Final Step


Sequel to "Awakening/Reciprocity"

Entering the almost empty rest room, Bodie immediately spotted Ray sitting staring out the window. He walked over, punched his partner on the shoulder to get his attention, then perched on the arm of his chair.

"Huh?" Ray blinked and looked around to see who was there. His eyes lit up when he saw it was Bodie. 'What's up?"

"Looks like you are," he replied softly, having noticed the distinctive bulge at the front of Ray's jeans. "What were you thinking about, anyway?"

"You,"'Ray said, smiling. "Us," he modified It.

"C'mon, then, and you can do more than think about It," Bodie responded, punching Ray's shoulder again as punctuation. "Cowley said we could go a whole half-hour early. Thought you might want to try that new restaurant you've been rabbitin' on about."

"Great." Ray Jumped up out of his chair."I'll pick you up at 6:30, shall I?"

"Sounds good," Bodie agreed.

Ray drove home in a mild daze of happiness. He'd been in more or less the same state In his off-duty time for the last six weeks, ever since he and Bodie'd become lovers. He didn't have any trouble keeping his mind on his job when he was actually working, thank goodness; but, whenever he didn't have to concentrate on staying alive, his mind would re-play what they'd been up to in bed (or in other locations around their flats).

He thought back to their first night; Bodie'd been so worried that he'd lose control and hurt Ray while they were making love, never having associated gentleness with male/male sex before. They'd come a long way since that night. Bodie was a lot more relaxed during their lovemaking. And, while they still hadn't fucked each other, Doyle was sure It was only a matter of time.

He stopped his musing as he pulled up in front of his flat. Better get a move on or he wouldn't be ready to pick Bodie up on time.

When he opened the door, Bodie gave a mental gasp. He felt maybe he should check Doyle's ears for pointed tips. It was as if his favorite fantasy had come to life. Doyle was dressed In shades of green, looking as if he'd be completely at home in any handy forest. His eyes picked up the color and looked greener than ever, the color somehow emphasizing their odd slant. He felt very drab by comparison in the solid blue he'd chosen to wear. He barely had time to gather his thoughts when Doyle was in his arms, kissing him with the intensity he brought to all his activities.

Doyle didn't pull back until they were in imminent danger of asphyxiation. Only then did he actually notice what Bodie was wearing. It was his favorite of all Bodie's outfits -- a royal blue that deepened the blue of his eyes to sapphire and empha- sized the whiteness of his skin.

He pulled Bodie to him again, stroking the sheared silk of his hair. "You're so beautiful,'" he murmured into Bodie's neck. He kissed Bodie's ear, then smiled and said, "One of the hardest things for me before was that I could never say anything like that to you." He pressed closer, rubbing his groin against Bodie's. "You look good enough to eat."

Bodie reluctantly shoved him away. "If you don't stop, that's all you'll get to eat. If we're going to that restaurant, we'd better leave now."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Ray agreed. As he turned to leave he felt Bodie's hand caress his arse. He half-turned back to give Bodie a sultry-eyed look before running down the stairs to the car.

"That certainly was a good idea of yours," Bodie said as they entered his flat. "Want a cuppa?" he asked as Ray sprawled on the sofa.

"Yes, please," Ray answered. "Could tell you liked it, the way you were trying to scrape the pattern off the plate."

He reached for the remote and flicked on the box. There wasn't much on. He finally settled for a program where some actor was telling about his favorite records. Their tastes were similar enough that he decided to leave it on, turning the volume down so it would be Just background music and he could ignore the bits between the actor and the Interviewer.

By that time, Bodie had the tea made. He shoved Ray upright and handed him a mug.

Ray took a large swallow, nearly scalding his mouth. "Mmmm. There's more in there than just tea," he said appreciatively.

"Yeah," Bodie agreed. "I added some amaretto someone gave me last Christmas." He wrapped his free arm around Ray's shoulders and smiled as his partner snuggled up close to him.

Ray burrowed his free hand under Bodie's poloneck and played with his nipples, rolling the hardened nubs between his finger- tips. Soon that wasn't enough for him. He finished his tea in one huge gulp and, putting the empty mug on the floor, he pulled up the poloneck and clamped his tea-hot mouth on Bodie's nipple.

In the process of finishing his last swallow of tea, Bodie almost choked on it as he inhaled sharply at the sudden sensation of heat. The flicks of Ray's busy tongue and the near painful pressure of his teeth sent ripples of electricity to Bodie's groin. He dropped the mug to the floor and reached for his lover, pulling him up for a long kiss. "Bed," he gasped, when they stopped to breathe.

Due to the tightness of his slacks over his erection, he moved a bit awkwardly as he got off the sofa and walked to the bedroom. He noticed that Ray was having the same problem, only more so, considering how tight his Jeans were to begin with.

He stripped quickly when he got to the bedroom, watching Doyle all the while. If he hadn't been already aroused, Just watching Ray take off his clothes would have caused him to become so. Doyle moved with all the grace of a dancer.

As soon as they were undressed, they fell into bed, clinging like magnets. At length, Bodie turned Ray onto his back and began to make love to him slowly and sweetly as if he were a delicate piece of china--which he definitely wasn't. Bodie had long since overcome his Game-related tendency to treat sex as a struggle for dominance, and no longer worried that he would lose control when making love with Ray.

He concentrated on his lover--licking, kissing, fondling, and nibbling gently all over every square inch of skin until Ray was whimpering with need. Finally, he went down on him, taking as much of the hard cock as he could into his mouth, sucking on it, and teasing it with his tongue. At the same time, he put his finger into Doyle's mouth for him to suck, then removed it and inserted It into Ray's anus.

