Spinning the Dreidel


"Hey there, mate, what's that?" Bodie asked as he devoured a chocolate biccie.

His partner stopped his polishing to hold up the elaborate candle holder. Inspecting it carefully, he detected a fingerprint which he had missed. "'S a menorah, you moron."

"You're not Jewish," Bodie announced with all the suavity that he would use on a beautiful woman.

Doyle shook his head in disgust. "Don't you think I know that? Asher Biebermann sent it to me."

Bodie blinked once, twice. "The Israeli minister gave you that? Din't give me anything!"

Ray pursed his lips together, canting his hips as he stared at the other man sceptically. "I happen to know he gave you two bottles of wine."

Bodie wrinkled his nose. "Too sweet. I like mine dry."

"Still he gave you something. Beggars can't be choosers."

Bodie grabbed another chocolate digestive. "Wasn't begging, was I? I saved..." he stopped. The green eyes had narrowed at the singular pronoun. "We saved him, din't we? Cowley didn't even get there 'til later and he gets invited to the Israeli Embassy for dinner!"

"Privileges of bein' the boss, innit? Biebermann's a right nice bloke. Said he wanted to give me something 'n I told him I liked the look of their menorahs. Had this one sent from Jerusalem, he did. Beautiful, innit?"

Bodie gave the Chanukah menorah a close look. "Yeh, I guess it is. You really going to light it?"

"He sent along some candles for the eight nights. This candle here in the middle is called the Shamash. You light that one first."

"Real expert, aren't you? Why are you goin' to all the trouble of polishing it?"

"'S no trouble. Thought I'd take it down to the club tomorrow. Couple of Jewish kids have shown up the past few weeks. Seems like they're bein' picked on by some bullies. Asked if I could teach 'em to defend themselves."

Bodie swallowed down the coffee in his mug. "So?"

"Well, Anson brought in a Christmas tree so I thought maybe I should bring in a menorah for these new kids."

"Anson?" Bodie choked on the last of the chocolate biscuits.

"Sure, he's been comin' in to help. So have Lucas 'n McCabe. Jax has been the most regular though. He and Tommy have hit it off." Doyle set the menorah down carefully before walking over to the phone. "Think I'll call Jax. He might have a kinara."

"A what?"

"Well, I don't know much about it, but there's this fairly new holiday called Kwanzaa. It celebrates African culture. Just thought it would be nice to put one of 'em out on the 26th if Jax has one."

"So what's a kinara when it's at home? Don't remember hearin' anything about this Kwanzaa when I was in Africa."

Doyle just shook his head. "It's a candleholder too, but it only has seven places. Been doin' some research."

"Why? You're not even religious."

Doyle smiled at his lover. "Know that don't I, but I don't look on it as religion so much as observing traditions. Everything's become so commercialised; I just like to think of the things that make people better. We don't see much of that in our jobs."

"Can't argue with that. Most of the filth we deal with don't have any finer feelings. Look at the blokes who snatched Biebermann--world's not going to miss any of 'em."

"Yeh, guess that's why I want to give the kids at the club some kind of chance. Maybe somebody who cares might make the difference," Doyle suggested.

Bodie stood there silently. It wasn't difficult to read the doubt in his face.

Doyle wrapped his arms around the bigger man. "I know you've been on your own since you were fourteen and you know how hard it can be when there's no one to care."

Still, Bodie said nothing.

"You're not alone anymore, Bodie, and you won't ever be again as long as I'm here." Doyle kissed the other man.

"I know," Bodie whispered. "S just sometimes I wake up 'n think you won't be there. Din't care when we were still goin' with birds, but I don't think I could take it now if you left."

"You don't have to worry, love. We're partners in all things 'n even if the day comes that we have to leave CI5, we'll stay together."

"Suits me fine," Bodie assured him. "What would you say if I went with you to the club tomorrow? Been awhile since I was there."

"You don't have to go. I know it makes you uneasy."

"Got you now, don't I? No reason to keep seein' myself in those boys. 'Sides you din't have it easy yourself when you were fourteen. Have to grow up some time, don't I?"

Doyle palmed his hand against Bodie's groin. "'d say you've done it, mate."

Bodie grinned as his cock responded to Ray's touch. "Don't suppose you're done with your polishin', are you?"

"Think so; it's just that, well, I have to make a confession."

For a moment fear flickered in Bodie's blue eyes, but he just pulled Ray closer. "What is it?"

"Biebermann sent me something else besides the menorah and candles." Doyle swallowed nervously.

Bodie caressed Ray's damaged cheekbone with his thumb. "What is it? A certificate for a free circumcision?"

"Bodiee! That's crude; 'sides you've always said you din't mind that I'm uncut."

Bodie whispered in Ray's ear, "I think you're beautiful, all of you. So what is it then?"

"Sent me a dreidel and some Chanukah gelt. 'S not real money; it's the chocolate type, you know the kind they give kids."

"You've been holding out on me with chocolate?" Bodie's face took on a disappointed look. "Can't believe it!" He slipped one hand between them, holding it to his heart and gasped.

"Leave off, you cheeky sod. I'll share it with you whilst we spin the dreidel."

"Oh, that's okay then."

"Just one thing--do you think we could try our hands at 'Strip Dreidel'?

Bodie blinked once, twice and then laughed out loud. "Happy Chanukah, Ray love!"

-- THE END --

December 2005

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