A Very S'Murphy Christmas to You


'Twas the night before Christmas
And all thru the 'ouse
All the critters were stirring
Except Papa Mouse.

'e was drunk, that old dormouse
On the nog in the bowl.
And 'is children were cryin',
'is wife, too, bless 'er soul.

The cat she was tangled
In string, green and red;
And the dog 'e was wrestling
At the foot of the bed.

The tree she stood proud;
And the lights they blazed bright.
A lone candle shone forth
From the window that night.

All the packages wrapped
And the holly hung high,
But the S'Murph couldn't sleep
Though he wasn't sure why.

There were snacks on the table
For Kris Kringle's delight,
But still Murphy fretted
Something wasn't quite right.

He crawled out of bed
And he dropped to his knees.
"This one's for Bodie
And Doyle, if you please.

"They're out doing their best
There's a job to be done,
But sometimes it seems
Like the bad guys have won.

They're out on the streets, Lord,
Where dangers abound
And I'd just like to know
That they're both safe and sound.

"A sign's all I'm askin'
I won't bother you more."
And he'd just finished speakin'
When someone opened the door.

"Hey, Murph," - that was Bodie
With Doyle right behind
"The Cow called it off,
Kinda hope you don't mind."

They sat down beside him
And both gave him a kiss.
And he thought there was nothin'
Could be better than this.

"Merry Christmas, you two,
And to all near and far.
May the Lord bless and keep you -
Wherever you are.

"May your Christmas be Merry,
Your New Year be bright
And may all of your loved ones
Be with you tonight."

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