Making Sure


Bodie couldn't stop grinning. That rancid South African hadn't killed him. Doyle was still alive.

It had been a trying day - first Van Neikerk had killed that stupid boy... Cowley had almost had to resort to a slap to calm him down. He'd never got that near to hysteria before - but all he could think was `Doyle's in danger.' It was close - he'd nearly given the game away.

Then - at the hotel room - the suspiciously Doyle-shaped body in the bath. The relief when he pulled the covers back. It was only a bird. Some stupid tart that got in the way.

Doyle was safe. Waiting, for some reason, outside a phonebox in the middle of god-knows where.

Bodie's hand brushed Doyle's backside as he got up from the side of the road.

"What're you grinning at sunshine?" Doyle asked when he was safely in the passenger seat.

"Nothing, nothing at all," Bodie's smile grew even larger. It was all he could do to stop himself from laughing in relief.

Doyle tutted as his partner put the tennis headband on.

"What?" Bodie asked innocently.

The man had no feelings. That poor girl had been murdered and all Bodie could do was to joke.

"Don't say you really cared about her," Bodie smiled, removing the dead girl's headband, "'Cos I know better than that,"

"Yeah well you're probably right. But sometimes Bodie I really wonder about you."

"Do you now? Well that's something to know," Bodie smiled again. It felt like he'd smiled more in the last few days than he had in his entire lifetime.

Doyle studied his partner through narrowed eyes. There was definitely something going on - Bodie was up to something.

"Fancy a pint Goldilocks - I'm paying?" Bodie's stupid grin seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

"What is up with you?" Doyle said in exasperation, "You're like the bleeding Cheshire Cat - soon there'll be nothing left of you except that stupid cheesy smile."

Bodie pouted, "Ah, don't be like that Ray, I'm just pleased you're safe and sound."

"Are you now?"

"Yeah. Gonna make something of it?"

"Just buy me that drink idiot."Doyle smiled indulgently.

Seven or eight drinks later and Bodie was even happier than before.

"You see the thing is Ray, my little ray of light, you are absolutely the only thing in my life that's always there - I don't know what I'd've done if you'd died."

"Well you'd've still been alive mate - I'm sure you would've got over it."

Bodie stood up. "No - absolutely not. I would not have got over it."

"Well I'm touched Bodie, but I can't say I believe in your sincerity."

"I'm shincere. Honest I am. Cross my eyes and hope to die."

"I think you've overdone it mate," Doyle smiled. Bodie really couldn't take his drink.

"No I haven't overdone it. If anything I've underdone it. Ray, beautiful Ray, when I thought you were in danger I nearly lost it. Ask anyone - ask Cowley he knows. If Van Neikerk had killed you I..." Bodie fell forward and buried himself in Doyle's chest, sobbing. Doyle looked around with embarrassment. The barman was giving them both a funny look.

"He's not used to drinking," he said apologetically, realising that since this particular pub was practically Bodie's local the excuse was hardly going to hold much water.

"I think he's had enough - maybe you should get him home eh?" The barman said.

"Yeah - I'll do that."

Doyle spent the night on Bodie's sofa. It was too late to bother going all the way across town - it would be light before long, and besides, the state Bodie was in it looked like he might need looking after.

It had been tough getting Bodie home. He'd fallen asleep just after he'd embarrassed Doyle in the pub and had to be propped up on the walk to Bodie's.

Doyle had been unable to sleep. He kept thinking about what Bodie had said. All this danger was a way of life - it wasn't as if you weren't in constant danger as a CI5 agent. Why was Bodie suddenly reacting like this about it? And what if Bodie was killed? What would happen then?

For some reason the thought made him shiver.

Life without Bodie?

The next morning Bodie was his usual perky self. `Constitution of an ox that man," Doyle thought ruefully. He had eventually managed to get some sleep, but now his head was thumping and his mouth tasted of last week's cold semolina, and with a similar texture.

"Mornin' Sunshine, up with the lark?" Bodie had cooked breakfast and the smell of hot bacon was wafting all around his flat.

"How can you eat after last night?" Doyle clutched his head. It wasn't fair - Bodie got all the effects of the alcohol last night and all he got was the hangover this morning.

"Yeah I know - but you have to eat even when you are in love?"

"Eh?" Doyle was sure he must have heard wrong, "I may have been almost as drunk as you last night Bodie, but I can't remember seeing any birds."

"Not talking about birds. God Doyle you're so dense."

Doyle squinted at his partner, "I'm sorry, do you mind telling me what you're on about `cos I'm completely lost now."

"Ah, as am I, as am I."

"Will you stop talking in riddles."

"I'll stop talking altogether, come over here." Bodie's grin had returned.


"You heard."

Doyle rose shakily and walked towards Bodie, confused. Very confused.

He was even more confused when his partner grabbed him and proceeded to kiss him. Hard.

Bodie broke away, "Coo you taste horrible Doyle - it must be love for me to put my mouth anywhere near something that foul. Brush your teeth and I'll give you another go." Bodie grinned. He was acting as if this was something that happened everyday.

"I, er," Doyle rubbed his head again.

