Four Days and Five Nights


For MB, as always.

"Get your knickers off." As an invitation, it left a lot to be desired. As an instruction, it couldn't be bettered. It had been four days and five nights since those particular words had been said in that particular way by that particular voice. Funny, but driving back down the length and breadth of the country, all he had wanted was to hear that voice saying something along those lines. But now, here, on the doorstep, he felt miffed, peevish, fed-up and as cross as two sticks.


Ray realised the party of the first part was waiting, not too patiently, for him to get his knickers off.

"Hello Ray," Ray addressed the air, "nice to see you, enjoy that seminar in Carlisle did you? I missed you something chronic Ray...." He would have continued in like vein, but his mouth was filled with Bodie's tongue so he contented himself with a snog.

"Hello Ray," Bodie managed to say it, "and I'm still waiting for you to get your knickers off."

"My my, panting for it are we?"

"Puffing and panting," Bodie agreed pleasantly and steered the prodigal agent from the front door towards the bedroom. Overnight bag still in hand, Ray was not having any.

"Bodie, I'm not having any," he stated, just to make this clear.

"Nor me," Bodie snogged him again.

"No, I mean it, I'm cream crackered from that drive, the motorway was like bloody DeathRace 2000, it was chocker on the Westway and to cap it all a lorry shed its load on the Hammersmith bridge."

"Poor old soul, tragic, tragic," Bodie boomed heartily, obviously not listening to a word.

"Yeah, I can see you think so. And honestly, the moment I come it, it's not 'hello lover' or 'fancy a cup of tea or a barrel of beer lover?' but 'get your bloody knickers off'! You know something Bodie? You're a yob." Bodie reared back, still unsure, sometimes, when his Ray was being serious and when he was being a prat. One look reassured him.

"Oh, lover mine, anything your dear little heart desires shall be done--I swear on Cowley's grave. Cups of tea--did I say cups?, nay, rivers of tea, Pubs full of beer, you name it--anything. Everything. Just get your knickers off!" And Bodie grabbed him and gave him another snog that made the previous two appear like polite handshakes.

They were in the bedroom by now and Bodie relieved Ray of the overnight bag and with great care and concern threw it into the furthest darkest corner of the room.

"Oi, that's me best Samsonite, you vandal!" Ray protested and turned to stalk out of the bedroom, but was once again waylaid by Bodie who decided to grope his lover's crotch this time. Slightly mollified, Ray was persuaded to stay.

"Sorry," Bodie mumbled around Ray's neck as he kissed, licked and sucked.

"Yeah, well," Ray replied, his head tipping back to allow Bodie greater access, "Don't let it happen again. The other ear now, Bodie," he added, imperiously.

"Yes, oh supreme being of the universe," Bodie breathed and obeyed.

To such great effect that Ray did eventually deign to remove some of his clothes, his jacket to be precise, then with great care turned to fuss and frolic among the coat-hangers and mothballs that lurked in his wardrobe.

Bodie's clothes were dealt with more brutally--he just peeled them off and threw them anywhere then threw himself onto the bed.

Ray was still messing about, and Bodie decided that matters needed to be taken in hand, or both hands in his case and proceeded to deal with developments admirably.

"Oi," Ray protested, "I thought you were puffing and panting for it."

"Oh, I am, I am--mm--that's nice.... " Bodie spoke absently, still handling developments. Ray stood at the foot of the bed and admired the view. Bodie was a big lad--and getting bigger. Ray suddenly found the four days and five nights absence catching up on him, and he wasted no time in getting out of the rest of his clothes, until he was clad in only the offending knickers and a smile.

"So, you missed me did you?" he asked, starting to crawl up the bed between Bodie's outspread legs. "Missed my temper tantrums and my vegetarian cooking and my painting?" He coaxed Bodie's hands aside and replaced them with his own around Bodie's rather splendid cock.

"No," Bodie sighed, and let him. "I missed your tight arse and your slippery tongue and your--now, that is nice--your cock."

"Ah, you old romantic you," Ray retorted sarcastically, but the touch warmed around Bodie's balls and cradled them, with tender insistence. "Well, now I'm back and we don't have to miss a moment, do we big boy?" Not waiting for a reply, he bent to put his tongue to advantage.

Bodie squeaked in sudden delight and then sighed in lush satisfaction as Ray's mouth hollowed and swabbed around the head of his cock, that slippery tongue stroking across the sensitive exposed glans with lazy swipes that had Bodie quivering with strain.

"No, not so quick, please Ray, make it last...." Ray eased off and back, to handle his favourite part of Bodie once more, his hands soothing in his own saliva along all of Bodie's luscious length.

"Don't want to make it last," Ray contradicted flatly, one hand now delving towards Bodie's rump. Hips lifted to allow the fingers access, the initial pain of dry entry soon easing as Bodie relaxed into the invasion. "Not slow and easy, not this time sugarpie, got four days and five nights worth of cock to give you and it's hard and ready and--Ghods," Ray stopped talking, stabbed through with a terrible hunger and lunged full and heavy upon Bodie, who accepted the burden with no visible reluctance and whose legs spread even wider.

"Whatever you say," Bodie whispered before kissing the top of Ray's head, as Ray suckled upon Bodie's left nipple with dainty little sucks that belied his hunger.

"The other one now, Ray," Bodie commanded, sly.

"Not a chance," Ray growled and moved purposefully lower.

"Oh, I love it when you're like this. Now now, easy, slick yourself up with something, come on then, let's be having you, four days and five nights worth eh? Well, I think I can take the edge off that," and the tube that was never far from the bedside was put to immediate use, Bodie finally getting his wish and getting Ray out of his knickers.

"No, don't touch, I'll come if you do, let me do it myself," Ray spread the gel thick, not squeezing too much, too hard to take even his own hand, ready at once, primed and ripe.

The lovely arse opened for him again, the smallness soon stretching snugly round his girth, Bodie's little shocked cry one of lusty satisfaction and pleasure.

"Ah yesss.... " and Ray didn't know who said it aloud, one or both of them. He sank down, one long voluptuous impalement, his cock slick and very very hard inside Bodie's velvet bowels, and he gave an involuntary little shiver at the tight pleasure all around him.

Bodie moaned in appreciation and tightened his arse muscles, relaxed then tightened them again, just the way he knew Ray liked it. And Ray did like it. He began to thrust, his hips snapping forward, squirming to get deeper and deeper inside, deeper into that hot tightness that was just right, just right, just one more, please one more, ah squeeze me Bodie, squeeze it, just like that, there, now, now...and Ray came, exploding into cum, pulsing out of him like a firework going off and Bodie felt every pulse inside and tightened himself again, the feel of that spasm up his arse enough to plunder his own balls and he shot all over his own belly as Ray came to press upon him and the tremors took them both and they quivered a little as flesh calmed into sticky stillness.

Ray slipped from Bodie's body with regret, half sorry now that he'd not taken his time. But four days and five nights worth of lust just wouldn't wait and after all, he had the rest of the night to employ finesse.

He dragged himself off to the side and lay close pressed to Bodie, inhaling the lovely smell of Bodie's clean sweaty armpits. Evil degenerate, he chided himself. He kissed Bodie's right nipple in apology for his earlier neglect and then stretched up to kiss Bodie's mouth, slack from satisfaction and welcoming him inside.

"Nice?" Bodie asked when he could.

Ray considered the question impartially before replying, grudging: "S'pose so. But next time sugarpie, don't play so hard to get!"

-- THE END --

Originally published in Uncharted Waters 13, Crevichon Press, 1995

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