Knows No Laws


"What'd you think?" Bodie's voice carried loud over the R/T in Doyle's car.

"I think I get worried whenever the Cow says it's going to be a cush job," Doyle remarked blandly, glancing in the side mirror to the gold Capri parked a few spaces behind him. Overhead another jet skimmed over the control tower to a soft landing.

"Twit, you know what I..." Bodie came back, halted. "And there's our man now," he finished lazily.

Doyle shifted the rearview mirror. Emerging from the air terminal were two men, one that matched the picture Cowley had shown them only a few hours before. The target was middle-aged, middle-sized, unremarkable, indistinguishable except for the nineteen hundred dollar suit and the diamond rings displayed so prominently. The man with him was built light, about Doyle's height, with gold hair, a slight smile and the typical bemused look of a first time tourist. Doyle knew there was nothing typical about these two.

A chuckle came through the R/T. "Maybe this will be a cush job, Ray. Even you could take the blonde."

Doyle smiled, but didn't rise to the bait. "Think that's...."

"Oh, oh," Bodie said, the humor still in his voice, "That one could be trouble."

A third man had joined the first two. He was tall, older than the blonde, broad shouldered, with a thick dark mustache. He carried two suit cases to the blonde's one. He stepped into the bright afternoon sunlight, pulled his Stetson low, spoke to the other two as he scanned the street.

"A cowboy." Doyle returned Bodie's contagious, inexplicable good cheer. "Think you can handle him, Bodie?"

A fey accented voice, so strong Doyle could see Bodie's limp wrist impression answered him. "Petal, I can handle him any way he wants."

"I don't think so, mate. He's more my type."

There was a momentary silence and Doyle could particularly hear Bodie's eyebrow arch up. "How do you figure that?" Bodie asked. "I was under the impression, from the last few years, that you liked them dark and beautiful."

The three men started for a taxi parked directly ahead of Doyle's car. Doyle's reply had to wait as he lowered the microphone, aware of the keen eyes of the cowboy scanning the street. The bigger man hussled the blonde and their charge in, took one last look along the street, climbed in after them. Doyle let them pull into traffic before he turned over the powerful motor, raised the mike.

"I'll take first run," Doyle said clearly, knowing that Bodie would shift over one street and parallel their route. They would switch tails several times before their quarry reached his destination.

Bodie's teasing voice carried over the traffic noise. "The little blonde reminds me of you, sunshine."

"What?" Doyle's protest was louder than he had intended. He stopped, thought about it. "Yeah, actually he's not bad...."

"Short, skinny, sort of helpless looking," Bodie concluded.

"Alpha to 4.5." Cowley cut off any further nonsense for the moment. "Report."

"They've just left the airport, sir. No stops so far," Doyle said crisply.

"Very well. They have been assigned suite 521 at the Morwood. Suite 519 is yours. You'll find all the equipment set up and ready. You and 3.7 are to stay with them constantly. McMore has to make his move today or tomorrow. Alpha out."

There was a pause to make sure that Cowley was off the radio before Bodie said gleefully, "The Morwood. That must get the Cow's ire up, having to actually put us up in the type of surroundings to which I am accustomed."

"Oh, nice." Bodie remarked, throwing a small bag onto one of the two king size beds that dominated the room. "Defiantly more to my taste than most of the places we've had to put up with."

Doyle sat down at a dresser where an impressive array of electronic equipment was set up. He looked over his shoulder, green eyes veiled and full of double meaning. "They weren't all so bad. Had a nice time in some of them."

Bodie's smile was smug, but Doyle cut off his reply by turning to the monitoring equipment that was hooked up to the carefully hidden cameras and microphones in the adjoining suite. Professional curiosity forced Bodie to join him, leaning over his shoulder to study the set up, one hand playing idly through the curls along his neck.

Doyle pointed. "Three monitors, one in each bedroom, one in the sitting room." He flicked one of the switches, a slightly fuzzy picture of a sitting room flashed on. The room was wide, with doors that opened off either side, furnished with a couch, a television, a settee and various tables.

The three men from the airport entered almost the moment Doyle turned on the switch. They had been purposely delayed at the desk to give the partners a chance to reach their station. McMore sagged into a chair as the other two carefully started checking the room. No words passed between them but their moves were enough to tell Doyle that each knew what the other was doing. There was a moment of held breath when the blonde came practically nose to lens with the camera. He moved away without saying anything.

Bodie sighed, looked down at Doyle. "The lads must be getting better at hiding their toys."

A slender hand twisted a knob and sound flooded the suite.


The older man answered the cowboy's question. "No. We'll get a good meal, some rest and leave early enough to make sure we find it."

"I'll go down and make arrangements for a car," the blonde said in a flat American accent.

Doyle found himself wondering how someone who looked and sounded so innocent could have ended up in this line of work. A wry smile flickered across the full lips. Some people wondered the same thing about him.

