Man on the Line


"Come for a drink," Bodie invited his partner, without much hope of success. Doyle had turned down all his offers for shared nights this week and it was beginning to get him a little suspicious.

"Thanks," murmured Doyle, "but -- I'd like to have an early night, you know?"

Bodie scowled. "You've had early nights all this week -- and you look bloody awful. Come and have a rave-up, might make you feel better...what's wrong, Ray?" he asked softly, worried almost to the point of admitting as much to his fiercely independent partner.

"Nothing -- it's just I'm finding it a bit difficult to sleep at the moment..." his voice trailed off.

Bodie grinned lecherously. "Keeping you up, is she? Going hard at it? C'mon, you can tell ME -- share and share alike, remember?"

"Huh?" Doyle genuinely didn't realise what his colleague had said, his mind being engaged elsewhere.

"Your bird," Bodie spelled out. "The one that's causing you sleepless nights."

"Huh -- oh, um -- er, yeah," gulped Doyle, because it was easier than denying there was a woman. He hadn't been quick enough to fool Bodie, though...

Sighing, the dark-haired agent shook his head and conceded. "Just go home, Ray. I'll see you tomorrow."

Doyle grasped at this reprieve and disappeared.

Something was very wrong in Doyle's world: Bodie knew the man too well, having worked with him for a couple of years. Doyle was volatile, ruthless, efficient, stubborn, independent and unshakable. Whatever was bothering him must be of earth-shattering proportions... Abandoning his attempt to dress for the evening, Bodie grabbed the phone, made the brief call to excuse himself to his lady for the night, put on his cords and a poloneck and headed for Doyle's flat. He mentally reviewed when he had first noticed the strain on his partner. Ray had been looking tired all week, an emotionally- drained kind of weariness.

Bodie realised that he was guilty of not paying closer attention to his colleague's manner. Whatever upset Doyle affected him, too: Doyle was his friend, his closest mate, and if there was something that threatened that relationship, Bodie wanted to know about it...

Doyle was still awake when he arrived and Bodie was instantly alert for signs of company -- there were none.

"Was just going to have a shower," Doyle mumbled apologetically as his partner flopped onto the sofa.

"Don't let me stop you," Bodie cheerily told him.

That raised a smile. "Oh, it won't," Doyle said softly as he disappeared into the bathroom.

The sounds of the taps being turned on coincided with the telephone and unthinking, Bodie picked up the receiver. He froze.

"Hello,'s me again, darling," the husky voice panted a little. "What're you going to do tonight, Ray? I'll be watching you... You've got a lovely backside, Ray. Just perfect, made for a man's cock to --"

Bodie slammed the receiver down. Jesus Christ, that was one sick...

The phone rang again, and Bodie snatched it up. "Yes?" he snapped.

"Bodie-mate?" It was Murphy. "What're you doing there?"

"Having a quick drink." Bodie was still disoriented from the previous call.

"Where's Ray?"

"He's showering. I'll get him if you like..." Bodie relaxed infinitesimally.

"No, that's okay. Tell him I'll see him in the morning..." Murphy hung up.

Doyle emerged from the bathroom looking cleaner and damper, but just as haggard. He was rubbing his hair with a towel, a large robe belted about his wiry frame.

"Thought I heard the phone."

Bodie nodded. "S'Murph. Said he'd see you in the morning."

Doyle's expression lightened. "D'you fancy a coffee? Kettle's just boiled..."

"What you mean is that you want a coffee, so would I make one?"

"Since you're offering -- yes, I would," Doyle grinned cheekily as he disappeared into the bathroom.

With a sigh, Bodie resigned himself to making the drinks. The phone interrupted his train of thought -- he was in the living room in a second to take the call...

" -- beautiful body, Ray, all nice and warm and hard. Bet you're big when you've got it up, aren't you? Bet you like to put it up some bloke's nice tight -- "

Ray thumped him hard, having guessed from his partner's frozen expression who was on the other end of the line. He snatched the receiver away.

"JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE," he cried, before throwing the telephone across the room. Bodie grasped his shoulders firmly.

"What the hell's going on?" he demanded.

Doyle swallowed and tried to pull free.

Bodie's hands tightened and he shook the other man. "Come on, Ray. How long has this been going on?" As if he couldn't guess.

Doyle's second attempt at speech was successful. "Started -- last week. Was just heavy breathing at first and whispering my name. I -- I thought it was you, pratting about."

He hung his head, refusing to meet his mate's eyes, ashamed at the admission. Bodie was too incensed to notice.

"When did he start with the heavy stuff?"

"Beginning of the week. It's been -- "

Bodie gave the slender body another, more gentle shake. "Why didn't you report it?"

That question did cause Doyle to look up. His bloodshot eyes were too bright and his mouth compressed into a thin line. "Oh yes -- see how that would look on an official report. Agent 4.5 receiving obscene calls from a man. Please investigate. Great conversation for the rest-room..."

