Safe Haven, Gotta Be Love, Close Call


Three separate drabbles written for the 2-Day Drabbles challenge on the discoveredinalj livejournal community

Safe Haven

He woke with a start, momentarily confused about his whereabouts, his mind still stuck in a nightmare full of fire and blood. Reaching out blindly, he found Bodie's familiar body stretched out beside him. With a sigh of relief he lay back down, one hand still resting on his partner's broad shoulders. He closed his eyes, waiting for his frantic heartbeat to slow down. He was safe. They both were. Moving closer he wrapped an arm around Bodie who stirred slightly. Smiling faintly Doyle drifted off to sleep again. And this time it held no horrors but only peaceful rest.

Gotta Be Love

Never thought Bodie had an ounce of romance in his blood. And now look at this -- table set for two and burning candles everywhere. A wonder he didn't burn down the block. He also tried cooking by the smell of it. This probably means I'll have to renovate the kitchen (again). But it's the thought that counts, innit? He went through all that trouble just for me. Gotta love that damn bloke, right? Didn't have a choice really. Ah well, guess I better enter the war zone and see what can be saved for dinner. Apart from dessert that is.

Close Call

Standing over his wrecked bike he thought he could feel steam coming out of his ears. He was so close to punching Bodie through the next wall as he'd never been before. It wasn't even because of the bike. Sod that, the bike could be repaired. It was the fact that the reckless bastard could have had himself killed. Leaving him out in the cold all on his own. And that he would never be able to forgive him. He meets Bodie's defensive glare and suddenly all anger vanishes like thin air. Bodie's alive and that's really all that counts.

-- THE END --

September 2007

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