The boss laughed. "A.J. Relax. I want you two to enjoy this trip, short though it is. I hope it'll persuade you to work for me more often."

Bodie and Doyle glanced at each other, missed the odd look that passed between the two men on screen. Bodie frowned. "Not his regular men. Wonder why?"

There was a knock on the other suite's door. The cowboy moved to the side of the door, nodded for the blonde to open it. Doyle watched them work together, frowned at the smooth manner. At the door was a plain dressed teenager who handed them a brown paper wrapped package. The younger man took it, handed the boy a tip, closed the door. He lay the parcel on the table without opening it.

"4.5 to 6.2," Doyle said into the R/T. "There's a delivery boy, fifteen to sixteen wearing jeans and a brown Sting t-shirt. Get someone on him."

By unspoken agreement Doyle stayed at the monitor while Bodie unpacked for both of them. It was an old, settled routine, learned in many locations and conditions. In the other suite the men unpacked, shaved, showered, made small talk about the trip and things in general. By the time the three others were ready to eat Bodie had already managed to grab a quick kip.

They dined in the hotel's four-star restaurant. Bodie, as was normal when he knew the meal would be covered on his expenses, indulged himself. Doyle watched in helpless, fond amusement as he put away a chocolate torte with enough calories to keep half the squad running all night. He made his customary comments about his partner's appetite which his partner customarily ignored.

After dinner there was a short discussion between the three Americans before they walked a few blocks to a local pub. The place was small, too small for Bodie and Doyle to risk being seen inside. While the others enjoyed their beers they kept surveillance from the car. It was Doyle's turn to catch a few minutes rest.

Despite the man's earlier statement about resting it was after midnight when they made it back to the hotel. The head man was swaying a little as they led him into the room. Neither the blonde or the cowboy seemed to be showing any ill effects from the evening.

Bodie flopped down on the bed, yawned, stretched, flexing slowly, sensuously. "Your choice, sunshine, first or second?"

Doyle turned his involuntary smile at Bodie's unconscious flaunting into an annoyed frown. "I suppose I'd better take first, since you seem so knackered. Wouldn't want you falling asleep and missing something exciting."

The dark-haired agent raised up on one elbow, smiled suggestively at him. "The only thing exciting around here, Ray, is you." He fell back onto the pillow, starting unbutton his shirt as he lay there. "McMore is so pissed he'll not move for the rest of the week, or at least until tomorrow morning. The cowboy will probably find a John Wayne film on the telly and the other one will end up reading the Times."

In the other suite, A.J. and his partner had just finished getting their boss to bed. The mike picked up the man's snores before the other two even cleared the room.

"Still think this was a bad idea?" the cowboy asked as he stretched out in obvious pleasure on the settee, long legs thrown out in front of him.

The other one shrugged. "I'll reserve judgement, thank you."

"Aw, come on, A.J." He sat up. "Admit this is a pretty good set up. I know this is a short trip but next time...."

"Maybe." He walked to the window, stared out at the nighttime London skyline. "It is nice. But something about Nick doesn't strike me as being on the up and up."

"Well, he is kind of desperate for the stuff."

The blonde picked up the package that had been delivered, ripped off the brown wrap, snapped open the black case inside. With a savage move he tossed something over his shoulder to the other man. "Desperate enough for us to have to have these?"

Bodie whistled at the object clearly visible on the monitor. "Very nice. .357 by the looks of it. Smith and Wesson."

"I hope they didn't lose that delivery boy," Doyle added. He picked up the mike. "4.5 to base."

"Alpha here." Doyle was not surprised to hear Cowley answer, even at this hour.

"Sir, that package that came earlier was not a box of candy. The opposition is now rather well armed."

"Are they now?" Cowley's interest picked up. "Anything else?"

"Not yet. 4.5 out."

In the other room the cowboy was checking his gun. "I didn't say this would be a cake walk. We carry these things at home even on the easy cases."

"What we're doing is illegal," A.J. said quietly. "Importing any drug not approved by the FDA...."

"Look, A.J., if Nick thinks it will help his wife and this is the only way he can get it who are we to say no. Let's just guard his money, collect our fee and enjoy the trip."

"Okay, Rick." The younger man smiled in apology. "Guess I'm being pessimistic about it. Flip you for the bathroom?"

The tall man sat down in a chair, flicked the remote on the television. "You go on. Think I'll see what I can find on TV."

Doyle frowned, looked over at Bodie. "Christ, Bodie, they don't know about McMore."

"They should. Never hire on with someone without checking them out first." Bodie's tone said he was speaking from experience. He joined his partner.

Doyle didn't press to know where the experience came from. "Well, Sherlock, what is your next deduction?"

