Love by Moonlight


The room was dark. There were no lights on. The curtains were open, but the moon had not risen yet. Ray moaned with pleasure as the strong hands caressed him.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah! God, you make me feel so..." He gasped and couldn't finish his sentence as his lover's hands stroked further down his body, sliding smoothly over his sweat-slick skin.

"Kiss me," Ray begged, "I want to feel your mouth all over me."

"Mmm, gladly," and his mouth began to explore where his hands had already been, while his hands continued to caress further down. He licked Ray's neck and along his collarbone, relishing the salt taste of him, then moved down further and tongued a nipple. It hardened instantly, and he teased it with teeth and tongue and then sucked it avidly, meanwhile stroking his inner thighs and fondling his balls. Ray moaned and squirmed as the sensations threatened to overwhelm him.

His lover moved over to the other nipple, teasing and sucking it as he had the first. He also ran one finger down the length of Ray's cock.

"Ohhh," groaned Ray, "more, please."

"Mmmm., like this?" and the dark head moved down to Ray's stomach, kissing and licking around his navel and the base of his cock.

"Mmm, now. Please, now!"

"Relax, sunshine, don't be so impatient," his lover moved back up and kissed him on the mouth.

"Please, Murphy, I don't know how much longer I can wait."

"Shh, relax." Murphy stroked the sweat-damp hair back from Ray's face. "You can do it, Ray. You've done it before. Just relax. It's not time yet."

"I know," Ray panted, "It's just -- oh, Murphy, I want Bodie! He should be here. I need him."

"I know you do, sunshine, and he said he'd be here if he possibly could. You know he'll try his best, but when Cowley sent him out of town on that solo assignment," Murphy grinned at Ray and laughed softly, "well, he could hardly say why he needed to be back by tonight, could he?"

"No, I know. But it's almost time, Murphy, and he's not here. What am I goin' to do?"

"Hey, that's what I'm here for, innit? Speaking of which, I'd better get busy again or you won't be ready when the time does come." He cupped Ray's face in his hands and kissed him deeply. "How about it, sunshine? Are you in control again?" Murphy searched Ray's face as he ran his fingers through the disarrayed curls.

"Yeah, I'm OK now. I think I'll make it if you don't go too fast, but you can't go too slow, either. The timing has to be just right, or it won't work."

"I know, I know, you've explained it all to me before, you and Bodie. Now just lie there and let me do my part."

"I can hardly do anything else, can I?" Ray grinned, ruefully.

"Shh, concentrate on feeling." Murphy stretched out alongside Ray and pressed their naked bodies together. It felt so good having Ray's warm skin touching him all along their length. He kissed him again, savoring the sweetness of his mouth, and then began stroking down his back, kissing his shoulders and wherever he could reach. He ran his hands down and cupped Ray's buttocks, pulling their groins closely together and holding them that way. Their hard cocks rubbed together and Ray squirmed again and moaned.

"God, yes, that feels so good. Now touch me, Murphy, please, and kiss me."

Murphy let go of Ray. He ran one finger down the cleft, teasing the pucker of muscle he found there while he moved down the bed so he lay between Ray's thighs. He licked around the base of Ray's cock, then took Ray's balls in his mouth, sucking them gently, then licked his way further back to where his finger was working. He licked around the opening, then delved as deeply as he could with his tongue, lubricating the passage, before moving back up and kissing and licking Ray's cock while he pushed his finger a little way into the opening. Ray moaned again and tried to push back and impale himself on Murphy's finger but the way he was tied, spread-eagled, he couldn't get any purchase and all he could do was wriggle.

"Christ, Murphy, don't tease," he said, harshly, "get on with it."

Murphy pushed his finger the rest of the way in and moved it around. Ray shivered with delight.

"More, Murphy, please."

Murphy moved his finger slowly in and out, moving it around every time he entered Ray's body, adding a second finger after a few minutes, while he still continued to lick and kiss Ray's cock, sucking the head, now and then, and even, occasionally, taking the whole thing into his mouth and then releasing it again. Ray was shivering almost continuously, now, while doing what he could to co-operate with Murphy's movements.

"Get ready, Murphy, it's almost time." Ray could barely talk.

"Wait." Murphy's ears had caught the sound he'd been listening for. "I think Bodie's here."

"Bodie!? Bodie!"

Bodie had begun undressing the minute he entered the flat, and was removing his last items of clothing as he entered the bedroom. He could see the two men on the bed silhouetted against the silver moonlight spilling into the room. It had almost reached the bed.

"I'm here, sunshine. You didn't think I'd stay away tonight, did you?" Bodie climbed onto the bed, putting his arms around both men, hugging them close, while he kissed Ray thoroughly.

"I was afraid you wouldn't make it back in time," Ray whispered, when Bodie released his mouth.

"But I did, didn't I? Are you ready, love?"

"Yes." The word was just a breath.

Bodie looked at Murphy. "Thanks, Murph. We couldn't have done it without you."

"Yeah, well, I guess I'll be going now. You don't need me any more." Murphy stopped what he had been doing and started to move off the bed.

Bodie took Ray's cock in one hand, squeezing it rhythmically, while he pulled Murphy back on the bed with the other.

"And just where do you think you're going like that?" he asked, indicating Murphy's turgid cock. "You couldn't even get your clothes on. C'mon back here."


"No buts about it. He can take both of us. There's a lot of strength in that little body."

"Is that why he has to be tied like that?"

"Yeah. You should have seen the room the first time. He almost demolished it before we worked out what to do. Now we don't take any chances. It's too expensive to re-do the bedroom every month. Now stop talking and give me a hand with him."

