The Master and His Man


William, Lord Bodie, dressed only in a midnight-blue silk robe, leant back against the plush mountain of pillows on his bed. He had just awakened and was hungry and thirsty, but unlike most common folk he did not have to rise from his warm bed so that he could plod into a cold kitchen to turn the kettle on. No, he knew that his valet would soon be at his side, bearing something to tide him over until he could partake in a sumptuous dinner. No leftovers from the Christmas dinner of yesterday for Lord Bodie. His chef had promised a delectable meal fit for a peer of the realm on this holiday.

In the distance Lord Bodie could hear Big Ben chiming the hour, later than he had anticipated; but then he had made merry the evening before. His current romantic companion was a sexual animal with an insatiable appetite so his lordship was still feeling pleasantly sated.

"My lord? Are you ready for tea?"

The peer smiled at his valet who held a tray with tea and crumpets for Bodie's delectation. "Indeed, I am, Raymond. I hope you are well on this Boxing Day."

"I am, sir. Shall I pour or would you prefer to?"

"You may do so."

The curly-haired valet in his black uniform poured out the tea with care. It wouldn't do to spill hot tea on the master, particularly when he was in a state of semi-dress. Handing over the breakfast tray with the tea and plate of piping hot crumpets, Raymond stood waiting breathlessly to see if the tea passed muster. Lord Bodie was quite particular about his tea.

"Excellent! You have quite mastered the art."

"Thank you, my lord. I endeavour to meet your needs."

Bodie's deep blue eyes stared at the slim man in front of him. Clearing his throat, he remarked, "You certainly do that, Raymond, and since it is Boxing Day, I have a few presents to give you."

"Thank you, sir, but it isn't necessary. The wage you pay me is more than adequate."

Bodie suddenly turned indignant, "Nonsense, it is a tradition that the master of the house gives his servants an expression of his beneficence! You can be sure that the butler, the chef, and the chauffeur will expect something so be a good lad and open up the bottom drawer of my desk. There are two items there for you."

Ray did as he was bid. The designated drawer opened with ease revealing two boxes, one flat and slim and the other larger in dimension. Taking them from the drawer, Raymond hesitated before returning to his master's bedside. "Are these the ones you were referring to, my lord?"

"Indeed, they are. Open the larger one first."

The valet did so, only to gasp in surprise. The box held a deep purple silk robe much like the one that his lordship wore, except for the colour. "It''s beautiful." Rubbing one hand across the delicate texture, he proclaimed, "I've never had anything so fine."

Bodie waved his hand with an insouciant air. "My secretary made the decision. He has excellent taste."

"I see. I must thank Mr. Cowley the next time I see him."

"I'm sure he'll be pleased. Now open the other box."

This gift took Raymond's breath away. It was a silver chain with fine links that would grace a masculine neck. "Oh, sir, I couldn't...this is too much for the likes of me."

"I chose it so you will wear it." The blue eyes brooked no defiance.

"Yes, my lord. you want me to put it on now?"

"Of course. I want to see if I made the correct choice."

Hands shaking, Doyle put the chain around his neck, its links resting against his clavicle, barely brushing the hair on his chest.

Bodie nodded, "Yes, a good choice. It will do admirably."

Ray flushed and then hurriedly asked, "Would you like me to bring more tea? Yours must be tepid by now."

His lordship took a sip, grimaced and then set it aside. "The tea can wait, I believe. There is something else I would have you do."

"You have but to ask." The green eyes held only a subtle question.

"Remove your clothes and come to bed with me."

The suggestion unsettled the valet for a moment, but he wouldn't renege on his offer. Slowly, he unbuttoned the shirt that he wore until his chest was revealed. "Should I leave the chain on?"

Bodie nodded. His eyes had already begun to fill with lust.

From there the valet deftly removed his black boots and then his trousers. He wore nothing underneath. Naked, except for the chain, Raymond stood waiting for Lord Bodie's approval to join him.

It came in the form of Bodie grasping at his hand to pull him down into the bed beside him. "I've waited a long time for this, Raymond. You're mine now," he whispered into the valet's ear.

Nervous but without fear, Raymond admitted, "I have been aware of your interest."

"How could you not with that indecent uniform you wear? Now, you must pay the price for your impudence; your arse belongs to me."

Raymond lay back and thought of England.

He didn't think of his homeland long since Bodie's mouth and hands brought other ideas to his fevered mind. It was obvious that his lordship was a master of the act of love, pleasuring, fondling, demanding with a consummate skill.

Lost in the ecstasy of Bodie's lovemaking, Raymond barely noticed it when the larger man turned the valet onto his belly and began to massage tense back muscles. Leaning over, Bodie nuzzled at his lover's neck, whispering, "I will make it good for you."

The cool of the liquid and the fullness of fingers in Raymond's arse caused his back to arch in distress, but then the weight and comfort of the bigger body replaced whatever slight pain there might have been with a delightful feeling of well-being, a need for more which Bodie eagerly supplied.

As the thrusts began to increase in speed and depth, Raymond whimpered as his own body made its needs known. A generous lover, Bodie took the valet's cock in hand to pump a few times, releasing a spurt of white cum, even as Bodie's body echoed the orgasm, filling the smaller body at nearly the same moment.

Allowing the shudders to subside slowly before pulling free, Lord Bodie slumped down beside the other man before pulling him into a warm embrace.

Audaciously, the valet kissed his master full on the lips before whispering, "Thank you for this gift and the other two."

Bodie smiled, even though his eyes were already partially closed in sleep. "How could I not reward you after your present to me last night?"

Raymond grinned in satisfaction, "Did it truly please you?"

Bodie held up the hand with the ring on it--a thoroughly masculine gold ring with a yin and yang swirl and two stones: an emerald and a garnet. "It's perfect."

Ray flushed again. "Would have liked to give you a plain gold band, but I think this will have to do for now."

Bodie pulled him close for another kiss. He knew how fortunate he was to have this man at his side.

"Think I'd better have a kip now if you want me to make another dinner this afternoon. 'm still knackered from our mistletoe revelry of last night," Ray remarked as he tried to stifle a yawn.

"You do that, sunshine, but don't worry about making dinner. We can have leftovers. 'd rather have you here in bed with me."

Doyle grinned in delight. "Your wish is my command, your lordship. Just one thing I want to make clear though."

"And that is?" Bodie's eyebrow went up.

"I don't know how you talked the Cow into giving us Boxing Day off, but next year, I'll be the master and you can be the servant! Do you fancy bein' a bootblack?"

-- THE END --

December 2005

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