Bodie looked thoughtful for a minute. "A.J. wears pajamas. Rick only wears bottoms. They'll putter around for a bit then go beddie bye." He lay a row of small kisses along the top of Doyle's collar, fingered along the collarbone. He added huskily, "Which is where I wish we were going, and not to sleep."

Doyle tisked at him, leaned back to let the teasing kisses continue down his neck. "Bodie," he sighed, "we're on duty. Go to sleep."

Bodie nipped him. "Killjoy." But he went without further comment.

Green eyes, sparkling with laughter and love watched him pad barefoot away. Doyle turned back to the monitors, smiled as the first of Bodie's predictions came true, Rick had found a western, was watching in half-interest while his partner in the next room went through the motions of getting set for bed. Doyle's amusement grew when the boyish blonde emerged from the bath wearing a full set of light blue pajamas.

The earlier joking entered Doyle's thoughts as the smaller American moved around the room, puttering as Bodie had again predicted. Both bodyguards were attractive, in total opposite ways, though Doyle found the blonde to be the more appealing. There was an innocence about him that brought out Doyle's protective side.

He smiled, not that he would ever do anything. He rarely even looked anymore. There was no need, not since he and Bodie had accepted that what they shared went beyond friendship. Bodie was everything he wanted, all he needed.

Realizing his thoughts were wandering he focused back on the monitor. Rick had moved into the bedroom, going passed the blonde into the bathroom. Like he and Bodie they communicated in silence. It worried Doyle, a team like that was the toughest kind to go up against.

Doyle waited patiently for Rick to emerge to see if Bodie would be right in his other forecast. Bodie's record went up by one as the cowboy came out wearing only the bottoms to a dark yellow pajamas. He was fit, well built, balding on top. The next image on the screen blew the rest of Bodie's predictions out of the water.

Doyle turned his gasp of surprise into a combination cough and laugh. Behind him he heard his partner come back in. "Bodie, about your predictions...."

Bodie's voice was smug. "Called them right again, have...bloody hell!"

The cowboy had the blonde in a bruising hug, kissing him hard and deep. Even on the tiny monitor the passion and desire blazed through.

"Rick, we're on a job." The regret was evident in A.J.'s voice.

Bodie found his voice, spoke to the images on the screen. "I know how you feel, Rick."

Rick was not about to give up. He rubbed gentle circles along the other's back, kissed the pale throat. "Nick's smashed, he'll sleep for hours."

A.J. pulled away. "And suppose someone is after the gems?"

"If anyone knows they won't hit us until the exchange," Rick explained between small kisses. "Why risk us having stashed the stuff somewhere else."

The arguments were working, augmented as they were with feathery kisses and steadily stroking hands. The fair body relaxed slowly under the persuasive voice. Seeing he was gaining Rick switched tactics. He pressed full against the smaller man, traced the outline of his cock with one finger through the thin cotton pajamas.

"Come on, A.J.," he whispered. "It's been days."


"Wanta feel you." He started unbutton the top. "Whatever you want, baby. Suck you off. Let you sink your beautiful cock deep into me. Love to feel you in me. Love to be in you."

A strange combination of sounds came from behind Doyle. He glanced away from the screen to Bodie. The confused emotions on the handsome face matched the sound he had made. There was a deep blush staining his cheeks, but the indigo eyes were dark with lust. Before Doyle could say anything Bodie blurted. "Well, are you just going to sit there and watch?"

"What would you suggest I do?" Doyle teased.

"You could at least turn the damn thing down," Bodie snapped. His gaze shifted involuntarily back to the screen.

Doyle studied him in the dim bedroom light. He was breathing a little fast and the dark blue silk bathrobe was being pushed out in a most interesting location. Doyle turned back to the screen, refusing to admit to the heat spreading through his own nerves.

In the other room Rick had removed A.J.'s top. The blonde was still protesting, but it was a game now. He had surrendered before the top came off. The pair were an interesting contrast. The bigger man was tanned, thick muscled, with a fine layer of almost black hair across his chest. The younger one was pale, with a trace of pink that Doyle guessed was sunburn, long muscled, with a baby smooth chest.

As Doyle shifted to relieve a sudden tightness across the crotch of his jeans the scene changed. With a soft growl of pleasure the blonde took control of the situation, claiming the mustached face in a hungry kiss, while tugging down his lover's restrictive pajama bottoms. Approval radiated from the cowboy. He eased away, slid out of the pants; heavy, tight balls and straining cock, showed dark red against his tan.

Bodie whistled in admiration at the man on the other side of the screen. Doyle looked up, surprise, and a touch of jealousy showing in the jade colored eyes. The American was defiantly well-hung but he saw no reason to get carried away.

Bodie laughed at the look on his lover's face, "Not to worry, sunshine, yours is prettier."

The ridiculous statement coupled with glowing blue eyes soothed Doyle's ruffled ego. "Oh, ta much, mate."

