Written for the April two-day drabble challenge on the discoveredinalj livejournal community

"Yeowch! Bloody hell, Bodie, that stings!"

"Hold still. Got to pull it out somehow. Can't stay in there forever."

"Yeah well, try being a bit more gentle. Ease it out, bit at a time."

"That's no use. Just hurts more if you take your time over it. Good swift tug's the best way. Brace yourself, sunshine."

"FUCK! Should have known better than to let you anywhere near my arse in the bloody first place."

"Well, that'll teach you to think first next time."

"What d'you mean, think first?"

"Confucius he say, leaping over fences leads to splinters in nasty places."

-- THE END --

April 2008

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