"All right," Bodie soothed, "so you had your reasons for NOT reporting it. Why didn't you tell me?"

Doyle gulped and lowered his eyes.

"You must've known I wouldn't do something like this -- at least, you do now -- " Bodie put a hand under his partner's chin, tipping his face up.

Doyle shied from the touch. "I know -- I'm sorry."

"If you won't report it, we'll trace the calls ourselves," Bodie decided. "Who did you give your number to? Girlfriends, informants -- " BOYFRIENDS?

The sudden thought hit Bodie, stunning him. Doyle -- and another man? Impossible, his mind protested. Ray's not...and even if he was, I would be the one he'd choose. He's my partner...

Doyle was shaking his head. "Not recently. There's only about half a dozen people who have my number. Most of them are squad members, or police..."

Bodie became aware that he was still holding his mate and gently pushed him onto the sofa, then sat beside him.

"First thing tomorrow we get onto the phone people and have an intercept put on your line."

"No!" Doyle yelped. "We'd have to tell security and I don't want..."

"It's that, or you move out temporarily. We have to catch him, Ray. I'm not standing for this!"

Doyle smiled faintly at the note of protectiveness in his partner's voice. Trust Bodie -- go out and conquer the world for me, if I wanted him to.

"And just where do you suggest I go? Cowley'd love me if I moved into a hotel -- "

"You're coming with me," Bodie told him. "Pack a bag and we'll go right now. We can notify control on the way."

"You don't have to -- " Doyle protested half-heartedly.

"You're my partner," Bodie replied. "You're my responsibility. Get packing."

Doyle glanced at him, trying to see behind the anger in the pale face. It took a lot to bring Bodie to this level of emotion. Un-phaseable, that was his mate, until there was something he really felt strongly about, then watch out...

Doyle escaped to the bedroom to marshal his thoughts -- Bodie offering protection and a sanctuary against the implied threat in those calls. That meant he, Doyle, rated highly among his colleague's priorities... WAS there a hope that there could be... Doyle began to stuff clothing into a sports bag indiscriminately. His heart was pounding, he could hardly breathe. Bodie -- defending him -- sharing with -- sleeping under the same roof... He emerged from his room to find that Bodie had made the coffee and was pacing the length of the lounge.

"Drink up and we'll get going."

He handed a mug to Doyle, draining his own quickly. Ten minutes later, with Doyle's flat secured behind them, Bodie was driving them over to his apartment, making plans to have a secret tap (put) on his partner's line. Bodie was determined to get this pervert -- and God help him when he did...

Neither man slept well that night. Bodie was seething at the idea of someone making calls to his mate and causing Ray very obvious distress. Face it, he admitted towards morning, you don't want anyone laying claim to what you regard as yours -- Doyle's your friend -- he's closer than anyone has ever come to you -- close enough to touch your heart... Annoyed at where his thoughts were going, Bodie snorted, rolled over, and buried his head under the pillow...

In the lounge, Doyle lay on the couch, watching the ceiling. It wasn't fair on Bodie...though, God knew, he wanted to be with his partner... Doyle closed his eyes, listening to the sounds from the bedroom. Bodie was awake -- he felt a pang of guilt... Turning onto his side, Doyle wriggled himself comfortable, and incredibly, dozed off.

They worked through the day normally and Bodie persuaded Doyle to return to his flat that night, dropping off at Doyle's for some clean clothes and food.

The phone rang while Doyle was rummaging in the wardrobe.

"It's me again, Raymond. I called you last night. Where were you? With that pretty partner of yours? Bet he can't make you as happy as I can. Bet he can't give it to you the way you like it -- nice and hard -- like your bit of rough, don't you?"

"That's right," Bodie said calmly, "he was with me." The line went dead instantly.

Doyle poked his head round the door. "Who was that?"

Bodie schooled his features, turned and grinned. "Control -- wanted to know where you were last night."

"Oh!" Doyle disappeared once more, unwilling to face his partner and accuse the other man of lying. HE had known who was on the end of that phone. They left for Bodie's shortly afterwards.

Doyle wouldn't settle on the sofa that night. He felt really bad about the whole affair. If only Bodie hadn't picked up that receiver... He stood up, rubbing gritty eyes. It was almost midnight -- Bodie was probably asleep anyway...Doyle found himself inside the bedroom and hesitantly, he approached the bed.

Bodie was sprawled in the middle of the mattress with the duvet twisted around his waist. Doyle stared at him -- so beautiful, vulnerable, desirable...

Bodie rolled onto his side and opened sleepy eyes. "Ray? Wassamatter?" he yawned. "Come to bed." And unthinking, he edged over and threw back the covers.

