Love Is Enough


"Sugar is Sweet" universe

It was still early when Doyle pulled up to Bodie's flat. The sky was overcast, so he couldn't see the stars, and he hoped it wouldn't rain. He heard a dog barking at the milk float down the street. He pulled two carry bags, one containing champagne packed in ice, the other all Bodie's favorite foods for breakfast, out of the car and locked the door, checked that he had Bodie's keys, and entered the block of flats.

A few butterflies fluttered in his stomach. 'Silly. Y'd think this was the first time. It's just...not really sure he's gonna like m'surprise. Hope he does...'

Outside the door, he set the bags down and took off his trainers then quietly let himself into Bodie's flat. Unlocking both deadbolts, he tiptoed to the bedroom door and pulled it closed, turning the handle so the bolt wouldn't click. After that, he went back out to the hall, brought in the bags and his trainers and re-locked the deadbolts carefully.

Next he picked up the bags again and took them out to the kitchen. He was careful not to knock them against anything as he didn't want Bodie to wake just yet. Bodie was expecting him, just not quite so early; so if he did hear anything Ray was pretty sure he'd assume it was his partner and not come charging out, gun drawn, to confront an intruder.

He put the champagne into the sink, and the rest of the food--eggs, bangers, white bread for toast--on the counter. He quietly set the table--not forgetting Bodie's favorite marmalade--and readied the tea things. After that he opened the champagne, easing the cork out so it wouldn't make a loud pop, stripped, and took the wine and glasses with him into the bedroom.

He set everything down on the bedside table and filled the glasses, then slipped in bed beside his lover. He ran his hand down one smooth flank and kissed the nape of the warm neck, before reaching around to fondle a nipple. Bodie turned over on his back, half-waking, and Ray leaned over him, suckling at one nipple and fingering the other, before running his hand down to cup the hardening length at Bodie's groin.

"Mmm, 's a lovely way to wake up. C'mere." He ran his fingers through Ray's curls, cupping his head and pulling him close, then kissed him thoroughly. He drew back and gazed lovingly at him, blue eyes still half- clouded with sleep.

Ray smiled at the picture he made. The dark hair was tousled, sticking up in little points. He looked very soft and cuddly, still relaxed from sleep. "Let me love you, sleepyhead."

"Be my guest," Bodie replied, half yawning. He lay back and let the sensations build as his lover used lips and hands to set him flying. By the time Ray got to his cock, loving it with his mouth while he cradled the delicate sac in one hand, toying with the puckered muscle with the other, all vestiges of sleep were gone. His veins were filled with the liquid fire that Ray's touch always created, and he was whimpering as Ray sent him higher and higher without letting him come.

"What d' you want, Bodie?" Ray asked softly.

"Take me," he whispered. "Now."

Sitting back on his heels, Ray stroked the soft flesh of Bodie's inner thighs, before pushing his legs up against his chest. He reached for the cream they always kept handy, and prepared Bodie quickly, entering in one slow, smooth stroke. He set up a steady rhythm, pumping Bodie's shaft in time to his own movements. He stopped temporarily, leaning forward for a long kiss, then began again, taking it as slowly as he could, trying to make it last.

Bodie shivered each time Ray's cock caressed his prostate, desire building with each touch. Finally it was too much for him and release coursed through him, intensified, if possible, by the feel of Ray coming inside him.

Stiffening at the feel of Bodie's release, Ray felt his own begin. After that, there was nothing but overwhelming pleasure for long moments. When he could think again he was resting on Bodie, as their heart rates slowly returned to normal. He lay there for several minutes just savoring their closeness. Suddenly he thought of what it was he had started out to do.

He reached over for the glasses and handed one to Bodie who blinked as he took the glass, then smiled slowly, "You remembered."

"Couldn't bloody well forget the day you saved my life, could I?" he said, acidly; continuing more gently, "Happy anniversary, love."

They toasted one another, then drank deeply, Bodie wrinkling his nose as the bubbles tickled it.

Leaning closer, Ray kissed his eyes, nose, and mouth. "Shower, then breakfast."

