” He moved over and away from the still squawking curly haired man.

Ray the chicken completely ignored his friend and continued, getting increasingly louder. This time he squatted down and impersonated a chicken laying an egg. He watched as an utterly mortified Bodie flushed bright red.

“Okay, okay – fine Raymond. You win. Just…please stop with the chicken impersonation, would you? You aren’t half embarrassing, sunshine,” Bodie pleaded.

Raymond immediately returned to his full height and beamed at Bodie. “I knew you’d see sense, lover.” Walking across to his still flushed mate, Ray held out his left hand and waited patiently.

With a huge sigh and a look that signified just how much durance he was under, Bodie tentatively held Ray’s little finger with all the enjoyment of someone holding a dog turd. A loud squawk had Bodie grasping hold of said hand as if it were a lifeline.

“That’s better, mate,” said a proudly smiling Ray, “I will get you to lower your inhibitions if it’s the last thing I do.”

“And if Cowley catches us walking anywhere, holding hands, it will be the last thing we do,” muttered Bodie.

With a flirtatious look from underneath his curly fringe, Ray grinned. Next on the agenda for Master Bodie, Mr Super Inhibited himself was a lesson on snogging. Out of doors.

However, that, Raymond thought fondly, was for another time and place. For now, he was content to finally have the chance to walk through the woods, by a softly trickling stream, hand in hand with his much-adored lover.

-- THE END --

November 2005

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