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"Doyle watched with unflickering eyes as Bodie leant towards him, his own eyes steady; but he was a little unsure, hesitant as he touched his lips to Doyle's forehead. When Doyle didn't flinch, he drew in a deep shuddering breath as a flood of strangeness and longing ripped through him, and his suddenly hungry mouth sought out and found Ray Doyle's."

--from BETWEEN THE LINES by Sebastian

Doyle's response matched Bodie's for hungry need, but the kiss that left them both breathless also had an oddly passive quality. Bodie was certain that they should talk, but he did not want to break the fragile spell of desire. Caught totally in the tangible web of Doyle's quiet desperation, Bodie only wanted to kiss his partner again.

Knowing it was within his power to dissipate the deep depression, but only through positive feeling as intense as Doyle's negative mood, Bodie moved in like a steamroller, realizing that the time for tender love-making would come tomorrow, after they were both through with this assignment. He began with a hard, rough kiss, his tongue easily parting Doyle's soft lips. When Doyle tensed beneath him, Bodie tried to step down the aggressive desire coursing through him. "Won't hurt you, sunshine," he mumbled as he took a deep breath, trying again, unsuccessfully, to calm himself.

"Know that, Bodie. Trust you," Doyle whispered, his body molding itself closely to Bodie's larger frame.

Again struck by the atypical passivity he sensed in his partner's action, Bodie wondered if Doyle really knew what he was asking for. Reading acceptance and desire in the body language of a hard cock pushing against him, Bodie realized that at least Doyle's body understood what was happening. Deciding it was too late for doubts, Bodie pressed his own clothing-constricted erection into the man beneath him. He held his companion motionless for a few moments, planning his next step. Much as Bodie wanted to make love to Doyle, he clearly understood that tonight, his purpose was to erase the fatalistic tension that was responsible for his partner's sudden docility. Taking another deep breath, he willed his own needs into the background. Then, ignoring his lingering doubts about the propriety of what they were about to do, Bodie focused on the task of getting Ray Doyle through the night.

In order to accomplish his goal, Bodie first had to get Doyle's attention. He lifted himself off the slighter, warm body he'd been cradling. Frowning, he glared down at the closed expression on his partner's face, waiting impatiently for the lack of physical contact to penetrate Doyle's rapt self- absorption. Dismayed by the look of reckless abandon he saw when the green eyes opened, Bodie leaned over to whisper in Doyle's right ear, "You are not going to die tomorrow, Ray Doyle." Each word was clearly enunciated; his voice held the strident tone of authority. Pleased with the return to reality he now found in Doyle's eyes as they watched his every move, Bodie edged even closer. "You're mine, Doyle; I protect and control what's mine." His silky voice was hard as he knew it had to be. He was not particularly pleased with his choice of words but Doyle's limpid, wide-eyed stare always disconcerted him.

Bodie was reminded of the time when he'd been in Doyle's state of mind, in his position even. Larraby had pulled him through the long night, Larraby who had died the next day... Doyle stirred slightly, bringing Bodie back to the present. "Tonight I'm going to show you that I control. Tomorrow, you'll believe that I protect what is mine." His voice trailed off as he gently kissed the damaged cheekbone that captivated him so. Then, marshalling his energy, Bodie ripped Doyle's green tee- shirt apart, baring the finely haired chest.

Doyle's gasp of amazement only fueled the anger now driving Bodie, anger stemming from the fact that Doyle would even consider dying. Brutally, he touched his lips to a firm nipple. Tasting, then asserting dominance over every inch of flesh, he moved on to claim new portions of Doyle's suddenly sweaty body. Instead of the gentle caresses he lavished on his women, Bodie planted bruising kisses on Doyle's body, biting, drawing blood, marking the man as his, confident that the signs of his possession would be hidden amid the Macklin-induced injuries; only Doyle would know the difference when he looked in the mirror tomorrow.

When he finished with Doyle's chest and neck, Bodie demanded silent payment from the parted lips of his partner, who, he noted with intense pleasure, was panting now, clearly accepting, enjoying all that was being done to him. As he melted into the kiss, losing himself for a moment in the caress, Bodie felt Doyle squirm beneath him, seeking blind release for the rock-hard erection straining the fabric of his jeans.

Doyle broke away first. "Please, Bodie, please..." He almost whimpered. The wild abandon of before had returned.

Restraining the arms that grabbed at him frantically, Bodie made no reply, again forcing Doyle to look at him. "See now why you can't die tomorrow?"

"Yes. Please, Bodie...! need..."

"What is it you need?" Bodie stared down into the green depths, seeking more than the superficial passion that made Doyle grind his hips into the larger body above him.

"You, Bodie...please..." Finally, Bodie's inactivity penetrated the sensual oblivion Doyle had lost himself in. "Love you, Bodie..."

Bodie sighed slightly, at first thinking Doyle's comment arose from his growing sense of sexual frustration and the need to manipulate Bodie into doing what he wanted. But intense scrutiny revealed a deeper emotion in that pleading expression. Doyle was now open to him in a way he had not been before. Caught off guard by the clear evidence of love in Doyle's eyes, Bodie almost didn't hear the urgent whisper.

