Love More Precious


Camerado, I give you my hand!
I give you my love more precious than money,
I give you myself before preaching or law;
Will you give me yourself, will you come travel with me?
Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?

     --Walt Whitman -- Song of the Open Road, from Leaves of Grass, 1891

The day had been a disaster from start to finish, and the two agents were only too happy to leave the clean up to Anson and McCabe. Departing quickly before Cowley spotted them and found them something else to do, they sprinted towards the bronze Capri.

They jumped in and Doyle started up and revved the engine. Shoving the gear stick into first, he released the handbrake and, with a squeal of protesting tyres, shot off up the road.

Exchanging loaded glances, the two men were anxious to leave the problems of the day far behind. They had much better things to concentrate on. Rather, they would have had the RT not bleeped.

"Fuckin' hell," exploded Doyle, "Isn't it enough we sorted those idiots out and got the bloody terrorists without any of our lads being hit? He bloody wants our guts too. Shit."

Waiting for Doyle's rant to end, Bodie silently picked up the RT. "Have you quite finished?" At Ray's nod, he answered the summons. "4.5."

"Where the blazes did you get to? Did you forget you have a report to file?" Thus spoke the not entirely unexpected voice of Cowley.

"Sorry sir. Doyle wasn’t feeling too well, and I thought it'd be better to get him away from the scene, you know. He doesn’t need any hospital treatment," he pre-empted Cowley's interruption, "but he does need a good...I mean a lie-down. Sir." Bodie held his breath, aware he'd almost dropped them both in it.

"Does it require both of you to do that, 4.5? Drop him off, make sure he's okay, and then return to HQ. I need that report tonight, do you hear me?" Exasperation coloured Cowley's voice.

Cursing under his breath, Bodie rolled his eyes before replying. "Yes sir."

"Alpha one out."

Slamming the RT down with some force, Bodie opened his mouth to share his frustration with Doyle when he realised that the car had come to a halt.

"Don’t you have to make sure I'm okay before you disappear, then?" Doyle grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Bodie paused, a smile slowly appearing before shoving his partner towards the door and opening his own concurrently.

Once the two men were safely inside, the door closed and locked behind them, Bodie reached for his partner.

Shoving him up against the door, Bodie captured the sensuous lips in a searingly hot kiss, tongues duelling against one another.

Both their hands were busy, shoving clothing out of the way, tugging shirts out of trousers, pulling zips and trousers down.

Gasps of breath turned into pants of pleasure and desire as naked skin met naked skin. Never mind that they were both grubby; never mind that they didn’t smell as sweet as they had that morning. The fact they were both alive with only bruises to show was something worth celebrating.

Wrenching his mouth away reluctantly, Bodie whispered huskily, "Turn around, lover."

Ray turned as quickly as he could, hampered as he was by trousers and pants not fully removed. He leant against the wall, legs opened as wide as his clothes would allow. "C'mon Bodie. Fuck me hard. Now."

The contrast of Bodie's hot body as he covered him and the cool wall on his front only served to heat up his desire for his lover. Feeling the first shove of a finger against his opening, he gasped and relaxed his body to allow its entrance.

"Just fuck me Bodie. I can take it. Need it," he pleaded, arse shoving against the finger, wanting more and more.

"Sure? Okay, lover." Bodie removed his finger only to replace it with his cock. This wasn’t new to them and he knew Ray would be okay with only precum to slick his hardness up.

Pressing forward gently, he gave a moan as Ray shoved violently back, his gorgeous arse swallowing his cock whole. "Jesus Ray, fuck!"

"That's what I want, Bodie. C'mon, 's like waiting for a bu..." he groaned loudly as Bodie started thrusting hard, one of his hands taking Ray's own cock and milking it rhythmically.

Ray, wanting Bodie closer, released one hand from the wall and grasped around at Bodie's arse to pull him nearer, loving the feel of Bodie's hot, open mouthed kiss-bites on his shoulders. "Love you, Bodie. Fuuuck, harder mate, c'mon!"

Obliging, Bodie tongued at Ray's neck as he increased the tempo, feeling the onset of his orgasm starting. "Ray...Ray...I..."

One last hard shove, and they were both coming, moaning their combined release into the hallway, exhilarated at being alive and together again and as one.

Pulling carefully out of his lover's body, Bodie knelt and started cleaning Ray up using the only available instrument -- his tongue. A start of surprise stopped him and he looked up to find Doyle turned towards him, green eyes wary.

"Bodie?" he heard Ray ask, "What are you doing?"

Bodie hesitated. "Don’t you like it, Ray?"

"Well, I...dunno, do I? You never did this before."

Bodie felt the flush on his cheeks. It wasn’t worth hoping his lover wouldn’t see it and he was right.

"You're blushing! Bodie, what gives?"

Bodie looked at the ground. He hadn't thought that Ray would mind this particular sexual act, but it was plainly obvious he did. He made as if to stand; a hand prevented him.

"No, stay there. I like it. I just wanted to know where you picked that up from."

Glancing back up at his lover, he was relieved only to see honesty and love in his gorgeous cats eyes. "Tell you later, Ray. Just...let me do this for you?"

Without hesitation, Ray turned back. As he did so, a thrill shot through Bodie's body as he realised Ray was going to allow him to continue. He'd show him the book he'd discovered at the dark little bookshop a couple of weeks ago later on tonight. Forgetting it for the moment and with pure joy, Bodie leant forward and, with licks, kisses and nuzzles, completely cleaned him up.

As he finished, he leant back. About to stand up, he was taken aback as Ray lowered himself to Bodie's level and kissed him deeply.

Breathless, Ray ended the kiss and, taking Bodie's face in two hands he muttered, "Do you have any idea how much I adore you, Bodie?"

"About half as much as I adore you, Ray. Ray, much as I would love to stay here with you and love you to death, I have to go back," Bodie reluctantly said.

Ray sighed. "I know. But at least you can tell the old man one thing. You can tell him I'm okay, cant you?"

"I can. And trust me, I'll be back as soon as I'm able. Keep this," he reached round and patted Ray's arse tenderly, "warm, all right?"

With a wink, Ray shed the rest of his clothes and sauntered off in the direction of the bathroom. Over his shoulder he said, "If you hurry, you can join me in the bath."

Groaning, this time with annoyance, Bodie redressed himself. Grabbing his jacket, he made for the door before yelling to Ray. "Oi, you'd best clean this lot up, then, hadn't you?"

He managed to get out of the door and closed behind him before the pillow hit it. Beaming, he vowed to get back as soon as he could. Wouldn’t do to leave Ray on the boil.

He'd only start without him and that, he mused, just wouldn’t do.

Whistling, he started the Capri up, wondering if he could get away with speeding across London.

-- THE END --

March 2007

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