Rick moved over to the bed, held out his arms to his gold haired lover. The blonde smiled, removed the last of his clothing. He was hard, ready like his partner.

"A real blonde," Doyle said admiringly.

Bodie frowned. He was very aware of the fact that Doyle had always expressed a preference for blondes, until he found his match in the dark-haired ex-mercenary.

Without turning Doyle smiled faintly. He knew the effect his statement would have on his partner. He added helpfully, "Like 'em dark and wicked myself."

"Oh, ta much," Bodie returned.

In the next room A.J. tried to sit beside the brunette, was grabbed around the hips before he could. "God, A.J., you are beautiful," Rick mumbled, slowly kissing across from one hip to the other.

A.J. stroked through the thinning dark brown hair as his lover worked his way down from one hip, circled around the bright red cock, carded large hands through the blonde curls. He licked lightly along the hard length, kissed the head.

"Yeah...." The blonde hissed, thrust towards the eager mouth.

The dark-haired man smiled up, kneaded the slim hip with his right hand as he slipped the fingers of his left hand into his mouth. He wrapped his left arm around the slender blonde, pulled him even closer. He took the cock into this throat, began to play lightly down the cleft in the blonde's ass.

A.J.'s head went back. He moaned. "Do it, Rick."

Rick spun him around and down into the bed, so that he was laying with Rick's hand buried beneath him. Very slowly Rick began to slip up and down the cock. The fair body bucked into the hot mouth. Rick shifted, urged the younger man over partially on his side. There was a gasp of pleasure as a blunt finger pressed into the eager body, sending the blonde further into oblivion.

Doyle watched, entranced by the two entwined bodies, the soft whispered words of arousal and pleasure. Unbidden images of Bodie sprawled beneath him flooded his mind. He fought the images away, firmly reminded himself that he was on duty.

"Ray." Bodie's voice was quiet, husky.

Doyle knew the tone in his lover's voice, had heard his name spoken that way before. God, Queen, country and duty be damned, Bodie wanted him, badly. Now.

Doyle turned. "Bodie, we're on duty." The protest was automatic. He was lost the minute he looked into the smokey blue eyes.

Bodie came the final step closer, took Doyle under the elbows, pulled him unresisting up into his arms. The kiss was long, tongues rubbing in familiar contact. Bodie broke it with a lusty smile. "You had your chance to turn it down."

"The monitor you mean?" Doyle questioned in wide eyed innocence.

"That too," Bodie countered. His eyes strayed over Doyle's shoulder to the monitor.

Doyle saw, laughed. "Learn something new about you all the time, don't I? Never knew you were a voyeur." He slid around in the strong arms so that he too faced the monitor, slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. Bodie's hands slipped under the fine material as he pulled it free from the jeans, rubbed lightly around the narrow waist.

On the monitor the thrusting finger moved a little faster, the bobbing head keeping the same rhythm. A.J.'s breath was harder, his control fading. With a surprisingly strong move he pushed the dark head away. The finger stopped thrusting, moved in a gentle swirl. Flaming sky blue eyes met smiling brown.

"Fuck me, Rick." It was part request, part command.

Bodie moaned, reached around Doyle's slender body. Shaking hands loosened the jeans, pushed the denim down over narrow hips. The hands flowed up the back, massaged the strong shoulders. Doyle peeled jeans and shorts off in one move, leaned back against the body-warmed silk covering Bodie's chest. He could feel the hard rod of flesh jutting from under the bathrobe.

Familiar, loving hands drifted back down the smooth back, thumbs outlining the spine. Hot breath tickled his neck. Bodie kissed under one ear, nipped at the lobe. "Poor blokes. Know how I feel when I've had to go days without you."

Doyle sighed, eyes closed. "No bloody self-control, that's your problem, mate."

A dirty chuckle sounded next to his ear. "If it wasn't for my considerable amount of self-control you'd already be flat on your back with your ass in the air, sunshine."

It was Doyle's turn to laugh, both at the indignation in Bodie's voice and the truth in his words. Green eyes opened slightly, lighted on the monitor in time to see the cowboy's cock stretch the tight, ready blonde open, slip halfway in. He stopped there, giving his partner time to relax.

The big man nuzzled the sweaty chest, shifted the long legs higher up on his shoulders. "God, A.J., you're so tight. Love to feel you around you, baby."

The blonde surged up, completing his impalement, pain and pleasure equally mixed in his smile. " you...feels so good...."

Bruising hands spun Doyle around, Bodie's mouth claimed him, bore down. Without breaking the searching kiss Bodie picked him up by the waist, carried him to the bed, lay him back. He stood up, dropped the blue robe without ever looking away from the hazy green eyes that held him.

"So much for self-control." Doyle breathed softly.