"Go on Sunshine - and don't come back until you're all minty fresh."

In the bathroom, Doyle found a spare toothbrush, He unwrapped it in a daze and started to brush.

Then he paused. `Hang on,' he thought, `what am I doing?'

He wandered back into the living room, where Bodie was sitting like a great big statue of a young Buddha.

"That was quick," Bodie flashed a smile.

"Did you just do what I think you just did?"

"What kiss you?Er let me see...yes...I think you'll find I did. Why is there a problem?"

" I don't think there is. Just checking. I wanted to be sure," Doyle turned around and grinned. Then he went back to finish brushing his teeth.

"No rest for the wicked eh?"Doyle said ruefully as they drove to headquarters.

Cowley had demanded they both come in this morning to tie up some loose ends on the Van Neikerk case.

"You just need to be more patient. Like me." Bodie winked at his partner. This morning had been interesting, but the timing hadn't been great. The phone had rung almost as soon as Doyle had squeezed the toothpaste onto the brush. Still at least they'd be in the office all day, plenty of time.

"Back there - you were just messing about weren't you?" Doyle glanced at Bodie to gauge his reaction. Bodie's face twitched ever so slightly.

"Well what do you think?"He asked impassively.

"Yeah that's what I thought - just messing."

"Right. Great." Bodie said through gritted teeth.

They spent the rest of the journey in silence. Doyle knew he'd misjudged the situation, but he wasn't quite sure how. Bodie had a funny habit of bluffing and double bluffing. If this was all some elaborate setup Doyle was damned if he was going to be made to look stupid. Or worse.

"Four Seven, Three Five. What are you both looking so miserable about? You did well, it was a difficult case." George Cowley greeted the two as they entered his office. Bodie answered with a grunt and flopped into a chair. Doyle hovered at the door, hands in pockets.

"Sit down man, you're making me nervous." Doyle obeyed sullenly.

"Sorry sir, it's been a trying couple of weeks and we both got a little um...merry yesterday."

"Hangover eh? I've got just the cure for that." Cowley opened his drinks cabinet, put his hand behind the bottle of single malt and withdrew a small packet of aspirin. He tossed it at Doyle.

"Thankyou sir. Much appreciated." Doyle smiled. Yeah, as if Cowley would ever offer some of his precious Scotch.

Bodie was still pouting.

"Really Bodie, you're behaving like a schoolgirl. Snap out of it, whatever it is."

"I would sir, but it seems some people can't take a hint." He briefly glanced at Doyle, who looked away.

"Good grief man, what are you on about? If Doyle has done something to upset you sort it out. I can't have my best agents not on speaking terms. Dismissed."

As Doyle and Bodie left his office Cowley shook his head. `Honestly those two' he said to himself. Sometimes it felt as if he was running a kindergarten.

"Bodie wait," Doyle called down the corridor.

"Sorry Ray. I've got better things to do with my time. I've sort of changed my mind about the waiting thing." Bodie called back enigmatically.

"If you don't get back here right now..."

"What Ray...what'll you do?" Bodie turned away and disappeared around the corner.

Doyle hurried to follow. He was stopped by a Bodie in waiting.

"Missed you," he said just before grabbing Doyle.

"Bodie...I'm sorry if I've upset you," Doyle was still determined to skirt the issue. Just in case, "You do tend to cry wolf a lot."

"That's me Sunshine, wolf in sheep's clothing," Bodie grinned.

"Er, no, I don't think that's how I'd describe you."

"Oh, I don't know, I'm cute and fluffy and eager to attack."

"Right. Well. Interesting self-image you've got there."

"Are you going to stop talking? I know a nice quiet little stationery cupboard we could retire to."

"You are. You're serious aren't you? This isn't a big joke at all."

Bodie sighed. "sometimes Ray I really despair of you. If I was kidding I'd hardly have kissed you would I?"

"Ssh keep your voice down - someone might hear."

"If you don't kiss me in 20 seconds I'm going to walk away and demand to be partnered with Murphy."


Bodie glanced at his watch, "18 Ray, clock is ticking."

"Oh don't..."




"You're being ridiculous..."

"Nine Ray, better hurry."

"Cowley is going to have your guts.."

"Ooh six, sex in Spanish,"


"Five, four, three ,two, o...."

Bodie's eyes widened as Doyle grabbed the back of his head and plunged his tongue into his mouth.

A few seconds later he broke away. "There, now, satisfied?" Doyle asked.

"No not really, not yet," Bodie grinned. "But that stationery cupboard's still free."

Doyle tried to stifle a giggle, "So you're seriously trying to tell me you want to go into the closet? After that?"

Bodie tutted, "Honestly Ray your sense of humour is terrible."

"Bodie we can't. It's ridiculous. God I can't believe we're doing this...You're on," he said.

"Ah - I knew you'd come round. All it takes is a bit of pressure with you Ray and your reflexes take over."

"Can we just get on with it before I change my mind?"

As Cowley looked at the footage from the security camera he raised his eyebrows. "Those two'll be the death of me," he tutted before going back to his single malt.

-- end. maybe. who knows. --

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