A series of five separate drabbles written for the April two-day drabble challenge on the discoveredinalj livejournal community


Bodie's heart froze when he rounded the corner and saw the open car, Doyle's sunglasses abandoned on the sidewalk. His blue eyes searched the surroundings frantically. What had happened here? Where was Ray? Bodie checked out the car and then picked up the glasses, running one thumb around the frame. He looked around again. The neighbourhood seemed totally deserted. But somewhere out there was his other half, possibly hurt and maybe even worse. But wherever Doyle was, he'd find him. He always did. And may God have mercy on those who hurt his partner, for he sure as hell wouldn't.


He woke with a start and a killer headache. What the hell had happened and where was he? He remembered getting out of the car and then suddenly everything went dark. Stupid -- he should have waited for Bodie. Bodie! He would find him -- he always did. Just as he always found Bodie. Their bond was so tight they could feel each other for miles. He tried to move just to find his hands and legs tied. As if he didn’t have enough problems already. Swearing and grunting, he tried to get into a sitting position. What the hell kept Bodie?


Bodie leaned against the car for a moment to steady himself and calm his frantic heartbeat. Whoever had gotten at Doyle must have come from behind or he wouldn’t have had a chance. Bloody Doyle -- why didn’t he wait for him. He gave the roof of the car a vicious punch, cursing his partner under his breath. Then he slowly turned around until he faced a narrow side lane right across the street. He could feel Doyle’s presence like a beacon in the night. Without further thought he grabbed his gun and followed the steady pull. The hunt had begun.


He opened his eyes upon the sound of footsteps. A flashlight came on and he could make out a dim shadow behind the light. And the glint of steel.

"Ah, the sleeping beauty has awakened," rasped a hoarse voice.

He didn't recognize the speaker but he knew he was in trouble. His eyes had adjusted enough to make out the gun pointed at his head.

"You should have stayed away. Now I have to get rid of you," the voice came again.

He heard the gun being cocked and closed his eyes. This time Bodie couldn't save him. Too late.


He heard the roar of the gun and jerked. Something wet splattered his face and he blinked. Bright daylight was streaming through an open door farther down the hall. Framed by the doorway was a familiar figure with a face like a thundercloud. He looked down. The body wasn't far from his feet and half its head was missing. Approaching footsteps and then strong hands grasped his face. Doyle relaxed and slumped heavily against his partner.

"What kept you?" he mumbled against the broad chest.

"You forgot to spread bread crumbs," came the dry reply as Bodie held him close.

-- THE END --

April 2008

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