The younger agent didn't reply. He lay down, one long leg thrown across Doyle's two, half sprawled across the beloved body. Light kisses traced around the scars marring the perfectly muscled chest. One hand glided up the sinewy thighs, avoided the curved pale cock, drew circles across Doyle's flat stomach, Bodie's mouth moved back up, covered, sucked on the already hard nipples. Doyle moaned softly. Crystal blue eyes smiled up at him, drifted shut in pleasure.

Laying still Doyle relaxed under the teasing touch, managed to control his impatience for long minutes. He had to move finally, had to feel hard, living muscle beneath his hands. Artist's hands came up, painted desire along Bodie's nerves. He pulled at Bodie's broad shoulders until the heavy body shifted, pressed him down into the firm mattress. Their mouths came together. Soft moans sounded in the big room.

Bodie licked, kissed his way down Doyle's sweating body, ran a hand through the red-brown curls that surrounded the proud cock. There was no preliminary. Bodie took the velvet column in one deep, sliding move, circled a rough tongue around the head.

Doyle's muscled body quivered as he tried to control, to prolong the pleasure. He banked down, focused on the monitor.

The dark and light bodies were moving faster, A.J. gripping the bed with white knuckled strength to counter the hard plunges into his body. Rick would withdraw until only the head remained in the heaving body then shove back in full and deep.

The smaller man was cursing, begging for release. "Damn...yes, harder, come on, Rick...fuck me...."

The other man would not deny him. He increased his pumping, cock swelling that much more. He thrust once, held himself in deep, jerked, cried out. "Baby...!"

Under him the blonde echoed his cry, coming in the same instant, spattering semen between their bodies, sobbing his relief.

The sight of the two men merged in climax, coupled with Bodie's intense sucking sent quicksilver through Doyle's veins that wouldn't be denied any longer. He sat up, pushed his amused lover back into the bed. They shifted, settled with Doyle's full lips moving slowly up and down Bodie's large cock while laying along one side with his tight, little ass within reach of Bodie's kneading hands.

The monitor was forgotten under the hard press of Bodie's finger into the crevice between Doyle's cheeks. One hand pulled away, returned moist and ready, pushed pass the tight muscle, causing Doyle to falter, moan deep in his throat. The finger teased, pushed in deep, circled, withdrew, returned. Doyle stopped his sensuous glide along the hot cock, pulled away, rolled Bodie unto his back, slicked down his own cock with saliva.

But Bodie had been feeling frisky all day and now it translated into gentle aggression. He twisted, there was a springing of fine-tuned muscle, Doyle was flipped onto his stomach. There was no protest, he loved the sensation of being taken by Bodie as much as he loved to take him. The shaft pushed in, deep and Doyle bit his lip against the first near pain of entry. Bodie moved, slid deeper into the welcoming tight passage.

Doyle lay completely still as Bodie started an easy flowing motion. He sighed, concentrated on the incredible feel of his lover's cock as it searched deep within him. Bodie growled in pleasure, moved faster, pushed deeper. Doyle's moans echoed the bigger man's. He couldn't stay still, raised his hips off the bed, took Bodie that little bit deeper into him, clenched tight anal muscles. The friction built, breath coming hard, fast, irregular. The spark started in his groin, spread blue lightning through his limbs and stomach.

He stiffened, "Bodie...." His voice died as the climax took him away. His offering jetted into the expensive bed covering.

The strong, solid body pressed against his ass, thrust once, twice more, muscles clenched. Doyle felt the hot fluid spurt deep inside him, heard Bodie's long, lusty groan of fulfillment, then the heavy, hot body settled on his back.

A minute passed as bodies calmed and minds came back from the edge. A deep laugh sounded in Doyle's ear. "You're violating the rules, 4.5."

Doyle sighed. "With you around, lover, who would blame me?"

Bodie's cock slipped free, he shifted around, brought Doyle to him in a loving embrace. They both glanced at the monitor. The other two men were asleep, wrapped around each other, overpowered by a combination night out, jet lag and sexual exhaustion.

Doyle yawned, "Be joining them soon."

Bodie smiled, "Not you, sunshine. You have first shift, remember?"

"First shift?" Doyle sat up, auburn curls flying, green eyes blazing with outrage. "What do you mean first shift?"

"First shift, Goldilocks, is the..." Bodie tried to explain.

"I know what it is, moron. First shift is over. We fucked through first shift, thanks to you!"

Bodie goosed him. Doyle yelped. "Raymond, such language." He jumped out of range of retaliation. "Make a deal with you, Ray. You fix up the bed and I'll take first shift."

Doyle's scowl vanished. "Deal."

The tall agent snatched up his robe, disappeared into the bathroom. When he came out Doyle had striped the soiled covers, leaving a single blanket and sheet. Doyle started pass him, Bodie spun him around, kissed him lightly. "I love you, Ray."

A wide, chipped-tooth grin answered him. "You're a loonie, Bodie. I love you, too."