Soon they were dressed and seated at the kitchen table, Bodie munching contentedly on his breakfast, Ray picking at his own. After several bites Bodie put down his fork and reached across the table for Ray's hand. "All right, then, what is it? What's bothering you? It can't be all that bad, can it?"

"I don't think it's bad, at all. It's've been tryin' to think of somethin' special for a pressie for you, and I hope...well..." He took a deep breath and hesitated for a moment, 'It's now or never. Hope I've read him right.' Then, holding the blue eyes with his own, he started over, "If you could have just one thing, the thing you wanted most in the world, what would it be?" He held his breath waiting for Bodie's reply.

"That's easy. But it's nothin' you could buy for me, Ray. What I want most is for us to share a flat. I hate it that one of us always has to be chasin' across town so we can be together."

The smile Ray gave his partner was blinding. He exhaled explosively and almost gasped for enough air to speak as he dug in his pocket for something which he held out in the palm of his hand to Bodie--a key. "Start packing, love."

"What's that, then?"

"What's it look like, sunshine? 'S a key, innit?"

"I can it's a key, twit. What's it a key to?"

"Our new flat."

"Our new...?" Bodie gave Ray a hard look. "What've you been up to?"

"Talked Cowley into lettin' us share a flat, didn't I?"

"And just how did you do that?" Bodie wasn't sure if he liked this new development or not. Sure, he wanted them to be together, there was nothing he wanted more, but was this really a good idea? What had Ray said to Cowley?

"Well, he was rabbitin' on about C.I.5 needin' to save money so I just told him we were both tryin' to save a little, too, and since we were such good friends 'n' all, why didn't he just let us share a flat. That way everyone could save." He looked at Bodie warily. His surprise hadn't gotten quite the reaction he'd expected. "It's all right, innit?" he said hesitantly.

"'Course it is," Bodie reassured him, thrusting his reservations aside. Even if it weren't, he couldn't stand to see that bright look fade from his lover's face. "I was just surprised, that's all. It's a lovely pressie. Trust you to pull off something like that. When do we move?"

"T'day. Cowley's given us the day off. I thought I'd come over and help you an' then you c'd help me. Go a lot faster that way."

"Good thinking. Well, we'd better eat up and get busy," he said, applying himself to his breakfast. Ray, appetite regained, dug in, too.

After they'd finished eating, Ray put the dishes in the sink. "I'll start in here, shall I?"

"Good idea, then I can pack my clothes." Bodie was very particular, folding his clothes quickly but efficiently, with military precision.

When he finished in the bedroom he packed his keepsakes, taking special care with his lead soldier collection, and disconnected his stereo.

They progressed through linens, books, records, pictures, all the things people accumulate in the course of living, though Bodie had less than most. It was a nightmare of boxes, packing, and labeling. They'd done this often enough for them to have developed a routine, but it still all took time, especially as they often felt the need of a kiss or a touch when they passed one another.

A few hours later, they stood looking at a small pile of boxes stacked in the lounge. Ray eyed the cricket bat on the top of the pile. He picked it up and gave a practice swing, narrowly missing Bodie. "Hey, watch it with that! If you connect with that, it'll hurt." He grabbed for it and tried to take it from Ray. "Want a demonstration?"

"No, no, that's all right, thanks." He struggled with Bodie over possession of the bat for a few minutes, then let go and wrapped his arms around him, claiming his mouth for a kiss. "Let you demonstrate somethin' else, though, if you want."

Bodie hugged him back a bit awkwardly, hampered as he was by the bat. "You, Raymond, are the last person to need that kind of demonstration. You were born knowing about sex." He kissed him again, thoroughly, then put the bat back on the pile. "That's it," Bodie said, "might as well start movin' it down to the car."

"Nah." Doyle shoved him down into the chair. "Just relax a minute. Time for elevenses, innit?"

"Elevenses? Thought you packed up everything In the kitchen."

"Left a couple of bottles of cider in the fridge and some ginger biccies, didn't I? Relax, I'll get 'em."

When he returned, Bodie had moved over onto the sofa. He patted the seat next to him. Ray handed Bodie a bottle and the box of biscuits, curling up next to him with his own cider.