"OK, if you're sure. What do you want me to do?"

"Lie along side him and kiss him, caress his nipples, whatever you have been doing. The more stimulation, the better, and we've gone over the other things with you already. Quick, it's almost time."

Ray was past paying attention to any part of this conversation. All he could concentrate on were the lovely things that were being done to his body and the spill of moonlight that was now touching the bed.

Murphy did as Bodie said and lay alongside Ray, kissing his face, running his thumb across Ray's nipples and pinching them gently, and pressing himself as closely as he could to Ray's body. Bodie, meanwhile, had lubricated his shaft and quickly entered Ray in one swift stroke just as the moonlight touched Ray's body. He started a slow in and out rhythm.

"Watch!" It was a sharp whisper from Bodie.

As the moonlight touched his body, Ray began to change, subtly. His skin became smoother; his eyes became greener; and his curls became springier. And his ears grew small points!

"Now! Quickly!" Bodie gave Murphy the quiet command.

Bodie reached up and traced the point of one ear with his fingers, Murphy following his actions on the other ear. Ray's eyes were glazed with desire. He was past all coherent thought. Only the physical sensations had any meaning to him now. What the others were doing to his body -- and his ears. Bodie leaned forward until he could reach Ray's ear with his mouth. He ran his tongue all along the edge, concentrating on the point. Again, Murphy followed him. Ray shivered harder and pulled against his restraints, but Murphy had tied them tightly.

"Now! It's time! Grab hold!"

Murphy quickly put his hand with Bodie's on Ray's cock, joining in the rhythmic squeezing. At the same time, both men bent down an ear tip with their teeth and bit it gently but firmly.

"OH!!!" Ray screamed his delight. Bodie and Murphy could feel the jerk of Ray's cock in their hands, and the thick warmth of his semen as it spurted out. The next thing Murphy knew, the world was spinning around him and he had to close his eyes. When he opened them again, he stared, unbelievingly. He didn't know where they were, but he sure knew where they weren't. They weren't in Ray and Bodie's bedroom!

They were standing hand in hand in the country under a huge moon. The moonlight was as bright as sunlight, but it was odd, too: it turned their skin to a pearl-like hue, while turning Ray's hair and eyes more red and green than ever. Murphy was still blinking his eyes, trying to take it all in, when he was almost jerked off his feet by Bodie and Doyle.

"C'mon, Murph, let's join in the dance!"

"Wha ... ?" Murphy looked in the direction he was being pulled and, sure enough, there were people doing a ring dance. As they got closer, he saw that they weren't exactly people -- at least, not human-type people. They were all different sizes, for starters. Some had wings; some had goat's legs; some were slightly green; some looked almost watery; he couldn't sort them all out. As they got to the circle, a girl with wings like a dragonfly's grabbed him and pulled him into the dance. "Wait!" but it was too late. Bodie and Doyle were gone, and he was on his own. "Oh, well, might as well relax and enjoy it, I guess. If there were any danger, they'd have warned me." Murphy danced until he was ready to drop, and then his partner pulled him out of the dance and over to a table that looked like a giant mushroom and gave him a glass of a liquid that was at once sweet and fiery. It went to his head with a rush and he didn't protest at all when she led him a little further away from the dance and sank to the soft grass pulling him down on top of her. They made love for what seemed like hours and Murphy finally fell asleep in her arms. He awoke to find himself back in the bedroom of Bodie and Doyle's flat, sucking on Ray's ear and still holding onto his now flaccid cock. Ray had collapsed, under his and Bodie's bodies, and there was no longer any moonlight touching him. Murphy and Bodie had both come as well, and they just lay, for a minute, in a limp pile. Murphy let go Ray's ear, which had now returned to normal, and looked at Bodie in amazement.

"What happened?!"

Bodie let go his ear in turn. As he did so, Ray weakly turned his face toward him. Bodie kissed him tenderly on the mouth, dipping his tongue inside to taste its honey sweetness and held him close for a long moment. He then untied him from the bed and went to the bathroom, where he cleaned himself up and returned with a damp towel which he used to clean Ray up as he answered Murphy.

"We don't really know, exactly. Ray seems to be some kind of a were-elf. He changes on the night of the full moon, but only if he's sexually aroused to the point of orgasm when the moonlight touches him. Among other things, the change makes him very strong. It happened by accident the first time and, like I said, he almost demolished the place before I discovered the next step, which was to bite his ear. Then we just go."

"But, where?"

"We guess it's fairyland. Where else can it be, considering the way the dancers look? It's always night and there's always a dance. We stay the night and then return."

"But it's still night."

"Here it is, there it's morning. Time moves much faster there."

"What was that stuff I drank?"

"Now that I do know. One of them told us one time. It's honeydew. You know, like in Kubla Khan, 'For he on honeydew hath fed, and drunk the milk of paradise.' Here," he tossed Murphy the towel, "go clean up and come back to bed. We can talk more in the morning if you want." He lay down beside Doyle and cuddled him close. Murphy did as he was told, still with rather an air of bewilderment. When he came back, he lay down beside Doyle on the other side. He raised his head and looked across the sleepy were- elf at Bodie.

"Just one more question. Do you suppose I could go along again, sometime?"

"Oh, I think that could be arranged. I'm sure Ray will agree. It was better tonight than it's ever been." Blue eyes met green and Bodie smiled at Murphy, then pulled Doyle even closer and went to sleep.

Murphy gave the two of them one final bemused look then cuddled up close to Doyle and fell asleep himself.

-- THE END --

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