Welcome to The Circuit Archive, an archive of fanfiction (and some other stuff) for The Professionals.

The Professionals was a British TV series that ran from 1977 to 1983 and chronicled the adventures of Bodie and Doyle, agents in an British elite crime-fighting organization. To learn more about the series and the fandom it generated, click on the RESOURCES button, above.

The name of this archive is derived from the practice in the early days of Pros fandom of putting paper stories on "the circuit" and circulating them by snail mail among Pros fans. Today the online Circuit Archive includes stories from that original paper circuit as well as newer stories that were originally published in zines or online. In addition, the Circuit Archive now includes Pros-related fan art.

You can learn more about the history of Pros fandom and about the Archive (as well as a bit about the archivist) in the About the Archive section.

The Circuit Archive accepts all fanfiction and fan art relating to The Professionals or to other shows featuring actors from The Professionals. The Archive will also host Pros songvids. For more information about submitting stories or art or hosting vids, click on the SUBMIT button above.

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