"It'll be nice, bein' together all the time, won't it?" he said through a mouthful of biscuit.

"Yeah," Bodie agreed. "Mind you, I'm not the easiest person to live with."

"No more am I," Doyle replied. "But we'll work it out, won't we?" He looked at Bodie with a very loving expression.

"'Course we will." Bodie pulled Ray to him and took his mouth in a deep kiss that tasted of cider and ginger and Doyle. "S'pose we'd better get on with it," he said finally and stood, pulling Doyle up after him, then caught him as he stumbled and gathered him close, kissing him again.

Doyle rested his head for a moment on Bodie's shoulder, before reluctantly moving away. "Yeah, I guess so. You start carrying this lot down. I'll check that everything's turned off, then give you a hand."

By the time they got to Doyle's, it was lunch time. Ray made them cheese salad sarnies and beer. Bodie quickly polished his off and reached for one of Ray's. That young man rapped him sharply with the knife. "Give over. You've had two rounds. Isn't that enough?"

"All that work made me peckish," Bodie pouted. "Don't want me to faint while I'm helpin' you, do you? What else've you got?"

"Nothing but some marmite and peanut butter and the heels of the loaf of bread. If you want that, you're welcome to it." Doyle ate quickly, not giving Bodie a chance for another try at nicking his lunch.

Bodie slathered the peanut butter and marmite on the bread then took a large bite and munched away at it, hamster cheeked, while Ray cleared away the lunch things. He snatched up his beer just as it was about to be chucked in the rubbish bin, and alternated bites of sandwich and swallows of beer.

The afternoon was a repeat of the morning and by tea time they were looking at another, larger, pile of boxes.

"Wanna cuppa?" Ray asked, rhetorically, knowing full well what the answer would be.

"I'd love one," Bodie replied. He trailed Ray into the kitchen. "'M gonna get fat at this rate," he said, taking his mug from Ray and digging into the box of After Eights Ray had put out for him.

"Never fear, t'day's special. You're gonna share the cooking, mate. You can cook perfectly well when you put your mind to it." He spoke severely, but softened it with a smile and a kiss. "C'mon. Let's get this over and done with. I don't know if I can get all this in my car in one load. May have to let you start the unpackin' and come back for the rest."

However, by virtue of some very careful packing and the use of the passenger seats of both cars, they managed to wedge everything in in one load.

"Great. The only thing I'll have to come back for is my motorbike. C'n do that after work tomorrow. Here's the address. I'll meet you there." Handing a slip of paper to his partner, Doyle drove off carefully. He made it to their new flat with no problems and was just unlocking the door when Bodie drove up. It was a ground floor flat, which made it nicer than many C.I.5 residences.

They entered together and explored the rooms. There was a large lounge room and kitchen on one side of the central hallway, and a dining room, bathroom with w.c., and bedroom with a kingsize bed on the other. It had been recently redecorated in pastel colors with moderately new furniture. They were very pleased with it.

Just as they were going back outside to start unloading the cars, Bodie turned and looked back down the hall, puzzled.

"What's the matter?" Ray asked.

Bodie looked at his partner. "What exactly did you say to Cowley?"

"I told you. I just said we wanted to save some money and wouldn't mind sharin' since we were good friends. Why?"

"How many bedrooms are there?"

"Huh?" Doyle looked down the hallway. "One."

"Very good. And how many beds."

"One." There was a dead silence. "Oh."

"Yes." There was another silence.

"Wait a minute." Doyle went back into the lounge room and looked around. He tried the couch and it pulled out. "Bodie!" he called. "There you are," he continued when Bodie entered the room. "There's the second bed."

Bodie looked at the bed and then looked at Doyle. "Okay, was beginning to wonder, though. Thought you might have told him just what good friends we are."

"Bodie!" Ray protested, looking hurt. "Don't you trust me?"

"'Course I do." He gave his lover a hug. "Sorry. I know you wouldn't do anything like that."

"Okay. 'S long as you realize that." He hugged Bodie back and kissed him. "Let's get the cars unloaded."