Ten minutes later he came out to find Bodie leaned back in a chair with his feet resting on the monitor table. Doyle padded over to the bed naked, turned back the remaining covers, enjoying the feel of Bodie's sparkling eyes following him. He came back to his partner, ran a hand down Bodie's chest, kissed him lightly across the brows, gave him a quick peek on the end of the nose that made them both smile.

A movement on the screen attracted their attention. The blonde rolled over, the other man's hand stayed on his hip. Bodie glanced up at his partner. "Strange pair."

"Any stranger than us?" Doyle questioned. He took his partner in a passionate kiss.

Bodie slapped him on the ass. "Bed, Doyle, before you bring something up again."

Doyle went. The last thing he heard as he burrowed under the covers was Bodie's soft statement. "Pity to have to shoot one of them."

"How many?" Ray whispered.

Bodie edged his nose over the steel barrel he was ducked behind, crouched back down. "The main man, the two fun-lovers, two other gorillas, and a black man with enough gold chains to handicap the Derby winner." He shook his head at his partner. "We're in the wrong business, Ray."

Doyle ignored the last remark, spoke quietly into the R/T. "4.5 to Alpha. In position. Buy about to take place. Banaoh in place with two bodyguards."

"Hold position, repeat, hold position. Support is not available."

"What?!" Bodie exclaimed in a loud whisper. "What the bloody hell is the old man...."

Movement from the other side of their meager barricade cut off his heated remark. Keeping low they crept toward the open front entrance of the river side warehouse.

Doyle thumbed the R/T, whispered urgently, "4.5 to Alpha. If you want them it's now or never. We wait for back-up, we lose them."

There was a long pause from the command end of the connection. The Scottish accented voice came back. "Take them. In one piece, if you don't mind, Bodie."

Bodie grinned wolfishly. "Yes, sir."

Doyle checked their targets. The two leaders were moving closer together. The two Americans stood a few paces behind their man, each seemingly at ease but Doyle noted they were close to the cover offered by various crates and barrels. The other guards had fanned out behind their boss, also close to cover. Everyone was smiling, the tension thick in the air.

Without a word or signal between them Doyle and Bodie separated. Bodie followed the barrels closer to the warehouse, putting himself on the two British guards while Doyle skittered low along the line of cover until he was within range of the two Americans. They both knew that usually the top men would not risk being caught with illegal arms. They would take the four guards then worry about running the other two.

The middle-aged American and the short black man met in the middle, smiled, exchanged a few words. Briefcases were exchanged. There was more smiling, nods. McMore turned away, started back toward the car. Kanaoh also turned, went passed his guards, toward the shade of the warehouse.

Doyle checked his gun, knew Bodie was doing the same thing. A cry of warning split the morning chill. Doyle went down, rolled, realizing as he did that the warning was not for him. A gunshot rang out. Doyle gained his feet in time to see the black man fall. McMore stood a few yards behind him, gun still pointed.

McMore turned, moving surprisingly fast, bringing the gun up towards his own men. The black guards were dragging their own weapons free, eyes betraying their targets as the bewildered Americans.

"Set up!" the blonde screamed, shoving his partner out of the way, clawing for his own gun. He was too late, McMore had him. He knew it, could only wait for the bullet to take him,

Doyle slammed into McMore, knocked his shot into a bank of wooden boxes. He kept moving after hitting the man, knowing his back was open to the two guns behind him. A single shot sounded, never came near him. The comforting sound of Bodie's Browning echoed behind him as he rolled to the safety of another stack of crates.

He ended up among the stacks, back to the crates. He was staring up into the nuzzle of the cowboy's gun. The brown eyes above him were confused but the gun was steady in both hands.

"Who the hell are you?" he demanded.

Green eyes widened with impatience. "Doyle. CI5. And I just saved your partner's life, mate." Bullets hit the crate, more shots sounded from across the open space. Doyle knocked the gun aside. "And if you don't mind I'd like to go help my partner."

Without waiting for a reply he started down the narrow opening between stacks, the other man close behind. Doyle glared back at him. "Stay here and keep down!"

"Like hell I will!" the man snapped. "That's my brother over there."

"Brother!?" Doyle nearly dropped his gun. For one long moment he stared at the other man, mind blank. A ricochet showered splinters on him, drew his attention back to work. By all the rules he knew he should disarm the man. But what he had seen in the hotel the night before was more than sex. It was a love as deep as his for Bodie. He'd think about the brother bit later. "Try not to shoot the tall, dark one, he's with me."

Doyle peered cautiously around a stack of loading flats. At the end of the open space, McMore and his bought men had taken position among some stacks just in front of the gapping doors of the warehouse. Half-way between them there was a flash of gold hair. The guards came up, firing together where the light head had been. At the same instant Bodie emerged from his cover, gun in both hands, let loose with four quick shots, then was gone.

The agent looked over his shoulder at the older brother. He gestured at the .357. "Can you use that thing?"

