Jingle Bells aka Touching Souls


Presents had been cheerfully exchanged and unwrapped with the enthusiasm of a puppy dog with a new bone. Gaily coloured paper shreds covered the bed and mingled with the already half used tube of lubricant, intriguingly named Santa's Ride and Glide.

Another gift was still attached to the recipient, much to the giver's delight. "'S nice, that." Doyle said, one hand reaching out to give it a gentle pat.

Bodie glanced down as he did so, disappointed that there wasn't even a slight twitch. "You've worn him out," he said accusingly.

"Me?" Doyle looked up, an expression of surprise on his face. "You were the one who insisted on trying it out straight away. I was quite willing to wait--"

"No you weren't. You had it out of the box and attached before I could as much as say go on then." Bodie thought for a second, "Not, you understand, that I was protesting much."

Doyle grinned as he asked, "Bodie, can I try out the cock ring next time?"

Mischief lit up Bodie's eyes. "Of course you can sunshine. Here, let me just," he wiggled a little as he tried to detach the intricate piece of metal and leather. "Ahh, right. Got it. Here you go sunshine." Bodie leant over his lover and snapped it onto Doyle's cock.

Just as the RT bleeped. Doyle cursed and fiddled with it while Bodie leapt from the dishevelled bed to answer it. Of course, it was Cowley. The bomb had gone up, literally, and Cowley needed his top team there yesterday.

As Bodie was dragging on his black cords, he heard a plaintive cry from the bed.

"Boooodiiieeee, I can't get this fucker off!"

"Well, you'll have to leave it now, we haven't got the time to mess with it. C'mon sunshine, get your clothes on." Bodie flung the jeans and tee shirt onto the bed and ignored the string of curses coming from his beloved.

Dashing out into the cold, dark air, the cock ring was forgotten in the rush.

Hours later, the two weary men finally arrived home. They were cold, dirty, and well and truly pissed off. Setting the last of the alarms, Bodie trailed after his lover, who'd shed his clothes along the way and hadn't bothered to try to pick them up. Sighing, he started to bend down in order to pick them up when a cry of outrage came from the bedroom.

"Bodie, get your arse in here now."

Oh fuck, he thought, what the hell have I done now? "Coming, lover." Bodie entered and stood just inside the door, mouth gaping. "Bloody hell, Ray, thought you were too tired to stand, never mind--"

"It's that bloody cock ring, isn't it? The adrenaline must have got me going and to be honest, when those idiots started firing at us, it made me react in my usual way."

"But," Bodie moved a little closer, bending as he did, "I've never seen one quite that colour before."

Hands on hips, anger radiating from every pore, Doyle gritted his teeth. "Get. It. Off. Me. Now."

"Well, I'll try, but..." A thought occurred to the dark haired man and, smiling to himself, he knelt before his aggrieved lover. Running his hands up the powerful thighs, he bent to take the purple cock in his mouth.

Two hands on his head stopped him. "What the fuck d'you think you are doing, Bodie? I want to get it off, not have sex, you moron."

Ignoring him, Bodie shook Doyle's hands free and with one smooth movement, swallowed him, taking care around the metal pieces. Running his tongue across the cock head, he gently teased the slit, enjoying the taste of his lover.

Bodie was unsurprised as Doyle thrust into his mouth, despite his protests, which had suddenly changed into gasps of enjoyment. Bodie knew it wouldn't take too long before Doyle came, and soon his mouth was filled with the spicy-salty essence. Swallowing it all, he cleaned the newly softened cock before releasing it from his mouth and removing the cock ring.

Still kneeling, Bodie glanced upwards and saw a dreamy expression, one full of contentment, on Doyle's face. He saw the full lips move, but didn't catch the words. "Eh?" he said eloquently.

"Thanks Bodie, really needed that. Can I do anything for you?"

"No, that was for you. Maybe later. Right now, I need a hot shower and food."

"Okay. You go get a shower, I'll rustle up some sarnies. Should be ready by the time you get out. And don't use up all the hot water, Bodie." Doyle kissed him softly before shoving him gently towards the bathroom.

"Okay, okay, I'm going. If you hurry, maybe I'll still be in the shower." Bodie wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Doyle stopped in the doorway, turned his head, and sent a flirtatious look Bodie's way. "Not a chance. For the plans I have for you, I need you clean, refreshed and on that bed."


"You'll find out soon enough, lover."

And he most certainly did!

-- THE END --

December 2005

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