Flirting Dragon King and Ring of Fire


Written for the Bonfire Night "Discovered in a Skyrocket" challenge on the discoveredinalj Livejournal community.

I know, no third one. They didn't wanna do it. *frowns at lads* You never know, maybe they'll get it together before midnight my time... *g*

Flirting Dragon King

Doyle couldn't decide whether to tell him, as the rockets pushed higher into the night sky, as the sparkles and spins of light slid down through the air, as Bodie leaned in closer to the figure at his side. One hand rested lightly on a dusky shoulder, the other on a hip pushed forward, emphasising long, smooth legs.

But that was no tall, oriental lovely -- at least not the variety that Bodie was expecting. And Doyle discovered, to his surprise, that if Bodie was going to walk the wild walk, then he intended them to do it, as ever, together.

Ring of Fire

It was never safe to play with fire, Bodie knew that, knew it in his bones and his heart and his soul. But sometimes, just sometimes there had to be more to life, there had to be a place where you stretched yourself high and far and away from everything that people thought they knew.

He slid his hand further down the slim, firm thighs, tilted his head to whisper soft nothings into an eager ear. The heat under his palms was nothing, it was Doyle he could feel smouldering behind him, and he smiled calmly, fanned the flames higher.

-- THE END --

November 2006