by Enednoviel

(song by AC/DC)

August 2005

Windows Media (wmv) format (33Mb) (offsite link)

(Click on link to download zipped vid file to your computer)


"TNT" was my very first fanvideo and it's dedicated to Bodie. What can I say? That man is like TNT sometimes: hot, dangerous, explosive. *g* I was listening to the song (which has always been one of my all-time-favourites) and scenes of Bodie kept appearing in my head. I had never done a fanvid before, but I had to give it a try. The result is a bit... well, one can see that I still had some problems fiddling with the software. But this vid will always be special to me because it was my first one.

by AC/DC

See me ride out of the sunset
On your colour TV screen
Out for all that I can get
If you know what I mean
Women to the left of me
And women to the right
Ain't got no gun
Ain't got no knife
But don't you start no fight

'Cause I'm T.N.T. I'm dynamite
T.N.T. and I'll win the fight
T.N.T. I'm a power load
T.N.T. watch me explode

I'm dirty, mean and mighty unclean
I'm a wanted man
Public enemy number one
So lock up your daughter
Lock up your wife
Lock up your back door
And run for your life
The man is back in town
Don't you mess me 'round

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