Hidden Dangers


Thanks to Mel

It hurts him. The pain goes soul deep, deeper than anything before. It unfurls slowly, cautiously, before winding around his heart taking it prisoner before he even knows the pain is there.

It hurts more than seeing his partner hurt by a mere female. More than seeing his partner injured; more, even, than seeing his partner almost killed at the hands of yet another female. The deadlier of the species? Absolutely, he thinks. Without a shadow of a doubt. Yet he forgets the insidious feeling inside him is fatal.

It feels like a part of him is dying; sucked into the vortex without any warning. No keep out signs visible. No exit signs to follow. It is terminal.

Love, he thinks to himself as his almost-black eyes watch every move his partner makes, is the slowest form of suicide.

Fate has intervened and Bodie ultimately kneels before the altar marked Unrequited Love. It is a place he never thought he would find himself, but it is a place where he is willing to sacrifice his life.

All for Ray.

-- THE END --

July 2006

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