Thoughts Over a Plate of Scrambled Eggs


Bloody fucking hell!
The Major's done his nut!
He's sending me poofs!
What the hell does he think...!

Hang about, Brian me lad.
Maybe Cowley doesn't know?
You've only just twigged.
He'll bloody well know when I tell him, won't he!
Can't send a queer to guard a bloke's back!
Damn nancy boys!

How the hell did this happen!
They weren't...the last time...
Were they?

Bodie nearly took me head with that last punch.
Doyle's so bloody fast I can barely catch him.
But they're...
The best I've ever trained.
Would I want them guarding my back?

Damn, guess I'll leave off talking to the old man.
Hope Towser doesn't figure it out.
Hates poofs.
Might be a bit rough with them.

--THE END --

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