Kinky Boots


"Why, Raymond, my lad," Bodie said incredulously as he knelt next to our stereo, "I didn't know that you had a leather fetish."

"What?!" I bolted upright from where I'd been laying on the settee.

"'Kinky Boots'," Bodie read off of the label of the record he held in his hand.

"Oh," I lay back down as I recognized the object. "Back then, I had a horrible crush on Catherine Gale," I reminisced.

"Who?" I think that I detected a slight note of jealousy in Bodie's voice.

"Catherine Gale," I repeated. "You know -- 'The Avengers'."

"Who are they when they're at home?" Bodie asked flippantly.

"You've never heard of 'The Avengers'?"

"No. What are they, an all girl band?" Bodie asked.

"The television program, you great berk!" I said. "Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg...that lot."

"Never saw it," Bodie replied. "What was it about?"

"A fellow in a bowler hat and brolly, and a dolly bird in leather crusading for right and justice," I said expansively.

"Really?" Bodie laughed.

"Really," I replied. "And take my word for it, Honor Blackman looked a real treat in leather trous."

"I thought it was Cathy Gale you were drooling over," Bodie said.

"Honor Blackman was the actress that played Mrs. Gale," I sniffed.

"Worse and worse," Bodie shook his head. "Now you're on heat for a married woman."

"She was a widow," I defended myself. "Besides, I only had a mild crush on her."

"But what does all that have to do with 'Kinky Boots'?" Bodie asked.

I smiled. "There was such an uproar over Catherine Gale's leather garb that Honor Blackman and Patrick Macnee cut a record...that very record you have in your hand," I replied. "'Kinky Boots'."

Bodie grinned at me. "That's a great relief, sunshine."

"Is it?" I was puzzled.

"Yeah. For a minute there, I thought there were aspects of your sex life that I hadn't been privileged to share," Bodie replied.

"Bondage and discipline?" I said. "Leather undies? Whips and chains? Dog collars and metal leashes?"

"You sound altogether too familiar with that sort of thing," Bodie said suspiciously.

"You see an awful lot as a young copper, especially if you're assigned to..."

"Drugs Sqaud," Bodie groaned. "Will I never be spared the tawdry tales of your sordid youth?"

"I'll promise to stop nattering on about Drugs Squad if you promise never to speak of your life as a merc," I replied.

"Do I go on too much about that?" Bodie's gorgeous blue eyes were on the carpet, just a hint of pout on his lips.

"Not as much as I do about Drugs Squad," I admitted. "Partnership is a bit like marriage -- after a while you've heard every story and every joke the other person knows."

"Yeah," Bodie looked up, his eyes twinkling. "You still have a thing about Mrs. Gale?"

"Nah," I told him. "My tastes have changed."

"Oh?" Bodie asked in mock surprise.

"Yeah." I looked out at him from under my eyelashes. "They now run to tall, dark, blue-eyed, incredibly handsome men," I got up off the settee and started backing towards the bedroom, "who have no modesty whatsoever." I turned round to dash away from a rapidly advancing Bodie. I made it almost to the bed before my mate tackled me. Our momentum took us forward 'til we sprawled across the duvet. The two of us wrestled about, trying to remove each other's clothing, but only managing to get in each other's way.

Bodie finally gave up trying to get my t-shirt off of me. Instead, he settled for pushing it up above my nipples and attacking my ribs with teasing, tickling fingertips. Within seconds I was reduced to giggling incoherence.

"I could fancy you in a pair of leather trous," Bodie said softly as he drew the zipper of my jeans down -- one tooth at a time. "The problem is -- your bum in tight leather would be an open invitation to rape."

"Should see your crotch when you're wearing those cream cords, lover," I told him. "Especially when you're just becoming 'interested'," I went on as I insinuated my hand into my mate's open fly. "Very inspirational, you are," I purred as I stroked Bodie's rapidly engorging prick.

Bodie gasped and froze for a moment. Then, he started peeling my jeans off of me. It took time and a great deal of care. I was becoming very 'inspired', and my jeans were very tight.

The minute my jeans were off, I rolled my lover over and dragged Bodie's trous off of him. I was careful not to tangle his erect cock in the folds of either the cream cords, or the cotton pants. Then I provided a bit of additional stimulation when I blew soft air currents across his swollen flesh.

Perhaps I provided too much encouragement, because Bodie took control of the situation. He rolled me over onto my back and matched our engorged groins together.

It was a sweaty, sticky, laughing romp in the covers. I'm only surprised that we didn't fall off of the bed -- we rolled over so many times that I lost track of where we were on the mattress. At the last, Bodie pressed his mouth to mine as I feverishly called his name. We both came in slippery waves of liquid heat. As we lay in a sticky, sated, half-clothed clump on the bed, I could feel the vibration of Bodie's chuckle. "Mmm?" I murmured.

"I don't think we could do much better than that -- even if you wore leather trous to inspire me," Bodie explained.

"Have a kink for leather, do you?" I asked lazily.

"Only if it's covering your delectable bum," Bodie replied as he caressed the piece of anatomy in question.

Since Bodie'd mentioned them more than once, I gave in to the inevitable. "I'll wear them, if you buy them," I told him. "But only in private. And I draw the line at the trous."

"What?" Bodie teased. "No 'kinky boots' to go with them?" and we both began to laugh.

-- THE END --

This story was originally published in The Hatstand Express 21, back in 1990. It has been out on the circuit since about 1991 when the issue went out of print.

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