Rick clicked back the hammer. "Try me."

Still a little doubtful Doyle frowned, jerked a thumb toward the end of the pier. "They know we're over here but they're more concerned with Bodie and your brother since they're closer. I think I can run along the loading plank beside the pier and get behind them through the warehouse."

The man shook his head. "You'll be passing right beneath them. If they hear you, you're dead meat."

Doyle winced at his description. "Yeh, well, that's where you come in." Green eyes scanned the pier's length. "Wait twenty seconds after I go over the edge and...."

"Give 'em hell," Rick said eagerly.

Doyle nodded, starting to like the blunt American. "Yeh." A barrage of shots hit the protection behind them. "They must be getting worried about us."

The slender agent gripped his gun tight, sprinted gracefully through the maze of various stacks. He reached the edge of the planking, glanced over his shoulder, nodded slightly, and with an easy swing dropped out of sight. He hit the boards, felt the wood pitch with the force of his landing. As he ran a clock starting ticking in the back of his mind, trainers slipping on the wet boards.

He slowed, judging that he was just under where the three men were held up. Sporadic shots sounded above. He crouched, waited. The pier rattled with the sound of gunfire. He sprinted to the wooden ladder, went up two steps at a time, rolled into the relative safety of the warehouse. The firing, none of it directed at him, stopped, the pier going ominously quiet.

A chill went up Doyle's back. Bodie was about to move. Question over what his impetuous partner might try made Doyle move first. Peeling away from the protecting shadows he went into a low stance, gun steady on McMore's back. "Freeze!"

McMore froze. The two blacks did not. They came around, guns drawing down on the curly haired agent. Three shots blended together. The one from Doyle's automatic took the closest man dead center in the chest, Bodie took out the second man with one clean shot to the back of the head and a third booming shot from A.J.'s Magnum hit the same man in the shoulder, spinning him away from Doyle before he fell.

The two British agents rushed to the downed men. Bodie kicked the guns away. Doyle grabbed McMore, spun him around, handcuffed him in one smooth move. By the time he turned back around Bodie was straightening from checking the two bodies, which he confirmed with a shake of his head were indeed bodies.

"Christ," came a shaky voice behind them. "Did you have to kill them?"

Bodie's jaw went tight. He took a step toward the blonde, stopped as he caught the disapproving look on Doyle's face. He smiled thinly as the cowboy joined them. "If it'd been your partner, would you have done different?"

"I should bury the both of you!" Cowley's volatile voice echoed through the office, out into the hall.

Doyle exchanged a look with his slightly smiling partner. They had been on the receiving end of the Scot's dressing downs often enough for Doyle to sympathize with the two Americans. Bodie on the other hand seemed amused by their plight.

He leaned closer to Doyle, barely brushing his hand across the back of Doyle's. "Told you. Always check your employees."

"That's not very fair, mate," Doyle said. "It took us years to get something on McMore's operation. That was using all of ours and Interpol's sources. What chance did two PI's stand?"

Bodie smiled, "PI? Have you been watching Torn Selleck again?"

Despite the shootout less than six hours earlier Bodie's good mood had returned with remarkable speed. Doyle thought it might have something to do with their activities the night before. He smiled back, very quickly rubbed a hand along the generous curve of Bodie's ass. Bodie's blue eyes went wide.

"Watch it, sunshine," he said very lowly, without looking at his partner, "people will suspect you fancy me."

Cowley burst through the office door, shoved a set of papers into Doyle's hand. "Airport. Four thirty. Their luggage is already there."

He turned away, glared one more time at the Americans then disappeared into his office without another word. The two teams stood staring at each other for a minute.

"I would say," Bodie said knowingly, "that you two got off very easy."

"Easy?" Rick started to protest.

A.J. cut him off. "Yes, easy! God, Rick, he was right. He could have thrown us under the jail. Coming back to testify at the trial is nothing compared to what could have happened."

"Okay, I was wrong."

A.J. continued, "I can't believe we fell for that sob story about his wife."

"Drop it, A.J.," Rick said firmly.

A.J. considered saying something more, thought better of it. He looked over at Bodie. "About that crack on the pier...."

"Leave it." He started walking away.

Doyle fell in behind him. The two brothers shrugged at each other. "Next time I suggest taking a job without checking it out first," Rick said, "remind me of this trip, little brother."

"Brother?!" Bodie stopped dead, spun around, only avoided hitting Doyle because his agile partner ducked sideways. "You two are brothers?"

With a superior tone in his voice Doyle said, "Bodie, don't you ever read reports?"

"Yeh, and when did you figure it out?" Bodie demanded hotly. "Before or after we...they...." His mouth clamped shut, a scarlet tinge coloring his fair cheeks.