Doyle crawled in beside him, found himself pulled close, strong arms holding him the way he'd always dreamed. He wriggled a little till he was comfortable, pressing back against his partner's chest. Moist breath snuffled at his neck, soft lips brushed his burning skin...Doyle could scarcely believe...Bodie's hands moving over him in sleep... Please, God, let this be real, he prayed.

Bodie came awake to a noseful of fluffy brown curls, and an armful of his partner. For one moment he was disorientated, then he remembered...Doyle standing forlorn, naked -- Bodie had been completely smitten, seeing all the arrogance and show stripped, leaving the real Ray Doyle lost-looking and lonely in the night. It had been right, then, to invite him to share his bed and Bodie was wondering whether he could coax his colleague into sharing something a little more daring. His flesh tingled where Doyle touched, and there was an aching in his groin.

Hopeful, he pushed closer to the sleeping man, mouthing soft skin at the nape of the neck, his hands gliding down the lean brown flanks. Doyle squirmed back, demanding attention in his sleep. One long-fingered hand caught Bodie's, and drew it down towards his belly, inviting a more intimate caress. Bodie trickled his fingers in crisp curls, brushing burning flesh. Christ, Ray already had a hard-on and, remembering the voice on the phone, Bodie had to admit his companion WAS well-endowed. He kissed one naked shoulder, causing Doyle to ease back even further.


Bodie froze, half-afraid that Doyle would wake, would discover where his hands had roamed, would feel Bodie's own need pressing against his buttocks...

Doyle wrapped Bodie's fingers firmly round his straining column of flesh, like a master teaching a novice.

It occurred to Bodie that he might not be Doyle's first male lover -- others must have had -- this -- done -- this -- and he felt a surge of jealousy. How many men have you had, Ray? How many have had you -- done what I want to do to you right now, which is put my cock deep inside you, and keep putting it in you till we both come -- how many, Ray? What does that guy on the phone know about you that I don't? Is he one of your past conquests? Is HE, Ray? Because I can tell you right now, he's lost you for good. I want you, but I won't share you. You're my partner -- MINE -- nobody else's...I want to make love to you, make you mine...

Doyle rubbed his hips against Bodie, slowly, tantalising. "Lover?" he invited. "Bodie?"

He's still asleep, he can't mean it, he CAN'T... Bodie's cock was throbbing with anticipation -- I want him -- he thrust gently, hard flesh seeking the cleft of Doyle's behind, sliding between the lean buttocks easily -- like we were made for each other... He started slightly, realising that his partner had moved, had been manipulating his hand on his own erection, was SO close to -- with a jerk, Doyle was coming, semen pulsing over their joined hands, onto the sheets...

Bodie gave one final shove and stiffened as he climaxed, his seed spurting against Doyle's backside, between his legs, over Ray's balls... A hand drifted down his side, back across his rump, pulling him nearer... He was still holding Doyle's now-lax prick and he slid his hand to the flat belly, drawing the warm damp body to him. He kissed every bit of Doyle-flesh he could reach...

Doyle gave a contented sigh, relaxing totally against his partner. I'm dreaming, he told himself. I am dreaming and I don't want to wake up... Couldn't have happened -- did happen -- want this again -- only with him -- because I love him...I love him --

Unaware that he had spoken aloud, Doyle was surprised when Bodie rolled him over. He found himself crushed in a powerful embrace, his face tucked under a stubbled chin, and a strong leg thrown over his, locking him in position. Bodie's voice was husky, arousing...

"...ever catch you even looking at another man, so help me, I'll kill him, and cut your balls off! You're mine, Ray, all of you. MINE!"

Doyle trembled, not believing the strength of Bodie's feelings for him... Body and soul -- my heart's all yours, he vowed silently...but then, it has been for a long time now... The thought of the last seven days made him feel more than a little guilty -- but Bodie was giving him everything he had wanted for so long -- he'll kill me if he ever finds out... Doyle heaved a contented sigh and snuggled into Bodie's side, hearing himself speak:

"Shut up and go to sleep, sweetheart."

Bodie began to shake with laughter. "Bossy little sod. You needn't think you'll get round me this easily every time..." His would-be tirade was interrupted by a huge yawn. "Though you may have a point," he conceded, closing his eyes. "This time."

You great fraud, Doyle thought affectionately. I know just how to get what I want out of you... He smiled reminiscently. Got you wrapped round my fingers, haven't I?

First thing to do, Doyle decided, was to call Murphy. He would tell his co-conspirator that his plan had worked, and the other agent could go back to chasing his current bird in peace.

He did a swift piece of mental arithmetic -- not easy when he was falling asleep in his lover's arms -- and calculated how much he owed Murphy in cash. Three calls -- to his flat from a coinbox...

If Bodie ever found out, of course...

With a yawn, Doyle burrowed closer to his mate... Nah, Bodie'd see the funny side of it -- eventually.

Maybe, one day, mused Doyle, I'll tell him the story of the man on the line...

-- THE END --

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