The Circuit Archive eagerly accepts all completed Pros-related and Pros crossover fanfiction and fan art, as well as fanfiction and art for other shows that feature actors from The Professionals. Slash, gen, het, crossovers, AUs, novels, drabbles, poems, drawings, paintings, comics - all are welcome, whatever the category, genre, or rating. Stories that are part of a series are fine, even if the series is unfinished - but each story must be complete; the Archive does not accept works in progress.

If you would like your story or art archived, please email it to the archivist. The archivist will accept just about anything, but she would be most grateful if you would attempt to adhere to the following guidelines:

The Archive will also host Pros-related songvids. Contact the archivist to inquire about this. In general, archived vids must be "zipped" so they cannot be opened directly from the Archive.

The archivist's goal is to make The Circuit Archive as thorough and inclusive as possible, and she is willing to do anything within her power to make - and keep - authors, artists, and vidders happy and satisfied. Just email her with your questions, concerns, or desires!

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