Doyle almost smiled. In the five hours that it had taken to question the Simons, report to Cowley and wait for him to clear the whole mess with the Yard Doyle had come to a couple of conclusions. While he loved his own brother it wasn't the kind of love that he shared with Bodie, but if these two had found that kind of love in each other then he wished them the best. Love like that was a rare find that knew neither laws or bounds, as he had learned when he recognized his love for one William Andrew Phillip Bodie.

Doyle hadn't counted on Bodie finding out about the Simons so soon. Bodie could be strangely Puritanical about some things. He didn't want his partner flying off the handle about this, saying something that might hurt the two brothers. Doyle caught Bodie's gaze, not sure what reaction he would find. A slow smile threatened at the mischievous glint in the beautiful blue eyes. Ribbing was permitted, in the proper spirit.

"So," Bodie said slowly, a sly undertone to his voice, "brothers. Keep everything in the family, do you?"

The brothers stared at him. Finally Rick said, "Don't you people have family run businesses over here? Why is everyone so damn surprised to find out we're brothers?"

"Don't look much alike is all," Doyle added hastily.

Something in the way Bodie had asked his question had alerted the blonde. Light blue eyes came up, flicked from fair to dark agent. "How did you know where we were going this morning when even we didn't?"

Doyle prodded Bodie toward the stairs. "Airport. Four-thirty."

The taller agent glanced once over his shoulder at A.J., smiled wickedly. "Ve have vays," he said in a terrible mock-German accent. Doyle laughed.

The ride to the airport was an odd combination of barely suppressed grins in the front seat and growing suspicion in the back. Doyle was amazed by his own reaction. Incest was not something you were supposed to find amusing but a glance at Bodie showed him a slight curl around his partner's lips that matched his own. It nearly made him lose his own tenuous control over his laughter. He vaguely wondered if they would be as amused if it had been just another male couple.

"Stop here, for a minute, please," A.J. asked politely.

Bodie glanced sideways at his partner. Doyle nodded fractionally. Slowing the car Bodie pulled over against the curb. Together they turned toward the two in the back seat. Bodie arched an eyebrow expectantly.

Rick was staring in puzzlement at his younger brother. "A.J., what...."

A.J. ignored him, looked straight at Doyle. "How did you find out about us?"

"You mean about the drop?" Bodie asked innocently.

"Not the drop." A.J. sighed. "About us."


"Quiet, Rick." The blonde continued to gaze at them calmly.

Without knowing why Doyle could feel the heat raising in his cheeks, and even more surprising, a touch of shame at having watched the brothers loving. Bodie just smirked. He was still feeling playful. He started to open his mouth, Doyle cut him off.

"Your suite was bugged," he explained calmly, leaving out mention of the camera.

"Oh, shit," Rick said softly.

Bodie said cheerfully, "There are some sounds you just can't mistake. You're terribly vocal, aren't you?" The blonde turned absolutely scarlet, which made Bodie chuckle evilly.

The two in back stared in absolute horror at the two British agents. Rick made the mistake of looking at his little brother, saw the red creeping up the handsome face. He started laughing. A.J. gave him a withering look.

Struggling to regain his composure Rick asked, "How many people know about us?"

A flicker of sympathy touched Doyle's face. As careful as he and Bodie had to be it was nothing compared to the hiding the brothers faced. Everyone close to them knew; Cowley, Doyle's family, the squad. Even a few people that shouldn't have. These two couldn't afford even that.

It was Rick who saw the look on Doyle's face. It was his turn to smile. He looked across at his little brother. "No one knows but these two."

He and A.J.'s silent telling glance was mirrored by the team in front. Doyle looked away from Bodie to find surprised sky blue eyes studying them closely.

"You're together?" A.J. commented in amazement.

His utter astonishment put Bodie on the defensive. "And what's so surprising about that?"

"Nothing," he stammered. "You...don't seem the...type."

That did it for Bodie. Laughing he said in his best fey voice, "You aren't exactly what I expected either, petal."

The blonde's flush returned as Bodie started the car, pulled out. They reached the airport without further comment on anyone's part. The feeling of embarrassment Doyle sensed from the back seat was gradually replaced by the same sort of amusement he and Bodie were still trying to tame. Doyle parked at the end of a row, swerved in the seat, handed the tickets and claim stubs to the two men.

"Have a good trip home," he said with a friendly smile.

"If you're ever back this way, do drop in," Bodie said in his best upper crust accent. He smiled, added, "Seriously, show you a real London pub, not like that trap you were in."

The pair smiled, shook hands with the two agents, went to climb out. Rick ran a caress across A.J.'s back that went very low. "Come on, baby. It's back to beautiful LA for us. Thanks guys."

Bodie and Doyle watched them disappear into the terminal they had emerged from only the day before.

"Bodie," Doyle said very seriously, catching Bodie's immediate attention, "if you ever call me baby, I'll break both your arms."

-- THE END --

Originally published in Confidential Investigations 5, 1989

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