"I love you, Bodie," Doyle repeated softly. "Want you..."

Trying desperately to ignore those words, Bodie willed himself to concentrate instead on making certain Doyle wanted to live through this assignment. "What else do you want, Ray?" Bodie pressed down mercilessly against his partner, letting him feel the body heat of arousal and the hardness of his cock that were just for him.

Doyle groaned, clearly not knowing what Bodie wanted him to say.

"Think about it. I'll ask again." Forestalling any further comment, Bodie invaded Doyle's mouth again, pinning the leaner body totally beneath him. As he kissed Doyle, Bodie deftly began to unfasten the tight jeans keeping him from the rest of Doyle's hot flesh. To his amusement, he found Doyle's hands helping him. Soon the hard column of flesh was free. Ignoring it and the demanding hands that were urging him to take it in his mouth, Bodie instead taunted Doyle by licking everything but the straining cock. Asserting his mastery over the heaving body, Bodie used his tongue tip to tease Doyle's soft inner thighs, the velvety sacs beneath the cock, and the throbbing vein running up the erect shaft. Doyle was writhing now.

The bitten-back murmurs of pleasure made Bodie resist the temptation of Doyle's cock. He wanted Doyle to acknowledge his authority in this and, more important, in the matter of surviving tomorrow. So he wickedly, deliberately moved away to nip at hardened nipples rather than Doyle's cock.

"Boooodie..." Doyle managed between ragged breaths. "Please, Bodie..."

Bodie knew his partner was on the edge, needing only a minimum of sensation to cascade into the oblivion of orgasm, the thoughtless oblivion he so clearly, desperately sought. Wondering how long he himself could keep this up without coming in his pants, Bodie asked again, in a voice that demanded an answer, "What do you want, sunshine?"

"You, please, Bodie..." Doyle opened his glazed green eyes to look into Bodie's clear blue ones. The tension in his body almost too much to bear, enhanced even more, almost beyond endurance by the feather-light caress of Bodie's fingers around the tip of his cock, Doyle suddenly realized what Bodie wanted. His eyes silently pleading with Bodie to release him from this frustrated state, he screamed his answer, "To live, live tomorrow, please...let" His voice became a series of deep pants. Doyle closed his eyes, trying to bring himself closer to orgasm. When Bodie made no further attempt to touch him, Doyle looked up again, acknowledging Bodie's control.

Satisfied, Bodie smiled his most feral smile. Then his lips engulfed Doyle's cockhead, sucking hard as his fingers massaged the shaft. Almost immediately, Bodie felt the pulsing that signaled ejaculation. As he swallowed the salty fluid, he heard Doyle shout his name. Grimacing, he reached up with his hand, intent on muffling any further outbursts; the men downstairs already had enough grist for the rumor mill, what with Doyle's loud reply a few moments earlier.

The languor that immediately claimed Doyle's body surprised Bodie. Suddenly he wasn't sure of what to do, wasn't sure if this hadn't been all Doyle wanted from him. Bodie paused, considering. He was too far along himself to simply lie back down. Just as he'd made up his mind to seek the relief of his own hand, Doyle opened his eyes and licked his lips, much as a happy cat would.

"Want you, Bodie..." He sat up and unfastened Bodie's pants. "Take 'em off," Doyle commanded in a voice that left Bodie wondering just who was really in control here.

Obediently, Bodie slipped out of his trousers and briefs. He was about to remove his shirt when Doyle rolled over, offering himself totally. Bodie heard himself gasp. Shirt forgotten, he smothered Doyle's body with his own. "Can't," he whispered hoarsely, afraid that he could and that he would.

Doyle said nothing, choosing to let his body speak for him as he wiggled beneath Bodie.

The contact between those buttocks and his hard cock destroyed Bodie's sudden reticence. Vaguely aware of the need to prepare his partner, Bodie moved down to rim Doyle. He was surprised when Doyle arched back to accept his tongue.

"Please, Bodie...I want you..."

The softly spoken, but earnest statement made Bodie stop to realize that only his fantasy Doyle was still a virgin. Quickly Bodie replaced his tongue with his distended phallus. Lubricating it and Doyle with saliva, he pushed gently into him pausing again, uncertain if Doyle really meant for this to occur.

Once more, Doyle edged back, driving Bodie deeply into him.

Bodie yielded to the pulsing rhythms of his own body then and came in Doyle with an intensity that left him wondering if he'd ever had sex before.

His own breath ragged now, Bodie clung to the solid reality of Doyle's body beneath him. A part of him was unable to relax, concerned as he was over the changes this would precipitate in his relationship with Doyle, and even more, over tomorrow and whether he'd successfully banished Doyle's fatalistic mood.

Whatever their private thoughts, neither man moved till his heartbeat had resumed its normal pace. Then conscious of his weight, Bodie flipped over onto his back. After struggling out of his shirt, he pulled Doyle to him, settling the curly head on his shoulder. Needing to know what Doyle was thinking now, Bodie began with a safe line of conversation.

"'Must get some sleep, love,' Bodie murmured against his cheek. He knew Doyle was awake. His body lay heavily relaxed across his, his eyes were closed and he had not spoken. Bodie knew it just the same."


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