All in a Name


Written for the Halloween challenge for "Discovered in the Fallen Leaves" on the discoveredinalj livejournal community to the prompt "Medusa."


"Charming. Can you not come up with something a bit more flattering for the bloke who got bruised for Cowley, Queen, you and country today?" Bodie tilted his leg at Doyle across the bedcovers to display the rainbow of black and blue currently decorating his right shin.

"Depends on the order of all that. If I'm third, you'll get a lot worse than gannet."

There was a lofty sniff, the rustle of a packet and then the sounds of Bodie resuming his munching. Doyle shook his head and picked up his book, tutting loudly for good measure. No matter how much he mocked, cajoled and hid the biscuit tin, Bodie's habit of eating in bed was not proving to be an easily broken one.

"That it, then? Gannet?"

There again, he had been kind enough to take a whack to the shin meant for somewhere above Doyle's left eyebrow today, so...

"Greedy, chocolate-shovelling, packet-hogging-"

The book was out and a pouncing Bodie was in and all around before he could finish.

"Finish that sentence and you're dead, mate."

Bodie leaned in close, mock serious and deadly. Doyle simply smiled, reached out with his tongue and slowly licked a chocolate crumb off his partner's bottom lip.

Bodie blinked a second too long and Doyle knew he had him.


Sure enough, there was the proof; in the damp darkening Bodie's lashes when he opened his eyes, in the swallow that travelled his throat, and in the cock that leapt against Doyle's thigh.

"Pig," finished Doyle.

Bodie smiled and bumped noses with him. "No imagination, Doyle, that's your problem."

Doyle settled back, willing to play along."Go on then, stun me with yours."

Bodie pulled back a little and made a show of looking him up and down. Then he was in his face again, tugging on a curl and grinning.


"You what?"

"Medusa," repeated Bodie.

"Bless you."

It got him the sigh he knew it would.

"Medusa, you peasant, as in Greek mythology Medusa. She was the one--"


"--who had snakes for hair, two very nasty sisters, and a boyfriend who beheaded her."

Doyle took a strong hold. "You've got ten seconds to tell me why you just called me a she before I knee you somewhere vital, Bodie."

It was Bodie's turn to shake his head and stretch the moment. He implored the ceiling with his eyes, then seemed to take pity on the man beneath him. He settled himself, slow and deliberate, rubbing his cock on Doyle's until Doyle's breathing hitched. Then he leaned in.

"Because one look at you and this...," another rub, "...this turns to stone, sunshine."

Doyle forgave him a lifetime of chocolate in bed the instant their lips met.

-- THE END --

October 2007

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