by Ancasta

(instrumental music: Chain Gang, by Monstrance)

March 2007

Windows Media (wmv) format (18Mb) (offsite link)

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This was to be a little throwaway project for a challenge on Live Journal. One of our ever so creative Pros fans decided to celebrate slash and The Professionals, and urged fans to post what it was about the wonderfully slashy relationship between Bodie and Doyle that drew them to the fandom. People contributed art, analyzed fic and episodes, and basically went all out for a week of fannish abandon. I'd thought I would put together a slide show of moments from the show as one of my contributions. But that seemed too limited, so an idea for a vid started to take shape inside my head. I just tried to think of the lines, the scenes, the moments that had grabbed me as a fan. I've been told this vid makes an excellent pimping tool. I'm very glad to hear it. Please note there are no lyrics, because the music used in this vid is an instrumental piece.

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