Several hours later they had everything in, unpacked, and put away. In the process, of course, they found that they had duplicate items. They used Bodie's stereo, but Doyle's telly, putting the extras in a closet. They combined their records and books, but pulled out doubles and packed them away also. Kitchen utensils they combined and also dishes, not minding that they were mismatched.

By the time they got their clothes put away and the beds made, (the one in the couch being made up just for show), it was very late. They went into the lounge room where they'd switched on the electric fire earlier and sank onto the sofa.

"Don't know about you, mate, but I'm knackered," Bodie groaned, resting his head on Doyle's shoulder.

"Yeah, me too." He put his arm around his lover and sat silently for a few minutes, enjoying the closeness. "I didn't realize it would take quite this long. I thought we could go out for dinner--do somethin' special for our anniversary."

"This is special enough for me," Bodie said, snuggling closer. "We can go out tomorrow night, if you like. But for now, wha'd'y'have in the freezer?"

Ray ran through the contents in his mind. He'd tried to use much of it up as he'd known they were going to move, but there were a few things left. "D'y'fancy steak 'n' kidney pie and oven chips?"

"Sounds fantastic. I'll even go out and put it on. You see if the boiler's warmed up enough that we can have hot showers while it's cooking."


By the time the food was in the oven, Bodie could hear Ray in the shower, so he quickly stripped and joined him. They took their time, letting the hot water relax them. They washed each other carefully, even after a year finding it necessary to touch and kiss very often.

The excitement grew and peaked as they pleasured each other with sure touches; and, afterwards, they let the water sluice away their spilled seed. When the water started to run cold, they finally climbed out and dried each other off, put on robes, and went out to see about dinner, Doyle still drying his hair.

Dinner was almost ready, so Ray opened a bottle of wine while Bodie set the table. They ate quickly, hunger being a very good sauce. When they had finished, Bodie cleared the table, then brought over ice cream fruit cocktail with one rather grubby- looking birthday candle stuck in the middle of it. He lit the candle which fought the flame for a bit, then finally caught and burned brightly.

"Happy anniversary, sweetheart," he said softly. "Make a wish and blow it out."

Doyle eagerly did as he was told, then smiled blindingly up at Bodie. "Happy anniversary," he replied, and dug his spoon into the ice cream. After he'd taken a bite or two, curiosity got the better of him. "Where'd y'get it, then?" he asked, indicating the candle.

"Dunno. Just ran across it in the bottom of a drawer when I was packing. Thought it might come in handy, and it did."

"Guess it did, at that."

When the ice cream was all gone, Bodie stacked the dishes in the sink and took Doyle's hand, pulling him up from his chair. "Let's go to bed, love. It's been a long day."

Ray didn't reply, merely headed off in the direction of the bedroom. By the time Bodie got there, he was already tucked up in the middle of the huge bed. Bodie tossed his robe on a chair and joined him, pulling Ray to him, and kissing him thoroughly. His mouth tasted cold and sweet and uniquely Ray.

He pillowed his head on Ray's shoulder, already half asleep. One thing was still bothering him, however. "D'you think he knows?"

"Hmmmm? Who?"

"Cowley. D'you think he knows about us?"

"Nah. How could he?" Ray sounded very positive, if sleepy. "We're always careful in public. Anyway, If he knew, he'd fire us, wouldn't he?"

"Y'think so?"

"I know so. As puritanical as he is? Don't worry about it. Just complain about the sofa bed every chance you get and he'll never know." Doyle yawned hugely, showing his tonsils.

"Okay. If you're sure..." Bodie's yawn mirrored Doyle's.

"I'm positive." He pulled Bodie tighter. "G'night, Bodie. Love you."

"Love you, too, Ray." In minutes they were both asleep.

As he dropped off to sleep, one last thought flitted through Cowley's head--looked like his two young tearaways were settling down at last.

-- THE END --

Love is enough: though the World be a-waning,
And the woods have no voice but the voice of complaining,
Though the sky be too dark for dim eyes to discover
The gold-cups and daisies blooming thereunder,
Though the hills be held shadows, and the sea a dark wonder
And this day draw a veil over all deeds pass'd over,
Yet their hands shall not tremble, their feet shall not falter;
The void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter
These lips and these eyes of the loved and the lover.

--William Morris

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