Under the Weather


Written for the 2-Day Drabbles challenge on the discoveredinalj livejournal community

"Told you it was too cold to be prancing about without a jacket, didn't I, mate?"

Bodie sneezed in reply.

"Now here we are, shut in on a gorgeous day." Doyle wistfully peered out the window. "What am I going to do with you?" he sighed.

"Never said you had to stay with me, did I?" Bodie coughed.

"No place I'd rather be," Doyle admitted quietly, climbing back into bed and embracing his shivering partner.

Snuffling softly, Bodie buried his nose in Doyle's curls and dreamed of falling leaves, their russet glory the exact same colour as his lover's hair.

-- THE END --

September 2007

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