As soon as Doyle felt Bodie's finger approach the opening to his body, he pushed against it--willingly impaling himself. Bodie had done this to him before and It was something he particularly liked. As Bodie's finger caressed his prostate, he cried out and thrust harder Into his lover's mouth.

Before Ray could orgasm, however, Bodie released him, withdrew his finger, and moved up the bed to lie beside him.

"No! Don't stop now!" Doyle cried out at the loss of stimulus.

He reached for himself, but Bodie easily captured his wrists and held them in one hand while brushing the sweat-damp curls off his forehead and soothing him with his voice. 'Shhh, Ray. Wait. Relax. Relax."

Finally, Doyle stopped straining against Bodie's grip and relaxed back onto the bed--every nerve ending alive with desire. He blinked up at Bodie, finally able to listen to what he was saying.

"Ray," Bodie said when hr was sure his lover was listening. "That first night,' he hesitated. 'You said you wanted me to fuck you." He swallowed hard. "Do you still want that?' His voice was soft.

"Christ, yes!" Ray managed, feeling his cock grow even harder in anticipation.

"Do you want it now?" Softer still.

"Yes,' he gasped, almost coming at the thought.

"Turn over then."

Quickly complying, Ray drew his legs up under himself and rested his forehead on his folded arms.

Meanwhile, Bodie reached into the drawer of the nightstand for the tube of gel he had put there and smoothed it onto himself very liberally. By the time Doyle was settled, Bodie was kneeling behind him. He kissed down Ray's spine to his arse and bit gently at his cheeks, then licked down the crack and teased the opening to his body with his tongue.

By this time, Doyle was helplessly writhing with need. "Damn it, Bodie, do it!" he commanded.

At that, Bodie took a deep breath, positioned himself, and slowly began to enter his lover.

Ray groaned at the first unfamiliar penetration, but as Bodie went in deeper and Doyle became more used to the sensa- tion of fullness, the pleasure slowly began to build. Finally, he pushed backwards as he had with Bodie's finger and impaled himself on the hard shaft.

As he felt Ray take his shaft inside himself, Bodie had to exert all his control--not to avoid raping Ray, but to keep from coming at the first feel of being within his lover. He found, much to his surprise, that he had no desire to be anything but gentle--Doyle having become his other half. To hurt Ray would be to hurt himself. The problem was, he was so far into sensory overload that a few strokes were all he could manage before Jetting his essences Into Doyle's body. He gripped Doyle's hips, holding him tightly enough to cause bruises and held his breath as the feelings cascaded over him.

Doyle came only moments after Bodie, the pressure on his prostate more than enough to set him off. It was the most intense orgasm he'd ever had. 'Was as great as I thought It'd be,' was his thought as he dropped off to sleep for a few minutes.

When Bodie was able to think coherently once again, he rolled off Ray and gathered him close. He lay, half dozing, enjoying the warmth of his lover, and thought about what they'd Just done. 'So the Game doesn't have the hold on me I was afraid it did, and I no longer have to worry that I might attack Ray in the heat of passion.' He pulled the covers up over their cooling bodies. 'The only question now is, am I going to be able to let him fuck me. That's the final test.' And he fell asleep with that thought in mind.

They had been asleep for only a few minutes then woke very nearly simultaneously and were instantly in each other's arms, totally enveloped in one another. The electric current surged through them once again. This time there wasn't the same urgency, and they took turns exciting each other almost to the danger point then letting the feelings subside for a bit before beginning again.

Finally, Bodie knew he absolutely had to have release at once. He pulled his lover to him. "Ray." He hesitated for such a long time that Doyle started to ask him what he wanted. "Wait.' He put his finger over Doyle's mouth. "Will you fuck me, Ray?" he asked in a low but clear voice.

Ray had no doubt as to exactly what he had asked for. "Are you sure that's what you want? He asked, looking into Bodie's eyes.

"Yes," he answered firmly. Then he qualified it. "At least, I want it, I'm Just not sure I can accept you doing it to me. But I really want to try."

"All right, love. You know I want to fuck you. I have right from the beginning." He kissed his lover gently. "I'll be very careful."

"I have no doubts about that, at all," Bodie replied. "But, I want to see you, so I know it's you all the time." He reached for the gel and tossed it to Ray, then lay on his back and pulled his legs up to his chest. "Take me like this," he asked.

"Whatever you want." He put on a lot of the gel, then moved until he could kneel right up against the warm arse. He stroked the soft skin of the inner thighs and ran a finger down Bodie's cock, then lifted his arse and slowly inserted himself.

Bodie stiffened at the first feel, and Ray stopped for a moment, then began again. He had to exert his control to the utmost, stopping any time Bodie indicated that he was at all uncomfortable. But by taking It very slowly he was eventually fully sheathed in his lover's body.

Using long, slow strokes, Ray set up a rhythm, then reached for Bodie's cock and stroked it in time with his own movements. He couldn't keep It up very long, however. The feel of the tight, hot channel surrounding him was overwhelming, and all too soon he was exploding into his lover.

The feel of Ray's orgasm triggered Bodie's release, also, and he thrust hard into Doyle's hand, making their coming virtually simultaneous. As he drifted off to asleep again, Bodie gave a passing thought to everything they had left on when they went into the bedroom and decided to forget about it. A higher electric rate was a small price to pay for the fantastic experience they'd just had. But his last thought was that the Game and what it'd done to him was finally defeated by Ray's love for him.

Ray's thoughts were almost the same, They no longer had to hold anything back during their love making. He'd always known it'd be this wonderful when it finally happened, and Bodie's love was all he needed for the rest of his life.

-- THE END --

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