The Professionals was a British TV series broadcast between 1977 and 1983, for a total of 57 episodes. It catalogued the exploits of Ray Doyle (Martin Shaw) and William Andrew Philip Bodie (Lewis Collins), partner agents in CI5, an elite squad of crime-fighters formed to fight crime and terrorism in Britain, and their boss, George Cowley (Gordon Jackson).

All 57 episodes have been released on DVD. The DVDs, which are available from Amazon UK and other British sources, have Region 2 protections and are in PAL format; non-UK fans must ensure they have proper equipment to play such disks.

The fandom dates almost to the inception of the show. Pros is one of the oldest slash fandoms and one of the first fandoms to begin as a slash fandom (the gen contingent arose later and is still relatively small). The fandom has a long and rich history and an amazing body of fanfic.

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